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You’re tired of seeing your competitors make sales when you KNOW you’re smarter than they are and you’ve got a better product. Maybe you’ve thought about hiring a copywriter, but when you see their prices you have a heart attack (not only from the up front fees, but they even want a percentage of your hard-earned money for as long as you run the sales letter)!



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Use These Simple Plug nPlay Copy Formulas To Get More Leads, Sales, Subscribers, and Fans… No Copywriting Experience Required!

“Copywriting is what made me rich… It has more impact on how much money you make with your company than anything else.” – Russell Brunson

What is Copywriting Secrets?

  • It is NOT just another “advertising” book.
  • It is NOT a book about traffic – though it will help you get a lot more sales and subscribers  from the traffic you currently get (even if it’s not that much right now).
  • It is NOT a book about product creation – though it will help you sell a lot more products, services, coaching, software, or whatever you sell.

This is NOT a book about list building – though it will help you build huge lists of targeted, rabid, ready-to-buy subscribers.

Copywriting Secrets is A SHORTCUT

This is not a book about “how to get rich”… but, if you do what it says, you will definitely make more money than you’re making right now in your existing business. Why can I say that?

Because this IS a book about how everyone can use the power of words to get more clicks, make more sales, and get more subscribers… no matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

If you’ve ever been frustrated by lack of sales, lack of clicks, or lack of subscribers… This is the book you’ve been looking for!

Does This Sound Familiar…

You’ve got a dream to make your fortune online. Maybe you want to sell a book like I did… or sell coaching… or software… or a service… or an Ecomm product. Maybe you’re a professional, or a speaker, or an author, or a coach.

You’re tired of seeing your competitors make sales when you KNOW you’re smarter than they are and you’ve got a better product. Maybe you’ve thought about hiring a copywriter, but when you see their prices you have a heart attack (not only from the up front fees, but they even want a percentage of your hard-earned money for as long as you run the sales letter)!

You’ve probably heard “gurus” brag about the millions of dollars they made. They all seem to have an “I made a million dollars and look how cool I am” story. It makes you want to bang your head against a wall because it all feels so out of reach!

Maybe your dream is to make a LOT more sales online using a funnel, store, or website. Maybe you need more leads in your business or for the phone to ring a little more often. Or maybe your dream is just to get something going so you can pay your bills each month and have a nice chunk left over (instead of working a second job just to make ends meet).

Whichever level you want to hit, it’s a sure bet you’d like to do it quickly and on “auto-pilot” so you can enjoy your life and family… instead of working all the time!

In the past, you may have experienced failure trying to sell online (or offline) and now what really petrifies you is potentially wasting a ton of time and money (like you may have done before).

I want you to understand one thing right now!

Get Copywriting Secrets Audiobook + PDF – Jim Edwards, Only Price $33

None Of This Is Your Fault

You just don’t know the formulas that actually work to sell in today’s fast-paced world… yet! It’s not that you’re not smart enough or lack the ability or will power to “make it happen.”

The actual issue is you’ve just not learned what the “professional copywriters” know, but won’t (or can’t) teach you.

But, the great news for you is I’m going to show you how to increase your clicks, sales, and subscribers instantly (with the traffic you already have… even if it’s not much)!

Bottom line: Sales copy is a LOT easier than you think once you know the formulas!

Oh and one more thing…

I’m not going to tell you one of those “how I made a million dollars” stories (though I have many).

I am going to tell you a quick story about a piece of sales copy that changed my life… this one made me an extra $1,500 bucks a month.

I was living in a trailer. It wasn’t even a double wide. Everybody jokes about “double wide” trailers. I was so poor, I lived in a single wide. I was poor, but I also had a dream. A dream to sell something that didn’t require me to trade time for money as a “wage slave” – which is exactly what I was doing at the time delivering papers and hustling odd jobs.

