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Plus, it’s about time for that complete stranger/future client to slide into your DMs like “OH MY GOSH I feel like I know you—everything you say is written right to me!” Not to mention the inbox jail freedom you’d find if you fielded a heck of a lot less emails with questions, since now information is clearly displayed on your website.

Isn’t it time to be your  own best spokesperson?

You’re ready to be armed with a cocktail-party-ready elevator pitch that leaves ‘em wanting more … and ready to learn the exact process to inch towards that becoming that trusted, crushed-on-brand with a killer following under your belt.

Close to 77% of creatives reading this will “sleep on it” and forget to come back. Here are 7 things they’ll *most likely* miss out on in the next 60 days…


Posting an updated about page that sounds like it just sipped a refreshing, spritely, LaCroix.

Going from finger-tied to cha-CHING on your services page, because you got the skinny on the conversion-focused layout

Seeing your own newsletter popping up in your inbox—and not cringing at any cheeseball industry word you’ve heard 6,201 times (lookin’ at you “swoonworthy”)

Throwing your hands in the air when you get a “I feel like I already know you” email from a potential customer—that’s exactly what you were going for

Proudly sending followers to your online shop, and knowing that you’ve got A+ product descriptions for your hand-dyed ribbon, painted ornaments, printed mugs, digital downloads, or whatever it is you sell.

Waking up to a Google Cal full of client bookings  … they fell head over heels for your voice and vibed with your message before your first hipster-coffee-shop-of-choice date.

Popping the champagne bottle post-messaging launch—you did it, you really did it! instead, get a mindset shift to realize what you do solves a problem —and being paid for that isn’t tacky—it’s honest.

If you’ve made it this far …

… and with a 30-day test drive promise to do the work in Modules 1-3, give this a whirl, and decide if the system works for your business or not … wouldn’t you rather see if you could quit thinking about “sales” with these emoji faces on:

Get the know-how and step-by-step system to get it done.

Start spending a QUARTER of the time you do now writing everything we have to as creatives—blogs, emails, site pages, social media posts, and more.

Forget feeling like you overshared on your about page or latest Insta caption:

You’ve got ready-set, expert-approved templates in your back pocket rearing to go

… and booking you out.

This is your invitation to partner with me as your mentor, and say hello to sweet freedom & feeling of accomplishment with a story that sells.*

*(Oh, and time to log off that silver screen and enjoy a good Netflix-binge with your partner-in-crime [dogs count] + glass of merlot).

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Lifetime access to CfC

5 Foundational Brand Messaging Modules of core teaching

CfC Website Copy Template Suite with 7 plug-and-play, done-for-you copywriting formulas

15 lessons and 28 training videos

Audio downloads of each lesson + transcript downloads of each lesson

15+ downloads of actionable, printable blueprints, templates, and swipes

Get Copywriting For Creatives – Ashlyn Carter, Only Price $33

BONUS: Private Copywriting for Creatives

Facebook group

BONUS: 8 LIVE Office Hours & Copywriting Feedback Audits

BONUS: Access to the Resource Vault

of Masterclasses

BONUS: Writing for SEO Masterclass

I’m on a mission to get the good stories out, and I believe you have something to share with the world. Your message matters … and so does being able to make ends meet with your creative business.

And I want to hold your hand and show you how. Can’t WAIT to see you inside!

Make-or-break question for go-getter creatives who worry their industry’s a bit cozy saturated:

What’s the difference between a message & website that talkS browsers to buyers …

… and cheesy copy that sounds Mad Libbed from [insert-leader-here]’s website … copy that doesn’t exactly bring all the organic client inquiries to the yard?

Because yep, these things have a place!

Unless you’ve figured out a magic-wand way to nix sales writing as a biz task forever (and ever amen) so you can just go style your next flatlay while website pages, emails, blogs, and captions write themselves Hermione-style …

… you’ll have that “I know my business is missing something … I just can’t put my finger on what it is” script playing in your head a little bit longer …

… and, at worst, the fear of “playing entrepreneur” will strike again soon at 2 a.m.

