How I Trade Major First-Hour Reversals For Rapid Gains – Kevin Haggerty


Now You Can Be Coached By Kevin Haggerty As He Teaches And Trains You How To Trade His Explosive First-Hour Reversal Strategies. Learn Kevin’s Best Strategies Plus Learn His High Probability Gap Pullback Strategy!


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Product Description

Many Professional Traders Consistently Make Money During The First Hour Of Trading…And So Can You!

Now You Can Be Coached By Kevin Haggerty As He Teaches And Trains You How To Trade His Explosive First-Hour Reversal Strategies. Learn Kevin’s Best Strategies Plus Learn His High Probability Gap Pullback Strategy!

Dear Fellow Trader:

How would you like to join the elite group of professionals such as market makers and specialists who make the majority of their money during the first hour of trading?

Imagine that Kevin Haggerty, former head of trading for Fidelity Capital Markets, is sitting next to you as you trade just as the market opens.

And while he’s sitting next to you, Kevin trains you and drills you relentlessly on how to trade alongside the Generals and apply his very best strategies to trade the opening hour. Kevin has shown that his First-Hour Reversal Strategies are some of the best patterns for consistently finding explosive reversals in stocks, index proxies, futures and HOLDRs during the opening hour of trading!

Which strategies is Kevin teaching you? Four of his most powerful…his Trap Doors, Opening Reversals, Flip Tops and Gap Pullbacks!

In his best selling interactive training module, “How I Trade Major First-Hour Reversals For Rapid Gains”, you will receive this knowledge, training, and much, much more! As you probably know, Kevin ran Fidelity Capital Markets’ Trading Desk. And he has been personally responsible for trading tens of millions of shares over his 30-year career.

Kevin has observed that his First-Hour Reversal Strategies are some of the best patterns for consistently finding explosive reversals during the opening hour of trading!

And these reversals very often provide you with the greatest profit opportunities of the day.

Now for the first time, you will have Kevin Haggerty teaching you exactly how to trade his First-Hour Reversal Strategies as if he is seated next to you. And in his real-world simulations, he will provide you with the in-depth understanding you need to trade them successfully!

The knowledge and training you will receive from Kevin Haggerty in his interactive trading module is not available anywhere else! This is the only medium in the world in which you will learn Kevin’s First-Hour Reversal Strategies AND be trained on them, bar-by-bar, by Kevin himself.

How Do Professionals Make Money In The Morning?

You see this every day. There is some general pre-market news or economic report hyped by the media which results in aggressive pre-9:30 AM ET futures action. This enables the market makers and specialists to gap up the stocks, index proxies and HOLDRs to extreme levels as a result of the emotional reactions to the news or reports. And then what happens? The discounts or premiums on the opening order flow get too extended, attracting institutional buying or selling. And the professionals that either bought or shorted at the extended opening period prices are happy to let the stocks immediately reverse, many times for substantial gains.

And who makes money when all of this happens? That’s right. Those professional traders who are astute enough to know exactly when and how to enter these stocks.

And Kevin will teach you on a bar-by-bar basis how you can trade side-by-side with these professional traders day after day.

Get How I Trade Major First-Hour Reversals For Rapid Gains – Kevin Haggerty , Only Price $37

How Kevin Will Ensure Your Complete Mastery of The Haggerty First-Hour Reversal Strategies

1. First, Kevin will teach you his favorite First-Hour Reversal Strategies which have worked for years and continue to work today. You will learn:

  • How to immediately enter high-probability trades in strongly trending stocks with his Opening Reversals Strategy.
  • The secret of catching moves on same side of the professionals within the first hour of trading using his Trap Door Strategy.
  • How to ride the first (and often most powerful) trend of the day with his Flip Top Strategy.

Kevin’s strategies were created based upon his extensive knowledge of how institutions, market makers, specialists and hedge funds maneuver in the markets. As the head of Equity Trading for Fidelity Capital Markets, he was right in the thick of the action. First Hour Reversal Strategies occur daily. There are literally thousands of examples of this happening. Let’s look at a few of them.

The professionals were buyers of many stocks that morning,, and you would have been too if you traded his First Hour Strategies. First Hour Reversal Setups happen every day! And they will become the backbone of your trading once you have completed Kevin’s course.

You will learn all the exact patterns and entry methods for the long and short sides and risk-control tactics for all three First-Hour Reversal Strategies that Kevin uses so that you can potentially earn 2, 3 and 4 times your initial risk.

2. Next you will learn the special tool Kevin uses to successfully trade the most powerful AND probable reversals. By incorporating Kevin’s Volatility Bands in a very specific and precise way, you will be able to:

  • Enter at levels early in the morning where the probability of a powerful reversal is sometimes 95% or even more!