You see, I’d written a book about real estate (I’d been a mortgage broker and a Realtor for about 10 years). Problem was, I’d been turned down by over 40 publishers. I honestly don’t even know how many more than that because I stopped counting at 40. I guess I got tired of the rejection.

So I decided to try selling my book online.

That’s when I learned about making websites… ugly websites. Because the first website I made was hideous. I spent the next four years trying to figure out how to sell online… and not making more than a few hundred dollars a month doing it.

Then I made a decision that changed my life…

I decided I had to do whatever it took to get really GOOD at writing sales copy!

In February of 2001 I learned about one-page sales letters.

That’s when the lightbulb went off for me and I “got it.” I converted everything on my ugly 20+ page website over to a simple one-page sales letter (you know, the ones that scroll on down the page… like this one).

What happened?

My sales went up 250% literally overnight!

That 250% increase translated into a little over $1,500 a month.

Now $1,500 may not sound like much, but it made me feel like the richest man on earth! That $1,500 a month enabled us to move out of the trailer park and cover a house payment, two car payments, and the electric bill!

That $1,500 a month changed my life more than anything else I’ve ever done… more than paying off my house within 18 months with another sales letter… more than being able to buy a hundred acres of waterfront property… more than building a 7,000 square foot house… and more than literally driving a Rolls Royce (though I must admit driving a Rolls Royce through the drive-through lane at Burger King while wearing an orange hunting cap is pretty cool ).

All that other stuff is amazing. But not as cool as that first one. That first sales letter, when I believed in myself enough to feel in my soul “I really can do this. People around the world will buy stuff from me.”

“People You Don’t Know Will See Your Sales Copy And Send You Money!”

It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized “I can actually make money online… and if I can do it at $1,500 bucks a month, I can do it at a higher level!”

That one sales letter changed my life the most because it opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to embark on a quest to figure out how to get really good at sales copy to promote my business… not someone else’s business!

Sales copy held the keys to unlock the success I wanted!

And you know what? With a LOT of study, hard work, and experimentation online (along with a my fair share of trial and error) over the last 22 years I have gotten really good at sales copy!

I’ve been fortunate enough to:

  • Create multiple million dollar sales letters.
  • Get millions of clicks on my ads, emails, and social media posts.
  • Be the #1 affiliate for some of the biggest product launches in Internet history, including John Reese’s “Million Dollar Day”.
  • ​Build up subscribers lists totaling hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
  • ​Sell millions of dollars from teleseminars, webinars, and live presentation.
  • Figured out how to sell everything from software to coaching to ebooks, books, membership sites, affiliate products, CDs, DVDs and more in multiple industries.

But here’s something you may not realize, especially if you think you can just hire a copywriter to put your sales pages, ads, emails, webinars, and more together for you.

The thing the vast majority of people don’t understand is that most of the really good sales copy writers you’re ever gonna meet… you can’t hire them!

That’s right! You can’t hire them for one simple reason.

Why would they write a sales letter for you for ten or twenty thousand dollars when they can write one for themselves and potentially make $1 million or more?

It’s True! Now YOU Can Write Sales Copy Just Like The Pros!

And here’s more great news!

First, getting good at sales copy doesn’t mean you have to spend years figuring it out like I did. Great sales copy leaves clues… it has patterns… it follows formulas everyone, including you, can use to get great results… FAST!

Second, not only will you not have to struggle for years, but you have a unique opportunity right now to get all of those clues, formulas, and patterns when you grab a copy of my BRAND NEW book!

Claim Your Copy of  “Copywriting Secrets”

(How Everyone Can Use The Power Of Words To Get More Clicks, Sales, And Profits… No Matter What you Sell Or Who You Sell It To!)

Inside the pages of this breakthrough underground playbook I detail 31 secrets you can use immediately to…

  • Increase your sales (no matter what you sell or who you sell it to).
  • Motivate people to buy now (using proven emotional triggers).
  • Target your perfect customers (who want to buy from you – NOW!).
  • Structure offers that sell like crazy (in any market).
  • ​Get a LOT more subscribers (and build a rabid fan base).
  • And much, MUCH more!

