Complete Detox Academy (Module 4) – Elwln Robinson


Discover How to Get Step by Step,

Personalised Support and Guidance to Be Free of the Symptoms of Toxicity Trapped in Your Body…


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Discover How to Get Step by Step,

Personalised Support and Guidance to Be Free of the Symptoms of Toxicity Trapped in Your Body…

From: Elwin Robinson Founder of Complete Detox Academy

Dear Friend,

Are you struggling with trying to get healthy?

Do you often feel like what you’re doing isn’t working?

Do you sometimes feel powerful cravings to go back to less healthy habits?

Would you like to learn how to Cleanse your Body, and be Free of any Symptoms and Side Effects, but don’t know where to start?

Why Detox?

Which of these is True for you?

  1. You’re not satisfied with how your body feels – you know you could feel better, in your body and about your body.
  2. You’re not satisfied with how you look – you know you could look better, more radiant and glowing!
  3. You’ve had some kind of scare, either with your own health, or the health of someone close to you. as a result you’re making your health and well-being a priority.
  4. You’re committed to being at your best! Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to increase endurance, an executive or entrepreneur wanting to improve productivity, or an actor or model wanting to look even better, you know being healthy and free of toxins is the way to do it!

Whatever has brought you here, whether it’s any one of these, or a combination: good news, you’re in the right place (at last)!

Why the Usual Way Just Doesn’t Work…

If you’re here, you’ve probably already grown tired of the conventional medical world. You’re not convinced that taking a drug for every problem is the way forward. You don’t believe that there’s such a thing as a pharmaceutical drug deficiency.

So you’ve found your way into the natural health world, which is filled with promise. People from all sides telling you that being healthy is as simple as:

Start to eat healthier Foods

Stop eating unhealthy Foods

Taking Supplements

Taking Herbs

Doing expensive ‘Treatments’

Doing ‘a Cleanse’

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already done many of these things. You’ve may well have even had some benefit already?

But have the problems that led you to work on your health been fully resolved?

Are You Still Struggling?


  • You’re still holding onto some extra weight – or you’re struggling to gain muscle
  • You have skin problems like dermatitis, eczema, or psoriasis
  • You feel you’re looking prematurely old and run down
  • You struggle with digestion
  • You have pains in your body
  • You have frustrating allergies and/or intolerances
  • You feel low in energy
  • You feel stressed and easily overwhelmed
  • You have hormonal imbalances
  • You notice cellulite
  • Your head feels foggy and it’s getting harder to remember things
  • You feel easily distracted (hey! pay attention!)
  • You feel cold easily – especially your hands and feet
  • You get Headaches or migraines
  • You’re aware you haven’t addressed all the toxins you body had to deal with over the years

Whatever it is that’s still bothering you, you’ve probably come to a realization that there’s more to sorting all this stuff out than just focusing on what you’re taking in.

You may have already been through a phase of counting every calorie that goes into your body – or even every chemical – and feeling guilty for not doing better at keeping those bad foods – and toxins – out.

Do you Sometimes Feel Worse than Ever?

When I first started working on my health, I really believed all the standard stuff you’ve probably heard before, like:

“As long as you eat a healthy balanced diet, and get some exercise, everything will work itself out, and you’ll be healthy in no time.”

If only it were that simple, right?

Well, what about:

  • When you try to eat healthy food and you feel the same (or worse) than you did before?
  • When you try to exercise, you feel worse the next day, and can’t bring yourself to do it anymore?
  • When you spend a fortune on organic foods, super foods, supplements, and treatments – and you still feel lousy? Or not as good as you know you should feel?
  • When you do everything to be healthy and you feel worse than ever – not just for a few days, either… for weeks or months!

What’s happening there?

How I Learned the HARD WAY That You’ve Got To Detox the RIGHT WAY

I’ve been in that exact situation.

Around 5 years ago, I had a wake up call. After a decade of abusing my body with bad foods, drugs like smoking and alcohol, and lots of stress, I looked, and felt, awful.

I got ill so often, and started to look and feel so drained and toxic, I decided I had to do something.

After my doctor didn’t offer me any help, I tried the standard ‘alternative’ route recommended in the western world:

  • I gave up all drugs – like smoking, coffee, and alcohol.
  • I gave up all sugars.
  • I gave up all processed foods.
  • I gave up all gluten, soy, and dairy.
  • I ate only healthy, organic foods.

All this is one of the hardest things I’d ever had to do.

But it was worth it. For my health.

And to stop looking, and feeling, so run down.

Did Doing All the Standard Stuff Help?

