Hsing-I vol.5 (Earth Fist) - Bruce Kumar Frantzis

Hsing-I vol.5 (Earth Fist) – Bruce Kumar Frantzis


Hsing-I vol.5 (Earth Fist) – Bruce Kumar Frantzis course is available you can Download Instantly after payment!

Hsing-i’s Five Elements are in effective the five energies that, according to Taoist cosmology, comprise the energy matrix of the universe.

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Hsing-I vol.5 (Earth Fist) - Bruce Kumar Frantzis 1 In traditional Chinese medical theory, these five dynamic energies: metal Element Water Element Wood Element Fire Element Earth Element Working with the elements balances the internal organs of the human body.

Quote: ”There are many paths to cultivation of the body, but if you are seeking one that is simple and suitable for all ages, there is none like Xingyi (hsing-i) boxing, because this art specifically takes qi (chi) cultivation as its foundation. Splitting, Smashing, Drilling, Pounding, and Crossing correspond to metal, wood, fire, and earth and divide externally into the five postures. Internally they fill the five organs and are the natural, profound way to health. ”Sheng Jin, Forward to The Xingyi Boxing Manual [year 1923]Each of the following Hsing-i Five Elements utilize a particular hand technique that moves power along a specific physical force vector.

Each individual Hsing-i Five-Element technique or fist has a slightly different way in which it is done: high (to the opponent’s heart or above), middle (between the heart and the lower tantien), and low (to the opponent’s hips, groin or legs).

The system of Hsing-i is based upon storing an immense amount of chi in the lower tantien, and then allowing it to spread throughout the body to be used at will. In China it is known as one of the most direct ways to make your body strong and healthy.

What will you learn:


MP4 Videos:

  • 1.1 – Introduction to Heng Chuan.mp4
  • 1.2 – Angles of Attack.mp4
  • 1.3 – Opening the Armpits and Internal Organs.mp4
  • 1.4 – Why on Earth Fist is Difficult.mp4
  • 1.5 – Opening the Spleen and Internal Organs.mp4
  • 1.6 – How Both Hands Coordinate.mp4
  • 1.7 – Partner Exercise.mp4
  • 1.8 – Leaning Forward and Pelvic Tuck.mp4
  • 2.1 – Energizing the Spleen.mp4
  • 2.2 – Overview of the Earth Fist Footwork Pattern.mp4
  • 2.3 – Internal Abdominal Pressure.mp4
  • 2.4 – Finding and Important Solid Angle.mp4
  • 2.5 – Compensating for Different Body Types.mp4
  • 2.6 – Going to the Next Level.mp4
  • 2.7 – Heng Chuan Variation Two, Stepping.mp4
  • 3.1 – Internal Content.mp4
  • 3.2 – Heng Chuan Variation Two.mp4
  • 3.3 – Stepping with Front Foot.mp4
  • 3.4 – Efficiency.mp4
  • 3.5 – Downward Action.mp4
  • 3.6 – Hand Technique.mp4
  • 3.7 – Compression and Power.mp4
  • 3.8 – Transition from Pai Chuan to Heng Chuan.mp4
  • 3.9 – Turning Around in Heng Chuan.mp4
  • 3.10 – Fighting Application.mp4
  • 3.11 – Conclusion.mp4
  • 4.1 – Hsing-I Five Element Fists Introduction.mp4
  • 4.2 – Pi Chuan, Down Chop Variation.mp4
  • 4.3 – Pi Chuan, Long Cutting Forward Variation.mp4
  • 4.4 – Pi Chuan, Short Cutting Variation.mp4
  • 4.5 – Tsuan Chuan, Small Style.mp4
  • 4.6 – Tsuan Chuan, Medium Style.mp4
  • 4.7 – Tsuan Chuan, Large Style.mp4
  • 4.8 – Beng Chuan, Small Style.mp4
  • 4.9 – Beng Chuan, Medium Style.mp4
  • 4.10 – Beng Chuan, Partial Flying Step.mp4
  • 4.11 – Beng Chuan, Flying Step.mp4
  • 4.12 – Beng Chuan, Turn Around.mp4
  • 4.13 – Pao Chuan, Small Style.mp4
  • 4.14 – Pao Chuan, Medium Style.mp4
  • 4.15 – Pao Chuan, Large Style.mp4
  • 4.16 – Heng Chuan, Small Style.mp4
  • 4.17 – Heng Chuan, Medium Style.mp4
  • 4.18 – Heng Chuan, Large Style.mp4
  • 4.19 – Bonus Clip- San Ti and Standing Qigong.mp4





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