I’ll even show you step by step exactly how to quickly write an entire sales letter like the one that changed my life… along with many of the other insider secrets I’ve learned over the last two decades from actually doing it.

There’s no theory. There’s no fluff. This is the real deal!

Again, it’s all straight from my experience with years of study, research, and trial and error along the way (along with more than a few mistakes)… and, making a lot of money too!

Get Copywriting Secrets Audiobook + PDF – Jim Edwards, Only Price $33

Inside This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Get For FREE…

  • The single greatest, most profitable, skill everyone can develop (if you want to actually grow a business and make your dreams come true) – pg. xiv
  • What is “sales copywriting” and why does it matter? (The answer may surprise you because it’s NOT always 30-page sales letters that put the hard sell on unsuspecting website visitors.) – pg. 2
  • What makes “copywriting” different than regular writing… and why should you bother to learn the secrets? (The short answer is that it spells the difference between getting rich and dying poor!) – pg. 3
  • The secret patterns humans have been using for years to sell to other people… since before they even invented money! (Though copywriting is not new, you’ve got to learn the patterns and formulas that make people BUY in today’s world!) – pg. 5
  • The THREE key nuggets you need when analyzing your niche market. This flies in the face of what every business school professor you’ll ever meet will try to teach you! (I’ll show you how you can use these three gems to get INSTANT results… instead of spending millions on “market research” and “focus groups”). – pg. 7
  • Why there’s no prize for second place and how to go “all in” with your sales copy, even if you’ve never written a single headline before in your life! (Don’t worry, by the end of the book you’ll write better headlines than people with decades of “marketing” experience!) – pg. 8
  • A simple truth about sales copy I learned from a man who sold 2 BILLION dollars worth of consumer products… one customer at a time… at an average price of about $29 bucks! (And I’ll explain how you can use this wisdom to instantly change your life too.) – pg. 9
  • How it took getting fired from my job to finally make me realize it was okay to take the wheel of my own life (and how sales copy finally set me free from a prison of my own making). – pg. 11
  • The TEN reasons WHY people BUY anything… especially online! Tie your wagon to one or more of these reasons and it’s like a THOUSAND horsepower engine driving your sales (but, ignore them, and your sales will just plain suck!). – pg. 15
  • ELEVEN questions you MUST answer about your product or service if you ever hope to make the kind of money you want or gain the influence you crave (Don’t worry! They’re fun to answer and will open your eyes to a whole new world of profit). – pg. 17
  • Specific examples of the ELEVEN questions in action across multiple industries and product types so you know exactly how to apply them! (SIDE NOTE: I typically charge $1,000+ an hour to go through this list with clients, but you get the list instantly when you pick up this low cost book). – pg. 19
  • The single biggest “truth” about sales copy that, once you understand it, will open your eyes to a whole new way of selling online, offline, and in person (WARNING: once you read this you’ll never be the same again… there’s no turning back). – pg. 23
  • How a simple pronoun change can skyrocket your sales! (Who would have thought switching around those tiny little words like “I, me, my, we, you, us, and they” that we learned in 5th grade could make us rich as grownups!) – pg. 24
  • 3 REASONS WHY outsourcing your sales copy can be the kiss of death for your business if you do it wrong (no matter how much you’ve been told it’s okay to “outsource” all your sales copy. BEWARE!). – pg. 28
  • The copywriting mindset. What it is and how to develop it. (And, more importantly, how to use it to propel your life and business forward at hyper-speed.) – pg. 32
  • 2 STEPS to instantly “hack” the entire copywriting process and get so good at creating profitable sales copy, so fast, it feels like CHEATING! (But it’s not cheating! It’s just being a LOT smarter than your competitors!) – pg. 34
  • The single most important element in all of sales copy! Get good at this and it’s like the Midas Touch… everything you touch turns to gold! (Neglect this and everything you touch turns to pig pudding!) – pg. 38