I felt worse than ever!!

Without realizing it, I was detoxifying.

And I was doing it in the worse way possible.

What Most Health Gurus AREN’T Telling You

See, when you detoxify in a way that’s haphazard, without really intending to, and without understanding the process, suffering is inevitable.

How much you suffer depends on how toxic you are, and how strong and clear your ‘Organs and Channels of Elimination’ are

If you’ve always been relatively healthy, and you do some things to improve your health, you might only have minor side effects.

But if you’ve accumulated quite a lot of toxicity, whether it’s largely self inflicted, like me, or just accidentally based on your environment, things can get pretty bad.

When this happened to me, I was lost, desperate.

All the so called Health ‘Gurus’ out there weren’t talking about this.

They were all talking about how amazing you felt when you started eating better, or stopped eating bad things, or started taking their products.

No one was talking about these kind of side effects – and that really left me feeling lost and alone, like I was some kind of freak, like there was something wrong with me.

It also made me determined to find out:

1 Why following all the recommendations the health gurus gave was making me feel so bad

2 To create a system to help people understand how detox works, and be empowered to get healthy WITHOUT all those kinds of horrible and debilitating side effects that I had to go through.

And now, after having spent years working with thousands of people one to one, and in small groups, I’ve decided to make available, for the first time, a Complete system for Detoxifying your Body, Step by Step, with full support.

The support is really important, especially with something as individual as detoxifying, and I’ll explain to you exactly how that works in a bit.

First, let’s look at detoxifying:

The Truth About Detox

It’s All About What’s Going OUT

There’s so much focus in health on what you take INTO your body.

But the truth is, what you’ve got going OUT of your body is much more important, especially during the first crucial phase of getting healthy.

An Example:

Imagine you’d been called to transform a house and make it a wonderful home.

You could see the house had potential, but it had also obviously been uncared for, for quite a long time.

Everything was filthy.

There’s dust everywhere.

Much of the furniture is falling apart and needs replacing.

Because of the level of dirt, the whole place is infested with vermin, like rats and cockroaches.

Your mission is to turn all this into your dream home.

So where do you start?

Bringing in new furnishings? A new sofa? Clean sheets for the bed?

Of course not, right?

The first thing you’ve got to focus on is getting all the rubbish OUT.

Think about it: if you did get all the new furniture and furnishings in first, what would happen?

First, all your new stuff would get dirty and infested.

Second, all your new stuff would actually get in the way of getting all the old stuff out.

Well, it’s the same for your body.

Before you focus on getting good stuff into your body, you need to focus on getting the old stuff out, and in the right way – a way that’s safe and effective.

What Can You Expect From Detoxing the Right Way?

In my experience, when you’ve thoroughly cleansed your body, you can expect these amazing results:

  • Clearer Skin
  • More Energy
  • Stronger Immunity – Less Illness
  • Clearer Eyes
  • Weight loss – mostly waste and fat weight
  • More Lean and Toned
  • Feel Stronger
  • Feel More Mental Clarity
  • Feel Happier (More Healthy Neurotransmitters)
  • Less Menstrual Symptoms
  • Healthier Hair and Nails
  • Improved Digestions
  • More Energy
  • Improved Circulation
  • Blood Sugar Balance
  • Look and Feel Younger
  • Slow Down Aging
  • Increased Productivity
  • Laser Sharp Focus
  • Feel More Connected to the World
  • Reduced Allergies and Intolerances

And so much more…..

Really, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

For me, the difference has been so radical most people who knew me before I did this don’t even recognize me. The radical improvement in how I look has been the least of it.

Now, if you’ve read this far, these are the kind of goals you’re probably already aiming for.

You may have even tried cleanses and detox regimes before.

So, What’s Different About Complete Detox Academy?

Well, what if i told you I could get all the kinds of Results listed above, while:

1 You Follow a Simple, Step by Step Plan

You’ll have complete clarity about what you’re doing.

This is different from anything else you’ve seen before. This is not ‘a cleanse’ that you do once and that’s it. This is training in a whole new way of life, to keep you totally healthy and free in toxins.

The very idea that you can get and keep your body clean in one weekend or one week is ridiculous, and anyone who tells you that you can do that is either misinformed, or deceiving you. Cleansing is an ongoing way of life. Would you expect your house to get and stay clean forever with just one spring clean?

2 You Experienced Little to No Side Effects

Most people who teach detox tell you to do it completely the wrong way round. This quick fix mentality leads to many people giving up on detox altogether, and many more suffering and struggling on.

