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Welcome to the Elegance of Conscious Living Summit!What if you could create your life differently?What if there was a new way of being on the planet where you could create with ease and elegance and contribute to more consciousness?



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Welcome to the Elegance of Conscious Living Summit!

  • What if you could create your life differently?
  • What if there was a new way of being on the planet where you could create with ease and elegance and contribute to more consciousness?
  • What if joy, abundance, outrageous success and magic were just a choice away?

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, offers this definition of elegance: “using the least amount of energy to create the greatest amount of effect”Coupling this awareness with a more traditional explanation, I envision elegance as a standard of tastefulness exhibiting refined grace.I have carefully selected 22 leaders whom I sense live authentically and do so with elegance.

These leaders express who they are by using their gifts to change our planet in a positive way. And as distinguished business owners, their contribution inspires and educates other individuals to explore their own unique talents and capabilities. They are joyfully sharing their gifts with the world while also trail blazing the creation of a more conscious reality.

Join me and 22 of our world’s greatest consciousness experts in an expansion into possibilities during the Elegance of Conscious Living Online Summit.Our Speakers and their topics:Ariadne Sassafrass – The Elegance of Conscious Creation • Are you embodying the consciousness of you? • Are you ready to step into the creation of the you you truly be?

  • What if vulnerability is the space from which you can receive you and receive the contribution of everything to you?
  • What invitation to the elegance of creation and consciousness can you be?

Energy Transformation Expert, Empowerment Coach and Access Consciousness Facilitator. My life changed when I started to actually receive me as the unique being that I be, instead of trying to fit into somebody else’s reality. I finally stopped hiding my natural talents and capabilities and began to embrace them. Not only did I become more conscious: I became aware of the energy that is life and creates life or destroys it, and how to play and create from that space. The word Consciousness seems to be a word hidden in ambiguity.

As I become more conscious I become aware of and enamored with the power and simplicity of choice: and the dynamic joyful potency of choosing to create something different. What if you becoming more conscious of amazing you could not only create an elegant life of ease and joy, but could also change the planet?

Gerald O’Donnell – The Elegance of The One

The Contribution of Consciousness and Free Will – Our Rise or Our Fall? • Humankind at the brink.

What choice will we choose? What reality will we create?

Internationally renowned, former Western intelligence agency Remote Viewer and founder of The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing, has been a visionary in mind- consciousness research.

He is now dedicating his life to skillfully inspiring and guiding students through healing and empowering meditations on Oneness to access incredibly high levels of creative energy that allow for the rapid manifestation of desires based upon one’s thoughts.Monica Fraser – The Elegance of the Divine Feminine

  • Learn the sacred practice that will put time and energy back into your hands.
  • Discover a powerful and often overlooked way you can magnetize your efforts as a conscious entrepreneur.
  • Learn the difference between self care and Exquisite Self Care and how the later transforms how your perspective on life and helps you realize your deepest heart’s desiresMonica Fraser is an adventurer and inspiring guide for passionate and awakening women. She is on a mission to inspire women bring their creative progeny into the world…David and Erina Cowan – Shifting our World by Changing the Way we Choose to See It.
  • The understanding that all ‘outside’ issues reflect inner processes.
  • You already have everything you desire and all that prevents this knowing are the ‘veils of illusion’ we have not yet recognized and released.
  • That the New Earth we are birthing together will be the effect of this change in our perceptions.

That you are only responsible for the choices in front of you this moment…the rest is already taken care of!Licensed Spiritual Healers using teachings which are founded on the non-dualistic principles presented in ‘A Course in Miracles’ and are offered as powerful tools for personal change in their co-authored book, ‘Dowsing Beyond Duality’.Mas Sajady – 360° of Abundance

  • What’s true abundance
  • Why 360° of abundance
  • Why financial abundance itself is not enough
  • What’s ‘wealth frequency’, do I have it? How to get instilled with it?
  • How can meditation help us be abundant?
  • Is being abundant really our birth-right? Then why only 2% are wealthy?
  • What can Mas do to help us achieve 360° of Abundance?

