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It is based on a chronological presentation of about 40 original and exquisite colour drawings and murals that Jain sketched and painted over a period of 25 years. It demonstrates how this Dolphin Consciousness has always been a deep part of his psyche and how these drawings were related to his innate geometrical understanding of the universe.

His lecture evolves to an understanding of a Universal Language of Pattern Recognition and then he demonstrates some of the sutras or formulae that govern Vedic Mathematics, the supreme Art of Rapid Mental Calculation. It concludes on an interesting note, how one of his students in a Cairns weekend seminar on Vedic Mathematics, who was semi-autistic, was able to perform mental calculations quicker than the other 30 participants of children and adults. When you ask these children how they can perform such fast mental calculation they invariably reply that they “see the answer”. This relates directly to the Feminine Right Brain that understands pictures, shapes, holograms, sounds etc…. There appears to be growing confirmation that autistic children are able to more readily respond to our Cetacean relatives.

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