Giving Your Gift to the Shift – Lisa Sasevich


Whether you have a website, Facebook presence or anything else set up for your business yet, this module is an absolute must. It will save you huge amounts of time and effort to create your offer before you make any further investments in bringing your work out into the world.


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What You’ll Learn: Course Overview

Module ONE

Creating an Irresistible Offer AND Increasing Your Income

Taught by Lisa Sasevich

Whether you have a website, Facebook presence or anything else set up for your business yet, this module is an absolute must. It will save you huge amounts of time and effort to create your offer before you make any further investments in bringing your work out into the world.

Session 1: Creating Your Irresistible Offer

Discover the unique transformation you provide to your clients, so that the right clients flock to you!

To build your business successfully, the first step is getting crystal clear on the transformation your clients will get as a result of working with you. Creating an irresistible offer that describes your “brand” of transformation is critical to having your clients want to invest with you.

In Session 1 you’ll discover:

  • What IS and is NOT an offer. (If you’re having trouble getting your prospects to buy, then you’ve been doing this all wrong – clarifying your offer ALONE could completely transform your entire business.)
  • How clarifying your offer will give you powerful language to use on the phone, in groups, one-on-one, everywhere. (Imagine no more struggling for the right words when you’re speaking to a prospect – you’ll know exactly what to say to give your prospects the opportunity to say YES!)
  • 3 questions to ask yourself that will make putting your offer together an absolute no-brainer (you’ll be amazed at how easy this can be for you)

Session 2: Discovering Your Unique Branded System

And own your place in the market!

Discovering your Unique Branded System is the KEY to making more money with less effort while making a HUGE difference getting your blessing out into the world. (In fact, once you finish with this module, you’ll see how easy it is to increase your fees 10-50 times.)

So what is a Unique Branded System (UBS)?

In a nutshell, it’s a way to package your business offering so that people easily grasp what you do and want to invest with you. In fact, you may find that once your UBS is in place, clients become hungry to invest with you.

Best yet, in many cases, you can then take your system and sell it as a group program. (This is the secret for moving from one-on-one service situations into leveraged group programs.)

In Session 2 you’ll discover:

  • Your Unique Branded System (USB) with Lisa’s 5-step system
  • How you can go from delivering your services one-on-one to reaching many with your offer and unique gifts
  • A 3-step method for packaging and selling your offer and turning your USB into a client-attraction magnet, powerfully and effortlessly
  • Whether you’re going to be a service provider or a trainer. (You’ll learn the difference and how you can be BOTH, if you want to)
  • How you can serve more clients in less time and make WAY more money

Session 3 Generating More & More Business through a Leveraged Progression Plan

And FINALLY create the consistent cash flow you’ve so long desired!

Now that you have your offer and your Unique Branded System, you can now learn to build multiple streams of income into your business – the key to having steady, reliable income. One way to do this is by giving your prospects a variety of ways (and a variety of price points) to invest with you – what’s called a leverage progression plan.

Lisa will show you her personal leveraged progression plan that allowed her to grow her business from zero to $2.2 million-plus in 3 short years and then double it again to over $4 million while enjoying steady cash flow. (All while raising two toddlers at home and putting her husband through medical school.)

In Session 3 you’ll discover:

  • The four methods that enable your prospects to DISCOVER YOU (Don’t follow this and you could find yourself spinning your wheels because you keep recreating the wheel!)
  • How to identify and capitalize on the “low-hanging fruit” in your business
  • How to "rinse and repeat" so you serve more clients and make more money for less time and effort

Module TWO

Claiming and Attracting Your Ideal Client
Taught by Lisa Cherney

We’ve seen far too many people start a business without focusing nearly enough time and attention on claiming and attracting their ideal clients, only to find themselves lost in the woods wondering where they had fallen off the path.

When you keep your eye on the prize of working with your ideal clients, you’ll easily make it through the forest to the impact you know you are meant to make.

Session 4: Uncovering Your Specific Ideal Client

Target market isn’t enough anymore!

Have you heard the saying "if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there?" Well, if you don’t know who your ideal client is, you won’t be able to attract them.

And when we say "your ideal client" not only are we talking about prospects you love to work with but the ones who love working with YOU! These are your biggest fans, the ones who crave what you’re selling. Wouldn’t you love having hundreds or thousands of customers who adore you and buy everything you sell? Well, this can be YOUR reality once you discover our secrets!