  • 15 “Million Dollar” fill-in-the-blank formulas that stop buyers in their tracks, get their minds right, and prime them to buy, try, subscribe, or click… NOW! – pg. 42-47
  • How and why sales copy is NEVER “one size fits all” when it comes to your audience. (Learn this and you’ll always serve the perfect sales message at the right time so people practically beg to buy from you!) – pg. 52
  • My “conversation shortcut” that makes it simple, easy, and fast to come up with just the right angle for your sales copy! (Even though a million people might read your message, it feels like you’re talking specifically to each of them individually.) – pg. 57
  • Meet “F.R.E.D.” your perfect customer “avatar!” Learn the secrets to create the perfect customer in your mind FIRST and then use what you learn to make massive sales in the real world! – pg. 59
  • The fastest and easiest way to “define your niche” so you can mine profits almost instantly! (And NO, it has nothing to do with keyword counts in the Google keyword tool!) – pg. 61
  • Why selling based on “needs” means you’ll go broke in the blink of an eye! (I’ll show you exactly what people will spend their last dime on, go into debt, and even cripple themselves financially to get. Once you know this secret, you can sell virtually anyone. WARNING: You must PROMISE not to abuse this. It’s THAT powerful!) – pg. 65
  • Discover my P.Q.R.2 Formula – It’s the secret code to your customers’ “buying brain!” (It’s like the skeleton key to unlock their internal security system and give themselves permission to buy!) – pg. 66
  • 8 specific places you can go online to discover the exact triggers that motivate your potential customers to spend their money (so you can position your product, service, coaching, software etc. front and center as they grab their wallets, pull out their credit cards, and get ready to type in those digits to send you money!). – pg. 69-71
  • The single most overlooked component of sales copy that motivates people to spend more money every year than virtually anything else. It’s not fear… it’s not money… it’s not even sex! (This motivates everyone regardless of age, income, race, or education. We all want it… and you can use it to sell like crazy!) – pg. 73
  • How to quickly assemble the “building blocks” of copy that create a “little city of desire” for your customers and prospects (and get your sales copy created 10X faster than your competitors could ever dream of). – pg. 79
  • FIVE ways you can use bullets right now to increase curiosity, build excitement and drive people to action (and make your copy “bullet-proof” in the process)! – pg. 81
  • My “ULTIMATE Bullet Formula” – this one discovery has done more to get people excited to buy than any other in the history of marketing and advertising! (This is literally the secret code to take even the most boring product or service and turn it into a sexy “gotta have it” proposition). – pg. 85
  • The #1 key to creating momentum when you create your sales copy​– no matter what you sell! (It’s kinda like a snowball running downhill that turns into a massive boulder by the time it hits bottom!) – pg. 85
  • The “secret sauce” in all sales copy… when you tap this psychological vein you literally hit the “motherload!” (This causes people to abandon all reason and instinctively start pounding the buy button like they were getting paid to click!) – pg. 87
  • THREE questions you need to ask about any feature of your product, service or software BEFORE your potential customers do… especially if you want to make sales by the truckload! (Ignore this one at your peril!) – pg. 88
  • EIGHT specific things you can tie your product, service, software, or coaching to that make people switch into “auto-pilot buyer” mode and just pull out their credit card to buy! (These are so effective you need to PROMISE me you’ll only use them for good and not abuse your new-found selling power!) – pg. 92
  • How to give yourself an INSTANT raise without spending a single extra dime on ads, traffic, or marketing! (Do this and you can double, triple, even FIVE TIMES your profits like I have done so many times!) – pg. 97
  • Simple changes you can make to any website, funnel, ad or email that can skyrocket your profits! (Miss this and you could be leaving thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even MILLIONS of lost profits on the table over time – which sucks!) – pg. 99
  • How to use Amazon as your billion-dollar market research tool – for FREE – to find out exactly what your customers want to BUY right now! (And NO, it’s not just looking at the 5-star products and offering exactly what they do. That’s dumb!) – pg. 103

