Forex Generation Master Course


Do you love your job?

Do you love your life?

Do you have as much time with your family as you'd like? Can you always be there for your family's most important events? Or does your job get in the way?



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How to make money from anywhere in the world with Forex

Do you love your job?

Do you love your life?

Do you have as much time with your family as you'd like? Can you always be there for your family's most important events? Or does your job get in the way?

Did your college degree give you everything you thought it would? Is the debt that you're in right now justified by the life that you live?

And what of your future? Are you on track to start that business? Retire early? Travel? Take care of your parents when they get older?

What if I told you that the information that you're about to get right now can fix everything you just thought about. Not making enough money…Student loan debt…a bad work environment…etc.


Throw all those negative thoughts out of your head and PAY ATTENTION.

The answer to all of your financial problems is MORE MONEY.

And what's the easiest way to make more money without interrupting your life?

It's called Forex.

Every day over 5 trillion of multiple currencies is exchanged. That's 20x larger than the stock market! You only need to predict a fraction of how that money flows to make serious money

Forex is short for foreign exchange. It is the ability to exchange one currency for another. Like trading the dollar for pounds and euros. You make money as you predict how money will flow from one currency to the next on a weekly, daily even hourly basis. It takes 10 seconds to enter a trade, and then you're off to doing whatever you were doing. A few hours or a few days later, if you've predicted the correct flow…you will have money in your account.


It depends on HOW MUCH you invest.

Our best traders make $1000-$2000 per day (and yes sometimes even when they are sleeping) trading Forex using 4XGEN techniques. These techniques have taken YEARS to master. These techniques are not taught by any other Forex trader or school. They go against everything that traditional Forex traders believe in.

86% of people who trade Forex lose money.

*statistics based on annual auditing of Forex brokers

That's 9 out of 10 people who take courses from other people, and buy expensive trading plans from"guru traders"

You have 2 CHOICES when it comes to trading Forex.

A. You can learn from a MASTER FOREX TRADER who has proof of all their trades and is willing to mentor you


B. You can take 3 years and figure it out on your own while losing money the whole time.

In that time you could realistically turn $20,000 into over $100,000 in 3 years trading following the 4XGEN SYSTEM.

Don't believe it?

The techniques taught in the 4XGEN master course teach you to consistently make up to 1% on your entire account PER TRADE.

That means with $10,000 YOU'LL MAKE UP TO $100 per trade

With $20,000 YOU'LL MAKE UP TO $200 per trade

With $40,000 YOU'LL MAKE UP TO $400 per trade

With $50,000 YOU'LL MAKE UP TO $500 per trade

With $80,000 YOU'LL MAKE UP TO $800 per trade

With $100,000 YOU'LL MAKE UP TO $1000 per trade

Get Forex Generation Master Course – Forex Generation, Only Price $147

We do at least one trade per day.

How much would your finances change if your bank paid you up to 1% per day 5 days per week?

This is what's happening after our students take the 1% A Day STRATEGY. (We have proof we'll show you in a minute). Sometimes it takes an hour for these trades to work. Other times it takes days.

And so far 100% of those who follow the 4XGEN SYSTEM make money.

Trade with a cell phone. Trade with a laptop.Trade while you're at work. Trade while you're at home. Trade while you're watching the game. Or (my favorite) let our system teach you how to trade even while you're sleeping.

This is the head traders actual account. We've been tracking his trades since May. This is as transparent as it gets. No other trading website will do this.


How would your life change with an extra $200, $300, $500, even $1000 per trade?

You Get

  • Access To Our Entire Library Of In-Depth Training
  • Lifetime Updates With No Additional Cost EVER
  • The EXACT Trading Strategy Our Head Trader used to do 300K in trades in 12 months
  • Constant Updates To The 4XGEN MASTER COURSE! (As the market changes)
  • Live Trade Examples
  • Trade Backtesting Software
  • Ongoing Mentoring
  • A 1ON1 Session With The Head Trader

Our system is proven. There is no other Forex trading system like this.

The 4XGEN MASTER COURSE taught by One Of The Best Forex Traders EVER will teach you this system from the inside out, from the VERY BEGINNING.

No previous experience needed. In fact we love teaching people who have never traded Forex or stocks before. Because they come to the course with an open mind and no previous bad habits.

If you are an experienced trader and you've been day trading stocks, options, or binary options – we can tell you that this system produces more consistent money than with any of those.

There are over 30 hours of lessons contained within this course (with more being added as the market updates). You'll have lifetime access to the course.

We can teach you in days what it takes professional traders YEARS TO LEARN! And CUT YOUR LEARNING CURVE BY 90 PERCENT!

  • You can make money discretely at your work.
  • Make money as a stay at home parent.
  • Make money whether you're short, or fat, or disabled
  • Make money regardless of your Race or Religion
  • Make money sometimes even while you sleep!
  • No products to sell. And you don't have to recruit your uncle "into the business"

Course Curriculum

First Section

  • A Message From Your Instructor
  • How Forex Works (6:41)
  • Basic Forex Trading Terminology
  • Course 3 (8:44)
  • Course 4 (7:32)
  • Course 5 (22:27)
  • Quiz on the basics
  • Course 6 (6:37)
  • Course 7 (32:54)
  • Course 8 (15:17)
  • Course 9 (21:39)
  • Course 10 (22:57)
  • Economic Terms To Learn
  • Course 11 (36:54)
  • Course 12 (21:38)
  • Course 13 (49:26)
  • 5 Rules To Save Your account (23:54)
  • 5 MORE Rules To Save Your Account (17:58)
  • How To Trade The CAD (28:23)

Get Forex Generation Master Course – Forex Generation, Only Price $147

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