Ecom Pro Academy Shopify Summit – Kevin Harrington


If you’ve been selling online for a while, you know that the landscape has changed dramatically! And continues to change… The best way to keep up and learn the strategies necessary to continue and keep your online physical product business(es) thriving and scaling is to hear what our speakers will be sharing and teaching.



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What is E-com Pro Academy’s Shopify Summit?

If you’ve been selling online for a while, you know that the landscape has changed dramatically! And continues to change… The best way to keep up and learn the strategies necessary to continue and keep your online physical product business(es) thriving and scaling is to hear what our speakers will be sharing and teaching.

Nobody can figure it ALL out! If you apply even one of the strategies taught at this event – from ONE Speaker, you will pay for this event many times over. Now, think if you apply ½ of the strategies from over a dozen speakers!! This is a NO-Pitch event and will be full of high level step by step action plans that you can apply to your e-commerce businesses instantly.

Why Should YOU attend??

Almost every single speaker has a 7, 8 or even 10 figure physical product business. The funny thing is that if you rewind a few years back… most of the speakers would be in the audience learning like you will be.

The amount of content and “Actionable” steps that can be applied instantly in your business is an incredible amount of value. It doesn’t matter what area you’re having trouble with or wanting to enhance (sourcing, scaling, logistics, legal, unlimited traffic and so much more…). You will walk away with the EXACT steps required in order to hit your goals this Q4!!!

Oh and the Netowrking is ALWAYS so incredibly powerful! Hundreds of “Like Minded” e-commerce people will be E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.

What To Expect

Network with Key Influencers

We are honored to have incredible speakers and industry experts at our conference. Mix and mingle with your favorites

Huge Unveiling

The Ultimate Business in a Box including ongoing management will be announced from Kevin Harrington. The is the ONLY Passive Business that has an income stream

Private Party

Complete with open food and cash bar you’ll mingle with the movers and shakers of e-commerce and connect with like minded entrepreneurs

Hands-On Workshops

Don’t go home with yet another to-do list. Our Hands-On Business Building will create tangible results for your business


We’ve secured a great deal with a local five star hotel where the event is being hosted. Beautiful, amazing hotel right on the ocean

Incredible Training

In depth Amazon and Shopify training + learn about multiple traffic platforms. Become an expert on how to convert and capture more sales for your existing or new e-commerce business

What’s Gonna be COVERED?

Sourcing Products

Drop Shipping Techniques

Promotional Strategies

Your Sales Page (landing page)

Building Your Brand

Shopify App’s Required

Facebook Traffic

Google Traffic

Google Shopping

Content Marketing

Continutity Programs

Building a REAL traffic funnel that converts

Investing some of the Profits

Selling Your Store(s)

Much, MUCH more!

Meet Our Speakers

Kevin Harrington

Shark Tank / As Seen on TV

The inventor of the infomercial, original Shark on Shark Tank, and Pioneer of the “As Seen On TV” Industry. He has launched over 500 products resulting in more than $5 Billion in sales worldwide.

Lowell Rempel

C.E.O eCom Pro Academy

CEO and Co-founder or Ecom Pro Academy. Lowell is a visionary and negotiator who has built multiple 8-figure companies, ranging from a retail store chain, to a marketing company (at the same time).

Chris Record

Speaker, Coach & Online Entrepreneur

NEW SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMNET Chris Record is the founder and CEO of Tecademics, one of the worlds fastest growing internet marketing training platforms, with over 50,000 new members per month. Previous to that Chris was most known for his digital product launches in the Facebook advertising space that attracted tens of thousands of paying customers and generated over $10 million in total revenues.

Josh Kent


NEW SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMNET Josh Kent founded in 2014, growing the company from lean startup to global leader as an online t-shirt platform with over 11 million designs yielding 1000% financial increase in the past year (2015-2016).

Nishant Bhardwaj

E-commerce Marketing Expert

Nishant has an awesome story and he’s super REAL. He’s had some incredible success selling apparel and now multiple stores doing VERY well. You won’t forget him

Justin Sardi

YouTube Traffic Expert

Think you know YouTube? Think again. Just has had some awesome success from what he’s learned, taught & done on YouTube. One of the most un-tapped traffic sources and he’s gonna share the steps for you to have success from it in your business

Dimitris Skiadas

Google Analytics and Traffic Ninja

Untapped traffic and conversions from Google when you understand Analytics and traffic like Dimitris. Pretty much everything he is gonna share will just be one big Knowledge Bomb!

Travis Petelle


Travis is as REAL as it gets. He’s learned to focus and scale specific niches. Back-end revenue streams on multiple successful stores is his latest success strategy.

Adam Maltais

Affiliate Manager at Shopify

Adam knows what’s working when it comes to Shopify. He lives in it! Adam will be sharing some awesome strategies and growth plans that can instantly be applied to your E-commerce Business

John Hutchison

Funnel Conversion Expert

Special Live Feed from another LIVE event in Germany! John has grown his e-commerce business triple digits over the last couple years and has some amazing strategies that just WORK.