And That’s Not Even HALF What You’ll Discover Inside The Pages Of This Breakthrough NEW Book You Can Get FREE

  • How to find the EXACT right “magic” words your customers and potential customers use to describe what they want to buy! (So you can USE those “magic” words in your sales letters, ads, emails and more… which means people buy from you by the truckload!) – pg. 104
  • The single most deadly trap you can fall into when you start writing sales copy… and it’s even worse the smarter you are. (Seriously! Smart people struggle with this trap the most. But I’ll show you how to instantly sidestep it and never look back!) – pg. 110
  • The FOUR biggest reasons people WON’T BUY from you – and how to avoid those obstacles like the plague! (Don’t self-sabotage when you’re this close to making sales because you commit one of these blunders… and cause customers to avoid you like a skunk at a Sunday church social)! – pg. 112
  • My single biggest shortcut for writing amazing emails and sales copy that makes your audience say “Wow! He really gets me. He understands me. He knows exactly where I’m coming from!” (This secret gets them to buy from you over, and over, and over again!). – pg. 114
  • What to do if you don’t have any testimonials yet, but you need proof that what you’re selling is important and works (RELAX: I’ll show you specific ways to sell WITHOUT ever getting the first testimonial). – pg. 118
  • How to create a WIN-WIN scenario with your dream customers AND get testimonials by the truckload (while you also prove your product or service works to the point that ANYONE in your target market would be crazy not to buy it!). – pg. 121
  • The EXACT Sales Copy FORMULA that turns problems into profits. (No other sales copy formula has done more to change lives and fill bank accounts than this one… and I’ll show you EXACTLY how to use this proven formula in any situation you can think of!) – pg. 125
  • Use your customer’s “hidden” desires (the ones they might not even realize or even admit to themselves) and turn them into sales “rocket fuel” with this “3X B” Sales Copy FORMULA! – pg. 127
  • The “future pace” FORMULA that uses the science of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming – the study of how language gets people to take action) to get people to visualize their perfect future with your product, service, or coaching and then BUY from you! – pg. 129
  • My go-to format for a sales funnel when I first start to test market a new product, offer, or affiliate link. (Drop these three simple “building blocks” on the page and you’re off to the races. MISS one… and you’re hosed!). – pg. 137
  • Does length matter? The TRUTH about whether “long form sales letters” still work or whether you should go with a VSL (Video Sales Letter)… my answer may SHOCK you, especially if you sell offline or market high-ticket items! – pg. 138
  • How to write an amazing sales letter fast! I share the PROVEN 13-STEP sales message formula I use that WILL hit every button your customers need to make a purchase decision NOW! (This is the “slippery slide” that makes them buy!) – pg. 143-158
  • The ONE and only purpose of an email teaser! (Miss this one and you might as well just throw your emails in the trash or spam folder yourself and not even bother to send them!) – pg. 160
  • The ONE and only purpose of your email subject line! (Again, miss this one and you might as well go out in your driveway and slam your hand in the car door… you’ll get more reaction!) – pg. 161
  • How to QUICKLY write amazing email teasers people actually open and take ACTION on (as in click on the links in your email and then go buy your stuff… which is what we want, right? Right!). – pg. 162
  • My SIX-POINT email formula that’s GUARANTEED to get you clicks from people who WANT what you’ve got right now! (And they’re willing to whip out their wallets and pay for it!) – pg. 165
  • The secret to go from a blank screen with a blinking cursor to a finished piece of sales copy FASTER than you could ever do it “from scratch.” (If you’ve ever suffered from writer’s block, this is the solution you’ve prayed for!) – pg. 168
  • It’s true that you “can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” But it’s also true you CAN make that horse so THIRSTY he’ll beg to buy a drink of water from you at any price! – pg. 172
  • The “3 M’s Of Content” that make customers STOP in their tracks, pay attention to every word you say, and then whack the buy, try, or apply button on your page (faster than a schnauzer jumps on a bacon snack)! – pg. 173