Why don’t they teach you how to do it the right way? Maybe they don’t know? Or maybe they don’t give you enough credit: they think if they tell you the truth you won’t be able to handle it? Maybe they think you’re only interested in a quick fix?

Well, the Truth is ‘quick fix’ health strategies, especially related to something like Detox, have about as high a success rate as no-work ‘get rich quick’ schemes: pretty much 0%

In the Complete Detox Program, you’ll finally be told the way that actually works. It’s not immediate, but it’s a lot quicker than wasting years trying all kinds of quick fixes, while getting nowhere.

3 You’re fully supported on every step of your journey

Having studied the science of success for many years, I’ve discovered there’s two things that every expert in the world agree on:

  • The very best option is to be mentored by someone who’s had similar challenges as you’ve had, and has overcome them to get the results you want to get.
  • If you’ve surrounded by a group of peers, who are working harmoniously towards similar goals to you, your chances for success improve by at least 800%

In the Complete Detox Academy, you’ll have both: mentoring, and peer support, in one package!

The 3 Steps to Guarantee Success With Detox

How does it work?

To fully detoxify your body, there are Three Steps to Follow, with an optional Fourth Step

All these steps are built into the structure of Complete Detox Academy


As soon as you sign up for Complete Detox Academy, you’ll be given immediate access to a fully interactive member site exclusively for Complete Detox Academy students.

The minute you sign up, you’ll have complete access to:

Module 0: Where you’re given a detailed 3 Step Plan to Ultimate Health, and you learn where and how detoxification fits into that.

Module 1: Detox, the Sane Way. In this Module you’ll discover, in detail, exactly how detoxification works, step by step.

Bonus Module: You’ll also have access to a whole Bonus Module on having the correct Mindset for Success with anything you do. You’ll learn about Presence, Emotional Awareness, How to Make Decisions, Results Focus and Identity Transformation!

This was originally released as Module 1 of the immensely popular High Energy Academy Coaching Program, and the general feedback from people was that this was the most valuable Training they’d every received in their life, and was a big highlight of the High Energy Academy Program.

This Bonus Module is very comprehensive, and can be gone through at your own pace to support your getting results with the Complete Detox Program.

Step 1 – Support and Clear Your Detox Exits

Before you start doing anything else, like eating better, or quitting anything, this is the place to start.

When your exits are clear and supported, you reduce any chance you have of suffering and side effects doing detoxification by at least 90%

We cover this extensively and in depth over multiple modules.

To provide everything in easily assimilable chunks, you get one new Module a Week, from the time you first sign up. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you can get started!

Module 2: Supporting the Lungs

The most overlooked, and the most important, of all the Detox Exits. Many people have said that just parts of this Module alone were worth 10 times their investment in the whole program.

Module 3: Supporting the Kidneys and Bladder

There’s more to this than just drinking water. What kind of water should you drink? How much? What about if you find it hard to drink? We’ll cover answers to all of this and much more in Module 3, as well as looking at the importance of Electrolytes and Essential Fats

Module 4: Supporting the Skin and Large Intestine

In this Module you’ll learn in detail about supporting the last two Detox Exits, both of which are crucially important to get right.

Step 2 – Support and Clear out the Toxin Processing Centers

Now your exits are getting clear, what next? Many people find that even just clearing their exits provides huge benefits and huge relief. Most people can’t believe how just keeping the Lung, Skin, Bladder and Large Intestine clear consistently has left them feeling better than they have in a long time.

Still, when you get Results, and feel great, you want to feel even better right?

So the next Step is to support and clear your toxin processing Centers:

Module 5: Small Intestine Cleanse

This is often mistakenly called a Colon Cleanse, but modern research has proven that most people’s colons are usually already reasonably clear. It’s the Small Intesine which is most likely to get blocked, which when you think about it, makes sense. After all, what’s most likely to get blocked: a short thick tube, or a very long thin tube (your small intestine)?

In this Module you’ll learn safe and effective ways to cleanse your small intestines, without resorting to popular intestinal irritants like Psyllium.

Module 6: Liver Flushing and Supporting

There’s a lot of controversy about the validity of liver flushing, but after helping hundreds of people do them, three things became clear: 1 they work, sometimes miraculously so. 2 If they’re not done right, they can leave you feeling much worse than before. 3 Most of the steps given by others on how to do them are unnecessary, and sometimes even unhelpful.

In this module you’ll learn the real keys to flushing the liver safely and effectively

Step 3 – Release Toxins from Long Term Storage – the Deep Clean

When your body has more toxins than it can deal with, it stores them in the cells – particularly the fat cells, which is often why it can be so difficult to shift fat.