Thomas Bartke

The Pixel Whisperer

Special Live Feed from another LIVE event in Germany! Possibly one of the most smartest guys we know. He’s incredibly talented on Facebook and you won’t want to miss what he has to share. He’s earned the title “The Pixel Whisperer”

Laura Natasha Catella

Marketing Strategist / Copywriter

Laura has written thousands of promotional mails, busted out incredible sales copy that has resulted in tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

Neil Twa

Amazon Expert

Neil is a creative, and innovative business builder with a passion for helping the companies he builds exceed their potential. He’s an expert on Amazon and has the leading tips on how that can be applied in your business

Thomas Bell

CEO of ViralStyle

Thomas started marketing the T-shirt selling not that long ago and did over $4M dollars his first year in sales! He saw the opportunity to do a way better “Print on Demand” platform and created one of the largest in the industry called Viral Style. Learn how his platform can help you make even more successful in your Shopify store!

Robert Nava

Ec Con to E-com Expert

After spending 13 years incarcerated between the ages of 11 and 27, Robert went on to build several million-dollar ecommerce brands. Over the last 2.5 years, Robert has generated nearly $10 million in sales

Ricky Mataka

Marketing Expert

7 Figure SAAS and Marketing Expert Has Generated Over 10 Million in Online Sales, Presentations and Launches Guaranteed to leave and impression you will never forget.

Samuel Levitz

Speaker – Investor – MC

Samuel has been an entrepreneur since the age of 7. Currently runs 5 companies, plays music in a band in Hawaii, travels the world and in the process of starting his own hedge fund. His motto is simply, “Make a difference” in whatever you do.

Demian Caceres

Brand Builder – Shopify Expert

A very successful Shopify (multi store owner) with some strong skills in branding, employee management and training.

Limited Shopify Master Class Upgrade Option


This special Master Class is being held on Friday, October 14th, the day after the Summit ends. This optional day INCLUDES the e-com PRO Academy 2 day Summit ticket (while it’s still available).

Seating for the Shopify Master Class is extremely limited and it WILL sell out fast.

If learning and implementing two new eCommerce channels during the Summit wasn’t enough – we have a 3rd eCommerce Channel option available.

It’s called The Shopify Master Class… and it’s DONE FOR YOU!

By the end of this special upgrade day with my team, you’ll walk out with your very own Shopify Store that:

YOU fully own…

Is fully stocked with high-converting products…

Has custom & proven apps…

Needs no inventory to be stored by you…

You only pay for the inventory once a customer pays you…

You never need to ship items – because WE ship them to YOUR customer for YOU…

Even the tracking numbers are automatically uploaded onto YOUR store…

Ad Copy, templates, even proven email copy that you can use for your new customers…

And much more…

…DONE for you!

You don’t a much more turn-key eCommerce store solution than that…

…and it allows you to have yet another eCom channel working for you… with most of the work being done for you.

So now you have an important choice:

VIP Upgrade Option (Limited Seats)

The VIP Upgrade includes the main ticket to the 2 day event.

Seating for the Shopify Master Class is extremely limited and it WILL sell out fast. With the VIP ticket you will be hanging out for a private dinner with Kevin Harrington and most of the other speakers. This private VIP setting will be overlooking the Ocean at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront.

You will also receive the recordings of the 2 day event, private VIP seating at all general sessions, exclusive networking access to Speakers and 4+ VIP ONLY Mastermind Sessions.

Event Schedule


Opening Ceremonies Main Ballroom 8:00am – 8:30am

Expert Session 1 9:30am – 10:00am

Expert Session 2 10:00am – 11:00am

Expert Session 3 11:30am – 12:30pm

Lunch 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Expert Session 4 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Expert Session 5 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Keynote Speaker: Kevin Harrington Original Shark Tank 5:00pm – 6:00pm

VIP ONLY Private Dinner Networking with Kevin Harrington and Speakers 7:00pm – 9:00pm


Special LIVE FEED from Germany 2 Special Guests from an live event 8:00am – 8:30am

Expert Session 2 9:30am – 10:00am

Expert Session / Workshop 3 10:00am – 11:00am

Expert Session 4 11:30am – 12:30pm

Lunch 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Expert Session/ Workshop 5 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Expert Panel 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Keynote Speaker 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Networking @ Indigo Ballroom With Your Favorite Speaker (*Free Apples & Cash Bar) 7:00pm – 9:00pm


Introduction to Shopify Master Day 8:00am – 8:30am

Exact Steps to Running a Profitable Store + Product Selection 9:30am – 10:00am

The only App’s you need, why & how to Make them Effective for your Store Workshop 10:00am – 11:00am

Hands On Facebook Traffic & Scaling Plus learn effective targeting uusing our exact ad copy, images & more 11:15am – 12:30pm

Lunch Included 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Simple Steps to Effective Staff Management for your Store(s) 1:30pm – 2:15pm

Monitizing and Building your E-mail List Copying our exact proven auto responder series2:15pm – 3:00pm

Expert Question Panel 3:30pm – 4:30pm

Structure and Set Up of your New Shopify Store 100% Ready to go! 4:30pm – 5:30pm

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