  • Four ways to sell with FREE content! (Use these four angles to turn videos, articles, blog posts, tweets and Facebook posts into raging cash registers that bring you clicks by the wagonload!) – pg. 175
  • The “Yellow Brick Road” Formula that literally leads people step by step to the point of buying from you (and they’ll think it was THEIR idea to buy the whole time as they head off to see the wizard… with credit card in hand)! – pg. 178
  • The “give them a shovel… then sell them a bulldozer” method for skyrocketing sales! (How teaching people exactly what to do will make them buy from you in droves.) – pg. 179
  • “Love me. Hate me. There’s no money in the middle!” Why forcing people to make a decision about you personally is one of the most profitable things you can do with your sales copy. (And why trying to please everyone means you WON’T sell to ANYONE!) – pg. 181
  • Even if your product has nothing to do with making money, you still need to learn how to make a “profitable product promise!” (This 4-part FORMULA makes it simple to create offers even The Godfather can’t refuse!) – pg. 188
  • “Put lipstick on that pig!” What to do if your sales copy just isn’t working.​(What to try. What to test… And even when to throw in the towel and just plain start over.) – pg. 197
  • “What should I charge?” You get the answers you need to this critical question about price and sales copy once and for all (so you can minimize pain and maximize profit in your business – FAST)! – pg. 203
  • How to “go negative” with your sales copy and not get sued! (Why, when, and how “joining the dark side” can massively increase your profits… or blow up your business. Learn the difference here!) – pg. 208
  • The “one thing” you should NEVER, ever, EVER do this in your sales copy (unless you want an avalanche of letters from lawyers, a mountain of legal bills, and a firm court date that has nothing to with jury duty)! – pg. 211
  • “Stealth Closes” – the secret to selling without selling! (These are my secret weapons to fly under a prospect’s “anti-sales” radar defenses and get them to click, buy, try or sign up!) – pg. 213
  • “The Hired Gun” – the truth about how and when you should (and should NOT) hire a copywriter to help you with your sales copy. – pg. 223
  • How a small “test” can save you TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS – or MORE – in copywriting fees. – pg. 226
  • How to instantly “get inside the mind” of your ideal prospect and have them TELL you EXACTLY what they want to buy, try, or subscribe! (This unique visualization exercise will give you the insider perspective about your customers all business owners crave!) – pg. 229
  • 13 questions that instantly reveal customers’ emotional hot buttons that lead to sales (these are the shortcuts to PUSH THEIR BUTTONS so they buy, try, and subscribe)! – pg. 235-236
  • The one and ONLY purpose of an online ad (and no, it’s not to build your brand awareness or “retarget” someone who didn’t buy from you last week. Miss this and you can kiss your entire advertising budget goodbye!). – pg. 241
  • The #1 ingredient that increases your advertising results 10X, 100X or more! (Skip this and it’s like trying to bake cookies without flour… you waste time and get results that taste like crap!) – pg. 243
  • The MAGIC “Ads” FORMULA to INSTANTLY find the ads that work and dump the ones that don’t… without taking weeks or spending thousands to do it. (Follow this plan and you’re guaranteed to find the winner ads that drive traffic like crazy!) – pg. 250
  • Just like you can’t catch fish without a hook, you can’t make sales without a “hook”! Discover the easiest and FASTEST hooks that land the big fish and fat paydays. (FYI, this is NOT your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).) – pg. 254
  • Success leaves clues! Build yourself the same copywriting “treasure chest” the greatest copywriters of all time use to write ads, sales letters, and more (FASTER than you could ever do from scratch)! – pg. 261
  • Why people pass judgement on you and the quality of your product or service based on this one single “boo boo” in your sales copy (Good News: you have 100% COMPLETE control over it)! – pg. 268

… and much, MUCH More!!!

Get Copywriting Secrets Audiobook + PDF – Jim Edwards, Only Price $33

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