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Being in business used to be fairly simple. You’d open a shop, hang up a sign, and advertise in local newspapers. You’d serve your clients, make them happy, and you’d do fairly well.



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Good writing skills give you a distinct business advantage.

Being in business used to be fairly simple. You’d open a shop, hang up a sign, and advertise in local newspapers. You’d serve your clients, make them happy, and you’d do fairly well.

But then the internet came along… and it changed everything.

These days, if you want your business to grow and succeed, you need to be able to write great content – and lots of it. Google needs content to list your website in search-engine results. Potential customers need content to learn about what you offer. People need content to engage with you and your business, pay attention to what you offer, and become buyers of what you sell.

Your business success depends on your writing skills. It needs you to write compelling website content. Write engaging blog posts. Write newsletters that build your list. Write ebooks to convey your expertise. Write persuasive copy that converts. Write emails and autoresponders and articles and reports…



Easy-to-understand, immediately applicable writing techniques


One-on-one, personal feedback on your work from a pro writer


Fast, tangible results that transform your writing and your business… forever.


Damn Fine Words is the first writing course of its kind. A hybrid writing course and business course designed for business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, it teaches you how to become a better, faster, more confident writer who knows how to create results.

Available entirely online so you can access it from anywhere in the world, Damn Fine Words spans 10 weeks and includes:

  • 7 core modules and 20 complete lessons
  • Over 25 practical hands-on assignments
  • A veteran professional writing instructor
  • A dynamic members-only area, where you’ll interact with your instructor and receive personal feedback on assignments.

You’ll learn valuable writing strategies, content-creation techniques, and powerful tactics that transform your writing skills. You’ll create tangible results you can see for yourself – the kind you can take home to the bank.

By the end of the course, you’ll have learned an effective content-creation and step-by-step writing system you can use time and again, for any type of business, for any field or industry, and for any type of content your business needs.

Damn Fine Words has successfully empowered hundreds of business owners, freelancers, and writers with the support, learning, and training they need to become better writers.

It can do the same for you.


Damn Fine Words is a real course, with real lessons, real assignments and real training. You’ll be able to practice your new writing skills and get feedback on your work in a safe, welcoming environment.

Damn Fine Words isn’t complicated. It isn’t full of jargon like CRO and CTA and split-test A/B conversion. This writing course was created specifically for everyday people like you, so that you get the training you need without having to struggle with complicated strategies.

Damn Fine Words teaches you easy writing strategies and proven techniques that work, such as:

  • How to write articles and blog posts that bring you faster results, with far less stress
  • How to write compelling website copy that draws your ideal customers closer to the sale
  • How to draft, edit and create the content you need quickly – no more staring at the blank page
  • How to craft an effective message that engages your audience so they become fans
  • How to build confidence so that writing content becomes a pleasure – even fun. Really.

You’ll also learn practical knowledge that applies to you and your business. Use what you learn to…

  • Overhaul your website copy so that it brings in more leads and sales

Write an ebook that gives your credibility an immediate boost


Lesson Overviews

  1. How to Create Your Writing Zone: Learn how to train your brain to write on demand, with techniques that help you warm up quickly and easily so that you’re ready to hit the keyboard and get in the writing zone every time.
  2. How to Find Your Writing Voice: Discover how to find your unique and compelling writing voice (even if you’ve never thought you had one!) and bring it into all of your writing. You’ll also learn how to adopt different voices, styles and tones for all your writing needs.
  3. How to Create Writing Confidence: Learn how you can shed writing worries and replace feelings of “not good enough” with an authentic writing confidence that will help you write better, faster and more easily than you ever thought possible.
  4. How to Write with Passion and Focus: Unlock the passion behind your writing so that focus becomes effortless and struggles of what to write melt away. You’ll stay “on fire” and feel motivated, even eager, to write.
  5. How to Discover Your Ideal Readers: Identify and understand your ideal readers – people most likely to resonate with you, your business, and what you offer. You’ll be able to speak to their needs and draw them closer with laser precision.
  6. How to Write What Your Reader Wants: Connect with your readers on the issues and needs they’ll respond to most, by getting inside their heads, learning what they want, and coming up with topics that match exactly what they’re looking for.
  7. How to Write Headlines That Hook Readers In: Beat the odds and learn how to write headlines, titles, and subject lines that hook reader attention, draw them in, and make them eager to read more, each and every time.
  8. How to Write Using Just Three Sentences: Discover a simple technique that lays the foundation for easy content creation, and learn how to capture ideas, create a bank of drafts, or plan a year’s worth of content, in three sentences flat.
  9. How to Create Structure for Your Writing: Learn how to use an “accordion outline” that helps you create instant structure and effortless organization for your writing, so that you can create focused content faster, better, and more easily than ever before.
  10. How to Improve Your Writing Credibility: Create trust in the central points and persuasive arguments of your writing using critical thinking techniques, and build credibility so that readers take notice – and take you seriously.
  11. How to Work With “Shitty First Drafts”: Discover how pro writers create and work with first drafts, and say goodbye to writer’s block and low word counts forever. You’ll never have to think “not good enough” about your writing again!
  12. How to Split Up Your “Mental Writing Staff”: Learn key elements and proven tactics that help separate and organize each phase of writing in the proper order. You’ll be able to create more content, much faster and with far less struggle.
  13. How to Make Your Work a Breeze to Read: Discover important key elements of readability so that you can write content in a way that creates a smooth, easy, and pleasant reading experience for your audience.
  14. How to Write with Benefits: Learn how to communicate the crucial “what’s in it for me?” that every reader wants answered. You’ll be able to separate features and convey benefits easily, in a way that motivates readers to take action.
  15. How to Write an Awesome Call to Action: Learn how to create calls to action that encourage readers to do what you want them to do. You’ll be able to level up your business results and get more people saying “yes!” to what you offer.
  16. How to Cut the Clutter from Your Writing: Find out how to cut the fluff, filler, and purple prose from your writing so that you make your point without going off topic or waffling around. Let readers hear your message loud and clear!
  17. How to Warm Up to Cold Writing: Discover how to eliminate stiffness from your writing and how to find the hot spot that fires everything up, making your words feel more natural, confident, and convincing to readers.
  18. How to Write Well by Reading Aloud: Bring out your natural voice, remove any tract of stiff or stilted writing tone, and connect with readers like never before by creating a natural conversation using words alone.
  19. How to Create Your Editorial Checklist: Learn the right way to build an editorial checklist that nips uncertainty in the bud, increases your confidence, and confirms you did everything you should so that you can put your writing out there with ease.Get abc, Only Price $139
  20. How to Handle Performance Anxiety: Discover confidence-boosting tricks that help you keep up your writing momentum, week in and week out, and learn how to stay calm, cool, and collected, even under pressure.

Fill up your blog with engaging posts that keep readers coming back

Promote your business with smart content-marketing strategies

Draft newsletters that make your list look forward to your next update

You’ll even be able to use your new writing skills in day-to-day emails.

What you learn in the Damn Fine Words writing course applies and adapts to any type of content, any time you need.

It could transform your writing, your business… maybe even your life.

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