3. Finally and most importantly, Kevin will train you how to exploit these opportunities over and over again in an objective and unemotional manner. All of his First-Hour Reversal Strategies are among the simplest and easiest trading strategies to learn. It’s the proper and disciplined execution of them which Kevin will need to drill into you.

What’s your natural reaction when a stock opens sharply higher or lower? If you’re like most people, you get caught up in the emotion and stay out of it until the smoke clears. The reality, however, is thatopportunity is right in front of you, and Kevin will teach you to seize upon it aggressively, exactly the way he does.

By training you bar-by-bar in the TradingMarkets Interactive Trading Simulator through numerous real-world setups that Kevin has actually traded, you will become fully accustomed to watching how the Generals work the market and the trading public. And you’ll eventually see that…it’s all quite predictable. The patterns that Kevin will show you repeat over and over again, and you will learn to instantly recognize them and automatically trade them.

Here is how you and Kevin will work together:

On your monitor, you will watch price action unfold bar-by-bar. Using the knowledge he has taught you, you’ll see patterns forming and assess whether it’s time to “buy,” “sell” or simply “do nothing.” At first, you may make a few mistakes. That’s OK. As if Kevin is seated next to you, he will give you constructive feedback every single time you make a decision, right or wrong. Kevin’s goal through every simulation is to help you gain confidence and be able to trade these setups perfectly.

You and Kevin will follow every single trade from beginning to end, and you’ll learn about the unique money management tactics that are tailored to maximize gains and minimize losses in his Trap Door, Opening Reversal, Flip Top and Gap Pull Strategies. You will learn how to buy, short, where exactly to place your initial stop, how to lock in your profits with trailing stops, how to take money off the table by scaling out, and finally, how to exit the trade.

Here’s What You Will Receive…

The first hour of trading is jam packed with more opportunity for consistent windfall profits than any other hour of the day. Now, with Kevin’s First-Hour Reversal Strategies, you will learn how to stop leaving that money on the table and, along with the professionals and the Generals, enter on the winning side of the trade. Here is the knowledge that you will receive and learn to apply.

  • Detect the extreme opening plunges and moon shots that are destined to suddenly trigger powerful reversals. Important: Not all extreme opens wind up reversing! Kevin will teach you his early warning patterns and entry strategies that get you into the winning reversal trades consistently and effortlessly.
  • Successfully trade until 10:30 am ET and go off and do anything you like. Some traders focus their day on only the first hour or so of trading. Once they’ve made a day’s pay, they’re on the golf course. By learning to trade all of the possible ways that First-Hour Reversals play out, you can, if you want, turn the first hour of trading into your bread-and-butter hour. Or you can simply incorporate these strategies with others that Kevin successfully uses all day long, such as 1,2,3s and Slim Jims. The choice is yours.
  • Trade powerful reversals objectively and unemotionally. All of Kevin’s First-Hour Reversal Strategy patterns are simple and well-defined. You don’t have to depend upon subjective judgment, and by applying Kevin’s pre-defined parameters, you will reduce the possibility of errors because all of your entries are clearly defined.
  • Let the Generals work for you in producing greater gains. All Kevin’s of First-Hour Strategies give you the exact pattern that gets you into a stock in front of where the Generals have consciously decided to aggressively buy (or sell). You can often detect this within 15 minutes and ride the most killer high-velocity moves along with the Generals — and then get out within minutes. If you want to see a great example of this, check out the intraday action at the major low on July 24, 2002. If you did not have a windfall that day, you’ll be ready next time.
  • Ride intraday swings from one end to the other. Many daytraders complain about lack of volatility in the markets. But the first hour of trading has excellent travel range. With Kevin’s First-Hour Reversals, you’ll dominate this special time frame with consistent entries and exits at the tops and bottoms of the range.
  • Get in and out easily on fast moves just as they start. The market makers and specialists commit their serious capital only to the big cap stocks. Kevin’s Trap Door, Opening Reversal, Flip Top Strategies and Gap Pullback Strategies put you at the advantageous level.
  • Want to boost your favorable odds to the highest level? Then learn to combine Kevin’s First-Hour Reversal Strategies with Volatility Bands. This is by far his favorite way to nail the highest probability entries, and now you will be able to identify setups in which the statistical odds of a reversal are 95% or greater.

Kevin Haggerty’s best selling interactive training module is by far the most definitive and most comprehensive work to-date on successfully trading the First Hour. For the first time, he will be able to take you inside real trades and their nuances through simulations of these trades. This will ensure that you will master his First-Hour Reversal Strategies in the shortest possible amount of time.

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Get How I Trade Major First-Hour Reversals For Rapid Gains – Kevin Haggerty , Only Price $37

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