In Session 4 you’ll discover:

  • Finally learn the difference between Target, Niche and Ideal Client – it’s not what you think!
  • An easy system for pinpointing exactly who your ideal clients are. (No guesswork here – we lay it out to make it super simple)
  • Why NOT knowing your ideal client is a recipe for disaster. (In fact, NOT going through our simple system could be costing you thousands of dollars in money, time and lost opportunities)
  • Why saying “no” to a non-ideal client could be the key to unlocking your success (and abundance)

Session 5: Attracting the RIGHT Ideal Clients

How to diagnose your Multiple Ideal Client Personality Disorder™ (MICPD)

Many small business owners suffer from MICPD (Multiple Ideal Client Personality Disorder).

This “ailment” can paralyze your business. The more focused you are on helping people and serving, the more likely you have MICPD, and it’s paralyzing your business. But focusing on your most ideal client gives your business – and your income – the opportunity to flow.

In Session 5 you’ll discover:

  • Why marketing to everyone is marketing to no one!
  • How to tune the frequency of your marketing so precisely that your ideal clients will come find you (no more chasing clients)
  • Simple steps for attracting your ideal clients into your business effortlessly
  • How to make your ideal clients feel completely understood and that what you’re offering is the ONLY solution for them. (What competition? Do this and your competition melts away)

Session 6: Sealing the Deal with Your Ideal Clients

How to use their own words in your marketing so they say, “I need that!”

Are you overlooking your clients’ pain points? Forgetting that they’re NOT you? It’s essential to learn how to get inside your client’s head. And when you do this, you’ll be able to craft your marketing messages in THEIR language so they resonate with you.

In Session 6 you’ll discover:

  • An incredibly simple and powerful technique for getting in the head of your Ideal Client (so they see their words in your marketing)
  • How to create a mental bridge that shows clients where they are now and where they’ll be after working with you
  • Ways to spot when your agenda, lingo and skill are getting in the way of communicating with your Ideal Clients so you can catch it before the damage is done


Module THREE

Capitalizing on Conscious Copywriting
Taught by Michele PW

Once you know what you are offering and whom you are offering it to, putting it into words is the golden key that will unlock your impact. This module will bring you to clarity about the exact words necessary to share your gift for the worldwide shift.

Session 7: Selling Your Gift with Your Words

Here’s a little secret of marketing – words sell. Not pretty logos or websites.

If you want to start leveraging your time and money, bringing leads and clients into your business without you doing all the work, you need to learn the basics of direct response copywriting. (Copywriting is writing promotional materials, not to be confused with protecting your intellectual property or putting a copyright on something.)

But there’s a problem with that. You probably HATE all that "hypey, salesy" copy floating around out there on the Internet. Well, what if we were to tell you there’s a better way? You can still harness the power of copywriting (letting your marketing materials bring in leads and sales for you) WITHOUT it sounding inauthentic.

In Session 7 you’ll discover:

  • What authentic direct response copywriting is AND isn’t (the answer may surprise you)
  • The decision you MUST make before you start adding direct response copywriting to your business (if you don’t do this you are dooming yourself to frustration and failure)
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when they start using direct response copywriting (and this mistake is most likely costing you not only sales but your reputation)
  • How to get started writing authentic direct response copywriting (it’s easier than you think with Michele PW’s simple system)

Session 8: Mastering the Nitty Gritty of Copywriting

Now that you know the big-picture view, it’s time to get into the details.

What are all the elements of a piece of direct response copy? And how do you get started writing? What do you absolutely need to include and what’s not important? Michele PW will show you all that and more.

In Session 8 you’ll discover:

  • A simple copywriting formula to follow (and this includes templates to make it super easy for you to write your own copy)
  • Writer’s block? No worries – Michele has exercises to share for different elements that takes a lot of the stress and pressure off writing
  • Tips on how to package what you’re selling to make it a no-brainer for your ideal clients to say “yes”
  • How to make sure the words you choose are right for your ideal clients

Session 9: Leveraging Your Copywriting – It’s More Than Just a Website

How to start leveraging your time, money and marketing strategy

Once you have the basics, it’s time to take it the next level. Authentic direct response copywriting is all about leveraging your time and money. So wouldn’t it make sense to use as much of your copy as you can to increase your business? That’s how you can grow your business in a leveraged manner.

