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All professional Forex traders pay very close attention to key support and resistance levels. This is the foundation of my currency trading system. My system is built around the proven concept of “commercial support and resistance tendencies”.


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Forex Training…from the Expert

My home study forex course & video mentorship program explains in detail how to get your trading career off to a great startProviding forex training through comprehensive forex courses and services, forex coaching, and as an Internet Forex consultant, I hear all of the ‘How do I?’ questions. MyHome Study Forex Course & Mentorship program is designed to answer all those questions and many, many more.Here are some examples of what you will learn through our forex training:

  • How to assess a currency for profitability.
  • Learn how to get the GOOD pip spreads and where.
  • Learn which currencies to trade and when to avoid others.
  • Discover which currencies are actually ready to make a move.
  • Information-packed pages of practical tips and real-life examples.
  • How to create the right approach that keeps you coming back for more.
  • Learn why ‘conventional approaches’ simply don’t work in Forex trading.
  • Get an easy-to-understand 5-step overview of my Forex tradingprocess.
  • Discover the top mistakes that ‘normal’ Forex traders make, and how to AVOID them.
  • Discover the features your Forex broker must have to get the best value for your buck.
  • “How To” strategies to save you money, time, and effort while building your business.

Can You Sum Up Your Trading System?

Here’s the skinny on how my simple system works…

All professional Forex traders pay very close attention to key support and resistance levels. This is the foundation of my currency trading system. My system is built around the proven concept of “commercial support and resistance tendencies”.

Let me explain…

Volatile currency price fluctuations are usually initiated by external forces such as global geo-political events, world news, monetary policies, economic reports, etc. As currency traders, we are not concerned about what caused the movement. We are traders – not economists. We are only interested inprofiting from the aftermath volatility as a result of these global fundamental events.

When a market reaches certain low levels, they are at asupport level (support being a level that attracts buyers simply on lower prices). It could be that the market reached those levels on several occasions before and bounced off them. Markets that reach support levels will often rise as buyers are re-attracted to those price points. Then the herd instinct kicks in and price rises.

If a market rises, and a price level is rejected by buyers because the sellers are asking too much, the price will begin to move downwards from that level of resistance. Other sellers join in, the crowd factor eventuates, and price swoons. Support and resistance levels are extremely dynamic in the forex market – meaning that they are subject to change from day to day. These levels must be recalibrated from day to day..

My currency trading system uses mathematical formulas to calculate these support and resistance levels known as “pivot levels”. These pivot levels are extremely important because when the price of a currency pair trades near these levels, professional traders & automated trading systems will automatically kick in to buy or sell the currency. This facilitates price movement predictability.

So, in essence, these two factors alone account for why my system will compete favorably with systems which are based on”lagging” indicators. These other so called systems will simply pale in comparison.

To further improve my trading odds, I combine pivot levels with a small number of the consistent, reliable and re-occurring formations. The ones I am particularly interested in are the powerful reversal formations at tops and bottoms of price ranges.

When you apply chart pattern recognition skills together with the use of the pivots, benefits accrue for certain. The targeted support and resistance numbers are like an early warning system. Being aware of an important price target level, accompanied by a pattern, you can then anticipate your move.

It just doesn’t work any better than that!

Let me tell you this… if you are trading the forex without the guidance of pivot points, you could be trading in what I called‘NO MAN’S LAND‘ – these are danger zones. Improve your chance  by taking trades in and around pivot points.

My system uses pivot points to see in advance potential levels of support and resistance, as well as levels for potential major market reversals.

My home study forex video course & video forex mentoring explain these strategies and show youin detail how to use these powerful pivot levels to direct your currency trading. With our forex training, you will master these techniques and they will go a long way to improving your bottom line.

How Much is all this Information Worth to You?

To arrive at my current trading system, I’ve spent countless hours and money on software, charts, services and other so-called ‘experts’ e-books, all related to Forex trading. I’ve also invested countless hours learning, improving and perfecting my own Forex trading techniques.

In the ‘home study forex course’, you will see the sites that thousands of Forex traders actually use each month. You also get the benefit of my own personal experience. You benefit by learning exactly which services and software give you best value for your dollar. You also avoid the costly mistakes that I’ve made during my own learning process.

To get access to all this ‘insider’ information and the benefit of years of research and experience would normally cost thousands of dollars. I’ve seen courses on Forex training sell for up to $5,000! Why so much? Because that’s what people will pay for specialized knowledge, training and instruction. 

Please note that this course does not include mentorship.

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