Trying to do this step before you’re ready, like I described earlier, can open you up to a whole world of hurt. However, once you’ve done steps 1 and 2, you’re ready for step 3, and yes, often this is exactly the point that your unwanted fat weight will start to fall of you really easily – even if it wouldn’t budge before.

Module 7: Deep Cellular Cleansing

Here you’ll learn the various ways to cleanse your cells and really take your health to an extremely high level. All of the techniques in this Module would be done temporarily to support cellular detoxification.

You’ll learn about: Cutting out toxins, A Raw Food Diet, Partial Liquid Diet, a Liquid Only Diet, A juice Only Diet, and, most extreme and fast-track of all for cellular cleansing, a Niacin Cleanse.

You’ll learn how to do all these cleanses safely and effectively, without overdoing it, to get maximum results in minimal time, without side effects.

Support From People Who Know and Care

Now inevitably, as you go through all these trainings, questions are going to come up. You’re going to want to know how it applies to YOU, right?

This is where most trainings leave you high and dry. But not Complete Detox Academy.

See, in the Complete Detox Academy, you have the ability to ask questions underneath every video.

And I’ll make this pledge to you: I always answer them.

In fact, I have quite a few fellow Health Experts and Health Coaches do my programs, so the reality is usually, you’ll probably get support from a whole team of people who know how to get results.

This in itself is incredibly valuable. I would have done anything for just this level of support when I was struggling with this.

But, that’s not all.

See, sometimes you need more than just your questions answered.

In other words, you need a Coach.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you enroll in Complete Detox Academy.

When you get started today, you get access to join a LIVE Group Coaching Call with me for the next seven weeks .  You can join the call by phone, Skype or online.

In each call, I will :

1 Answer any Questions you have, in depth.

2 Help you with any Challenges. My commitment to you is, I only move onto the next caller when you tell me you feel confident you can now move forward.

3 Celebrate your Successes. This is more important than you may think. Do you know how disheartening it is to your long term success, if no one celebrates with you along the way?

During these Live Calls, you’ll also get to know all the other participants in this small, friendly group. Many of the participants in these calls become amazingly good friends.

There’s something very bonding about working together, in harmony, to achieve a shared purpose, like a Clean, Healthy Body.

This is everything I wish I’d had when I was struggling to get healthy.

What’s a Healthy Body and Peace of Mind Worth to You?

If you’ve been looking for help for a while now, you’ll know what other so-called solutions cost.

You can easily pay $5,000 -$10,000 for one on one help, and have nothing to show for it but a dent in your bank account.

Going to a one week retreat will normally set you back $2,000-3,000 minimum, although some are upwards of $10,000 a week.

They rarely give you any preparation or follow up, and, while most people I’ve met who’ve done them said it was nice, they also reported very little lasting change – unlike one of my Coaching Programs.

You could easily spend $500-1,000 a month on various health products and supplements, and notice no difference.

Looking back, I now realize I spent many $1,000s on treatments, supplements, healthy foods, devices.the list goes on and on.

Frankly, it was more than I could afford, but I was just desperate to look and feel well, understandably.

If I’d had something like The Complete Detox Academy available to me when I’d first got started, I know I would have saved over $10,000 on things which were useless of even making things worse.

Never mind all the physical discomfort, symptoms, side effects, disappointment and despair I sometimes faced – I would have paid literally anything to avoid all that.

Coaching is often very expensive – and rightly so, when it’s good.

If done well, it can save you so much unnecessary struggle, and help you get the results you want more quickly, easily and affordably. Every investment in coaching I’ve made personally has paid off at least ten times over.

However, despite the immense value of the Complete Detox Academy for you, I wanted to make sure it was not prohibitively expensive to anyone.

Some of my colleagues have said this is a mistake – that if I don’t charge enough people won’t value the Program enough – or they may even be skeptical that what I’m offering is genuine. After all, if it’s really amazing, surely you would charge more, right?

While I’ve heard and accept these objections, I think back to when I was struggling: unhealthy, depleted, in pain, in a minimum wage job at the time, no savings, and no one else to support me.

I wouldn’t want anyone in the position I was in then, who’s committed to cleansing their body and looking and feeling healthy and radiant, to feel they couldn’t afford to invest.

So for that reason, and that reason alone, I’m offering this program, for a limited time, at small fraction of the amount I’d normally charge, and the amount it’s really worth.

Get Complete Detox Academy (Module 4) – Elwln Robinson, Only Price 63$

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