Dirty Genes Summit 2018 – Dr. Ben Lynch


Meet Dr. Lynch, host of the Dirty Genes Summit and author of the groundbreaking new book, Dirty Genes (Harper One, January 2018).



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Meet Dr. Lynch, host of the Dirty Genes Summit and author of the groundbreaking new book, Dirty Genes (Harper One, January 2018).

Dr. Lynch sets the stage for an exciting, information-packed 7 days of life-changing interviews from 50 renowned speakers.

By the end of the Summit, you’ll understand the fundamentals of a clean genes lifestyle and will walk away inspired to become your best self!

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Dr. Ben Lynch

Ben Lynch, ND received his Cell and Molecular Biology, BS from the University of Washington and his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from Bastyr University. His passion for identifying the cause of disease directed him towards nutrigenomics and methylation dysfunction.

Currently, he researches, writes and presents worldwide on the topic of MTHFR, methylation defects and genetic control. You may learn more about Dr. Lynch and his work at

Dr. Lynch is the President of, a supplement company oriented towards disease prevention and health promotion.

He lives in Seattle, WA with his wife, Nadia, and three boys, Tasman, Mathew and Theodor.

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In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • 00:00 Welcome to the Summit
  •  00:50 Fifty teachers will inspire you
  •  01:30 Dr Lynch’s early life
  •  03:50 Rowing at the University of Washington
  •  05:20 Life on a tropical island
  •  06:28 Why were the islanders so happy?
  •  07:58 Why you should sweat
  •  10:58 The fundamentals
  •  10:30 Meeting Mother Teresa
  •  11:30 Don’t focus on the disease
  •  11:50 What the Dirty Genes Summit is about
  •  12:20 Why are there 50 presenters?
  •  13:45 What you’ll learn during this Summit
  •  14:20 Why is the summit audio only?
  •  16:00 The Summit is free
  •  16:27 Resource slides and transcriptions
  •  17:11 The Dirty Genes book
  •  20:30 Genes can indicate susceptibility
  •  21:00 The benefits of SNPs
  •  22:15 What would I change if I could go back 20 years?
  •  27:20 The basic needs for survival
  •  29:30 What impacts your genes
  •  30:15 The Dirty Genes course
  •  30:40 The best way to enjoy the Summit

[  Q U O T E S  ]

“Just because we have SNPs–genetic variations–doesn’t mean that they’re all bad. They have benefits.”

“Don’t focus on the disease, focus on the individual.”

“The Summit is about understanding the fundamentals at such a key level that disease can’t really get hold of you.”

“The actions that we take to get our genes healthy are through lifestyle, diet, mindset, and the environment.”

“The concept of Dirty Genes is that your daily choices can either dirty your genes or clean them up.”

“If our mindset is sick, we’re sick.”

“The Dirty Genes Summit is teaching you how to live and breathe the fundamentals to such an extent that you could become the happiest person you’ve ever been and stay that way.”

“It’s not possible to treat one gene in isolation when there’s 19,000 others that are communicating with it.”

“Work and inspire yourself to become your best self.”

“If you’re not working on the fundamentals, you are not going to get healthy. If you run a genetic test and think that you can clean up one gene (such as MTHFR, COMT, DAO), you are wrong.”

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