But they’re only part of the prescription.

If you guessed it’s getting to the level where you save up your dollars and ask around in a mastermind for a copywriter to outsource to …

… you’d be wrong.

If you guessed more dreamy creative retreats, an on-point hashtag game, and pretty content calendar all neatly sorted before each month even starts …

 … you’d still be wrong.

If you guessed it’s a champagne cocktail of 1 part nice website template + 4 parts light-and-airy/dark-and-moody/etc. brand photos + a dash of gorgeous hex code palette …

… you’d be wrong.

lemme know if this sounds familiar:

You’ve downloaded every client avatar exercise & printable freebie that’s ever been pinned on Pinterest.

And even though they’ve been ~kinda~ helpful …

… there’s still one issue.

Online or offline, you’re having a hard time telling people what you do what you offer why you’re different.

If that sounds about right, then keep reading. trusted by

Because right now …

… you don’t know if you’re talking to your dream client in a way that closes the sale on your website.

Ok, lehsbereal: sometimes you can’t even explain what you do to a long-lost friend in line at Trader Joe’s before your peonies start wilting.

You *thought* you were a decent-ish writer … ‘till it came time to write for your business: you’ve been finger-tied more times than you care to mention.

How do you sound like YOURSELF in your writing?

You know … like, your cool, post-hot-yoga-relaxed self?

You invested in the pricey-but-beautiful, creamy-paged planner. The $29/month software. The online courses.

You’ve listened to the coaching, and you’ve got the styled flat-lay images. There’s even a bouquet of fresh flowers on your desk, and you know the Nate Berkus office supplies aisle is categorically forbidden on your weekly trips to Target.

You found a superhero creative gal pal or two for encouragement when you need it, and you plotted your dream team wish list of what roles you’ll hire when you can shell out the cash.

You were ready to embrace your passion.

To leave your legacy.

But things haven’t exactly been artfully-styled, messy-on-purpose flaylay perfection.

You swear there’s gotta be dreamy, high-end ideal clients out there …

they just can’t hear you in a sea of noise.

You’re eternally stuck in draft mode from emails to captions … oh hayyy, blinking cursor.

You’re overwhelmed with artsy, right-brain ideas for getting your message out …

but struggle to EFFECTIVELY define your brand.

You’ve put band-aids on your site to make it work, but now you’re itching for a messaging overhaul.

The thought of sitting down to write an email, blog, caption, or website page requires so.much.brainpower.

they’re just lying around on the couch watching Netflix …

… taking all your snacks from the pantry & wine off the bar cart …

… *not* helping you get those paydays.

your words aren’t pulling their weight in your business.

And some days (k, fine. MOST days) …

You feel like

YOU know what you sound like.

Your friends know what you sound like.

And while that’s how you WANT to sound …

… it just doesn’t come out right.

It doesn’t come out like you.

Get Copywriting For Creatives – Ashlyn Carter, Only Price $33

The thing is …

Writing copy for yourself feels like learning a foreign language—you have NO idea how to be persuasive, or even what order to put things in, come to think of it.

You’re stuck feeling like you have to say it the same way everyone else does …

just to hit those Fri-yay paydays.

Meaning you’re basically trying to be like every other [fine art photog/stationer/designer/planner/insert-your-niche-here] out there.

In a sea of samesies, you feel the comparison game sneaking up.

le sigh.

But when it comes to marketing or differentiating yourself from the masses, which order do you approach #allthethings?

How do you catch up to those who look like they have it all together? How do you make it clear what exactly it is that you do?

Do you save up to outsource marketing? Tackle another Instagram course? Stop by Anthro for newer, better flatlay props?

Pitch to an Instagram influencer to promo your brand? Do (another) styled shoot? Work on your email list? Invest in a new logo and biz cards? Switch from Squarespace to Showit?


And then, it happens …

imposter syndrome be-bops in &

whisks you off to procrastination station—

aka your couch + a Fixer Upper marathon:

 Deep down, you have a fear that all of this will just become an expensive hobby anyway.

Cue the crickets … and crushing self-esteem.