After the second of two near death experiences, Mas Sajady was gifted with abilities so remarkably potent it wasn’t long before people began flocking to him for help to positively transform the lives. While his family is filled with traditional western medical doctors, Mas was as surprised as any he was soon likened to some of the most significant and well-known healers on the planet.Dr. Michael R. Smith – Embracing Your Elegance Through Empathic Sensitivity

  • Discover if you may be an ‘empath’, a gifted soul who is sensitive to the energy of others.
  • Set proper boundaries so that you are no longer drained and fatigued. • Experience unique energy exercises to dissolve unwanted negative energy.

Activate the nervous system to transform fear and raise vibration.For over two decades, Dr. Michael R. Smith has worked to help empaths and highly sensitive people recognize and embrace their gifts. As an energy medicine practitioner, spirit medium and university professor, over 800,000 people have downloaded materials at his Empath Connection website.Kimberley Lovell – How To Live Your Dreams and Manifest All That Your Hearts Desires

  • How To Manifest Rapidly Using Theta
  • Transform your Limiting Beliefs with Grace and Ease Using Theta
  • Consciously Attract All Your Heart’s Dreams and Desires

Identifying and Transforming Your Unconscious Blocks to ManifestingKimberley Lovell is a Spiritual Intuitive, Healer, and Holistic Business Mentor with a background in Psychotherapy and Coaching she works with heart centred Women Entrepreneurs worldwide to help them step more purposefully into their leadership and embrace the life and business of their dreams while transforming the world and making fabulous money.Jennifer Larkin – The Elegance of Effortless Expression

  • Are you living in a state of total ease when it comes to expressing what you require or desire?
  • Have you made self-expression challenging, difficult, clumsy or at times – impossible?
  • Are you able to communicate clearly in all situations and with all people – regardless of the circumstances or personalities present?
  • Would you like to have clarity, connectedness and freedom in this area?

Courageous, contagious, and outrageous – She listens with a crystal ball and has the uncanny ability to probe even the most sensitive of topics with care and humor. Her greatest gift is bringing the champion out in everyone and facilitating people into achieving their greatest ambitions.Baljit Rayat – Alignment to Your Soul’s Purpose: Accessing Your Divine Innate Gifts and Talents by Tappinginto Your Authentic Power

  • Creating from the heart.
  • Connecting to the Soul’s Calling.
  • Creating from Truth!
  • How to manage your energy by setting your intentions

Energy Tools that remove any interference from your field aligning you with your Soul’s TruthFounder of Lotus Destiny and Creator of the Star Activation™ system. She is a Creative Visionary, Tantrika, Conscious DJ and Intuitive Healer who powerfully connects you to your divine gifts and talents living your Soul’s Purpose.Jill Borsos – Claim Your Transformation ~ Live Your Greatest Life with Elegance

  • Higher Consciousness- It excites me to no end to know that the work we do on ourselves, contributes to the higher consciousness of ALL.
  •  Higher Potential- It is my gift to see the potential, as well as the beauty, that already exists and I provide a path to realize that potential.
  • Higher Purpose- I find comfort in knowing there is a higher purpose for everything– a higher truth.

Jill Borsos is a catalyst for change as an international Transformation Coach, Intuitive, and Cross-Dimensional Healer. Through her gifts and “Spiritual MRI”, Jill identifies and transforms energy, beliefs, and emotions that no longer serve to allow our authentic self to rise, to live our potential, and to step into the next evolution of our True Self.Shannon O’Hara – The Ease and Elegance of Entity Communication, Clearing and Ability

  • Shannon O’Hara, creator and founder of Talk To The Entities will guide you to the greatest empowerment for spirit awareness and beyond.
  • What if being aware of entities was an easy gift that added to the whole world?
  • Join us for the beginning of the tools and processes you should have been given from day one that will revolutionize the way you view, think about and handle not only entities but also your whole life

.Shannon O’Hara is an internationally renowned psychic medium, Access Consciousness facilitator and author of the best selling book “Talk to the Entities.”Pam Houghteling – Creating With the Earth

  • Do you know the earth has your back?
  • If you could access the energy, awareness, and possibilities the earth is contributing to you, what change could you create?
  • Are you ready to play with the earth and create elegance of living?

Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator Pam Houghteling’s target is to create more consciousness on the planet.Amanda Kronberg – The Elegance of Super Powers

  • Have you ever bought the lie that there is something wrong and messed up about you?
  • Do you also sense a greatness within yourself that you just can’t quite unleash?
  • Amanda will be revealing the first key in unlocking YOUR Conscious Superpowers.

Never again feel like you are at the mercy of the world around you…. and if you do just implement this one key

  • Are you ready to unleash your unique talents, ability and capacities in the world and expand your greatness? Then don’t miss this!She is an International Leader of Change and believes the first step to creating change is to acknowledge ourselves and all that we contribute to the world.Lisa Marie Rosati – How To Create A Magical Life Overflowing With Abundance and Positivity
  • What does living magically mean and why is it so important for your happiness and overall well being?
  • How do you create a magical life that’s aligned, elegant and abundant?
  • How can someone get started living magically and in alignment with universal flow?

Passionista and Visionary Lisa Marie Rosati is a renowned Inner Goddess Catalyst for women, Creatrix of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan and Sugar Free Goddess and Co-Author of the International Best Selling Book – “Embracing Your Authentic Self”.Curry Glassell – The Elegance of Being Wealthy

  • What would you like to know about the difference between being wealthy and being rich?
  • Would you like to have a more elegant life? What would that look like?
  • What if gratitude was the key to creating a more elegant life?
  • What do you desire for your future?Imagine growing up in one of the richest families in the United States and yet feeling a sense of lack.

Curry learned the true meaning of personal wealth and now has the pleasure of sharing these tools in classes around the world as an international speaker, certified life coach and author.Kim Coleman and Veronica Runyon – Alchemy, Wealth, Simplicity

  • Consciousness is not as elusive as it may seem. What if it is as simple and as elegant as being Present and aware in each and every moment and choosing freshly from that place?
  • Kim and Veronica know it to Being a thriving exciting living practice of ‘walking around in the world with your eyes wide open’ and not JUST a sitting practice in a silent room with doors and eyes closed!
  • The world and beyond IS your own unique and alive practice when you are willing to listen to and receive the consciousness that is right there in yer face always!

Even when you’re at the grocery store! Knowing when you are being this is cool, however what about being superhero aware of when you are not and choosing to choose again (or not!).Kim and Veronica have 30 plus years combined experience as facilitators, coaches, and speakers of consciousness. Although their niche is Wealth Consciousness, this is simply a doorway through which people’s Universes get blown apart… where one can choose, live and be what is actually True for them that exceeds the bonds of this reality!Wendy Kennedy – Connecting with Your Guides, Self, and Source to Create an Inspired Life • Strengthening your connection to your guides

  • The importance and value of grounding
  • Getting heart centered
  • The power of trusting in yourself and using your discernment
  • Working with frequency rather than form
  • Channelled Q and A with the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian CollectiveWendy is an intuitive and channel.

In 1995 she began channeling, working with many different celestial beings, most notably the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective. She currently lectures and channels for clients around the world. She was one of the six channels featured in the movie and book, “Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America”.Susanna Mittermaier – The Elegance of Seduction

  • Are you allowing you to be the seductress and seductor you truly be? Notice everything that question brings up in your world?
  • Seduction has a bad reputation in this world. What have you decided seduction is that it is not?
  • Seduction is being everything you are without judgment and is truly allowing you to have everything you desire. Are you willing to be that unstoppable?

Mag. Susanna Mittermaier, licensed clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, Radio Show host, Access Consciousness Facilitator, author of the New Book, Pragmatic Psychology- Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy and worldwide speaker is creating a new paradigm with psychology and therapy, Pragmatic Psychology.Cory Michelle – Elegance of Receiving from Every Molecule of the Universe

  •  Learn the 3 keys to receiving that you might not know, that if you did would create more ease and abundance
  • How to talk to and listen to molecules
  • You will activate your Juicy Orgasmic Energy Frequency to activate and juicify your realityCory Michelle has an elegance with energy and space, her intuitive sense dives into the depth of an issue to unlock it in seemingly non related places that result in total life change.

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