In Session 9 you’ll discover:

  • Multiple ways you can use authentic direct response copywriting for your business (some you probably never thought of)
  • Easy ways to tweak and reuse the copy you already have – over and over again (no need to reinvent the wheel every time)
  • Time-saving templates to help you craft your own copy

Module FOUR

Social Media and Relational Marketing
Taught by George Kao

You’ve got the offer, you know who you want to make it to, and how to talk about – now you are ready to bring it all online and use the Internet to give your gift without getting lost in a mess of technologies that you’ll never be able to master.

This module makes it easy to get right to what will bring you the results you desire – with the least amount of effort – as you bring your gift online.

Session 10: Getting Profound Results with the Least Effort

Learn the basics of social media marketing and building relationships online

Surprisingly, social media marketing – when done productively – is not about building buzz, getting traffic or developing your reputation. There are much easier and more effective ways for you to build your business and share your gifts – with the least amount of struggle.

In Session 10 you’ll discover:

  • The 9 most productive and least time-intensive Internet marketing methods
  • A formula for building online relationships and being highly productive while you market your business online
  • A social media framework for magnetizing clients to you with the least amount of marketing

Session 11: Conscious Social Media Marketing in One Hour a Session

Social media is the oxygen of online relationships and client engagement. But it’s essential to have a productive framework that allows you to use social media in the least amount of time possible – for the best results.

In Session 11 you’ll discover:

  • How to find the audiences online who *need* your transformational offer
  • Ways of connecting with the influencers and audiences that will build your transformational business
  • How to optimize your social media presence for automatic lead generation

Session 12: Maximizing Your Social Media Presence with Easy Checklists

Social media effectiveness – like being effective in life – is about focus, not spreading yourself too thin.

For the foreseeable future, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the main social media sites. Put these three sites on your social media marketing checklist, use the right strategies that you’ll discover this session, and you’ll have your bases covered.

In Session 12 you’ll discover:

  • Specific LinkedIn strategies to help you build your credibility
  • How to maximize your Facebook business page
  • Highly productive methods for leveraging Twitter

Bonus #1: 3 Deepening Calls with Lisa Cherney, Michele PW and George Kao

Enjoy 3 60-minute bonus recordings of past Q&A calls with key faculty members Lisa Cherney, Michele PW and George Kao as they answer some of the most relevant burning questions related to their expertise.

BONUS #2: Audio Session with Evolutionary Strategist Alexis Neely

LIFT Your Business With an Enlightened and Aligned Model For Truth, Love & Law

Offer – check. Clients – check. Compelling copy – check. Bringing it all online – check.

Now, it’s time to build a real business around this gift that you are uniquely suited to share, because it’s the business built around your gift that will provide you with the consistent income, steady cash flow and living legacy that will keep your inner fire alive instead of burning out in frustration.

During this bonus call designed just for this 12-session training, program host Alexis Neely will take you behind the scenes of the evolution of her business model from a bricks & mortar professional practice to an online information-based expert business that makes an impact globally with books, programs and products.

Along the way, Alexis will share the more than $1 million (yes, really) worth of mistakes she made so you can build yourself a million dollar business foundation without investing a million bucks to do it.

By the end of this session, you will have the guidance and awareness you need to LIFT your own business with legal, insurance, financial and tax systems that will empower you to the highest version of giving your greatest gifts to the shift.

Receive the business knowledge you need delivered in a way you can understand, implement and apply. You will learn:

  • The Often Overlooked Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Stuff You Need to Know to Make Great Business Decisions From a Place of Empowerment, Not Worry or Fear. (You’ll leave the session with actionable guidance you can implement immediately)
  • How to Save Thousands on Legal Fees By Doing What You Can Yourself and When You Really Must Hire a Lawyer. (It’s less often than you think when you have the right guidance, but when you do need to, you want to make sure you hire the right type – Alexis will fill you in.)

Bonus #3: Audio Session with Business Coach Ryan Eliason

How To Triumph Over the 8 Most Common Obstacles to Entrepreneurial Success

Join Ryan Eliason, successful business coach and creator of the Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series, for this special bonus session and learn the 8-step formula for doubling your income while doubling your free time.

Hundreds of business owners have followed these 8 steps to grow businesses that generate a healthy profit while making an immense positive difference in the world.

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