You’re juggling more things than your mental inspiration board could stick up with striped washi tape.


How are you ever going to serve up some next level shiz

& land high-end clients …

if you can’t communicate your message in a way that gets

that “yes” from people!?

(And if you’re having that “Is this chick reading my mind!?” moment,

relax bud.

I’ve heard it, I’ve been there, and I’m down to step in as your ally.)

Seriously. You’re a studmuffin.

Think about the amount of podcast-listening, Insta-feed planning, latte art destroyed as you sip another one down, and heart you have for serving your clients—yes, even the ones that make you lunge for another glass of red.

You DESERVE the payoff.

You deserve to do a proud hair toss at your next family get-together as you answer the oft-dreaded “what are you doing these days?” questions.

You deserve to pull on your Lululemon on the bottom, cute blouse/lipstick/tassel earrings on top hopping on a day full of video client calls that are funneling hard-earned dollahs to your business account.

The problem is …

Because you’re doing

~so~ much RIGHT.

… you’re not Adele-level-ballad-belting confidently selling yourself with words.

But that is totally teachable.

“I didn’t actually know what I was doing when it came to copywriting—or more accurately what copywriting was at all!

Once I learned what copywriting was, I realized it was a piece of the puzzle I didn’t even know I was missing. A key to connection to customers in a “hello, I am a real person who would love to help!” kind of way. CfC has given me so many tools that have improved my business—I have so much more confidence writing on social media as well as writing up product descriptions in a way that generates sales.

My business has confidently grown in size & my sales increased YOY by 50%—primarily by focusing much more on seeing my products and product pages from the customers point of view as I learned in CfC.”

– Sarah Kathryn, creatiate, Virginia

“Since CfC, My business has confidently grown in size & my sales increased year-over-year by 50% … “

… and hear those HoneyBook/Dubsado/FreshBooks payment cha-chings each week.

You could get confident in your copy & up your bookings

Because if you could sell and set yourself apart …

You could quit comparing yourself to the 18 million others in your niche.

(again, totally teachable.)

And when you pause to think about it, that’s what’s preventing you from getting sales and clients: your marketing message.

(err, lack of these things.)

And I’m going to show you how to figure that out.

What if you could …

Partner with a nerdy conversion copywriter to swipe the paint-by-number copy formulas & blueprints that make website

words work …

Have a guide and mentor that speaks your language simplifies things in a way you understand …

Get direct feedback and guidance on the spot every single week on TOP of your systematic, repeatable process …

You’d be able to reach the masses with MORE than aesthetic.

Control freak tendencies managed: handing over your entire website to some stranger was gonna freak you out anyway.

Confidence in your stand-out-ability in a saturated industry, so you can make your great contributions to the world.

You’d be able to sell with your story and voice.

Well, they’d look a bit like this:

You’d have with wannabe clients emailing “I feel like I know you!” post-website browsing.

Freedom to step off the marketing hamster wheel, and experience less stress and frustration—and more of your craft.

You’d quit feeling alone and frustrated.

Instead, you’d find your voice through exercises & blueprints, tie it up with a virtual hand-dyed silk ribbon on each website page, and have ideal clients gush that they fell in love with you the minute they clicked on your about page.

(Not to mention get a leg up on the competition by studying something most creativepreneurs aren’t using in their marketing: smart copy.)


And that’s exactly what makes my program different from any other marketing course you’ve tried.


the thing *actually* gets wallets to open.


After all, aren’t you ready to really stand out to your dreamboat customers?

You’ve already KNOW thanks to blogs & a dozen episodes of

The Goal Digger podcast that you need to figure out how to speak to your ideal client in a way that welcomes them without being salesy …

… it’s the WHAT to say that’s the problem.

I mean, you’ve done client exercise worksheets before.

Getting access to a copywriter who knows YOUR industry like the back of her hand

… and has helped hundreds other creatives & artists bring home the bacon

(read: prosciutto artfully layered over avocado toast) …

was impossible without bench warming the waitlist …

Get Copywriting For Creatives – Ashlyn Carter, Only Price $33

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