Identity and Evolutionary Change – Robert Dilts


This is the complete video recording of Robert Dilts’ Identity and Evolutionary Chance training he did back in 1998 in Hamburg, Germany. Luckily this is in English only WITHOUT a translation to any other language after each sentence.



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Robert Dilts

Identity and Evolutionary Change

Hamburg, 1998

In English Only (Without a Translator)

A three day workshop on 6 video tapes with many demonstrations and group exercises. 10+ hours.

Hi TPers,

This is the complete video recording of Robert Dilts’ Identity and Evolutionary Chance training he did back in 1998 in Hamburg, Germany. Luckily this is in English only WITHOUT a translation to any other language after each sentence.

The video quality is a good (it’s VHS) but not perfect and sound is pretty good. The only problem with the sound is that it starts to get out of sync at the end of each video – (but no more than 1-2 seconds.)

Robert is following a manual throughout the course, but that manual has never been published to the public. Only the participants of that training got it. (which publishes these videos) only sold the videos, not the manual. So, we only have 10+ hours of video of this three day training.

Please note that the original description and chapter titles of these videos were in German, and I’m pasting a Google translation of those to here… Other than that, the full 10+ hours training is presented by Robert Dilts himself in English.

So, here’s some more info about what this training is about.


Robert Dilts – Identity and Evolutionary Change

A three day workshop on 6 video tapes with many demonstrations and group exercises.

Part 1 –  Deep Structure and Surface Structure

Robert Dilts takes us on a journey to reflect on our lives in the light of historical and personal contexts. The starting point is the detailed study of internal and external systems of representation of the people – the deep structure and the surface structure. On the “map of life” many different expressions and levels of identity are recognized and stations of his own life and put into the context of their evolutionary change. Robert Dilts: The purpose of the seminar is to learn more about yourself, the more alert and enjoying life more present.

Part 2 – Somatic Syntax

Then illustrated by Robert Dilts his remarks with several exercises and a demonstration. To the question “Who am I – How do I find myself?” closer, the participants experience a change between trance inductions and exchange of experienced in small groups. In the second part of the workshop extended Robert Dilts the issue with the “somatic syntax”. The identity is also expressed by the language of the body. In a demonstration will show how the body experiences, and counter to the force of habit patterns that can change in the context of an expanded consciousness and well-being.

Part 3 – Somatic Syntax and Deep Structure

Robert Dilts describes the essential distinction between corrective and evolutionary change. The quick solution to a problem is Robert Dilts against the perspective to understand the problem as a transitional stage in the process to discover new resources of the “I” and grow in consciousness. Robert Dilts concretized this in a long, gradual explained demonstration with a participant. A negative emotion is expressed with the somatic syntax, through slight body changes then begin a joint search for the “fulcrum” of the change process… and finally, shows an astonishing paradox: As in biological evolution, minimal variations obtain maximum impact.

Part 4 – The Identity Matrix and The Companion

Robert Dilts asks participants to recall on a timeline of three stories and to reflect this in the small group work. Stories help to identify aspects of identity may perhaps reflect a theme of life and make statements about beliefs. In this context, Robert Dilts before the identity matrix. It enables the self-assessment on a scale of “want to be” and “do not want to be.” Each category of Identitäsmatrix be in an exercise in a change of introspective work and plenary discussion shows and authentic experiences.

The workshop concludes with a demonstration that day. With the NLP method Time Line Robert Dilts shows impressively the circumstances, responsibilities and emotions that a companion or “Guardian Angel” takes over in the therapeutic process of I Extension. The course of the demonstration and the subsequent explanation by showing the intensive personal exchange between the speaker and plenary and underline Robert Dilts charisma and integrity.

Part 5 – The Shadow

Has been working with the essence and the extension of the potential with the company of a “guardian angel,” said Robert Dilts is now turning to the other side of the identity matrix, the categories of “deficiencies and shadows”, the unwanted sides of the identity. This level is associated with the idea of archetypes and illustrates in an exercise. The workshop participants will experience the way to her shadow from the different perspectives and development phases of an archetypal cycle model. Each phase symbolizes certain resources and has for the development of the entire process a meaning. But even at the highest level at which the “magician” can not be about the triumph of the shadows – he is still a part of us – but a transformation to an advanced level.

Robert Dilts has in previous days repeatedly stressed the importance of personal companion. In one exercise, participants are now witnessing the process of loss or separation from a companion and how the resulting vacuum with light, power and wisdom can be filled.

Part 6 – Visions of the Future

A long intense exercise is at the center of future prospects. Robert Dilts invites participants to design a personal visionary structure, with the question: What is my calling, my direction in life. Using a blend of introspection and developed by Robert Dilts plenary sequences and categories that support the concrete steps toward a personal vision that will help to cross the threshold to the appeal. Coming full circle – or in the words of the archetypal cycle: From the innocent are “magician” has become. In a recent demonstration and group exercise clarified Robert Dilts the function de authentic sponsorship of the approach to personal visions. In the end, including Robert Dilts, the central question “Who am I” with personal words and includes the three-day workshop with a story that relates to the essential topics. Sponsorship – Encourage and support – evolution and growth – vocation and enlightenment.

Enjoy… and if you’ve any NLP or hypnosis stuff that is not yet available on TP, you know what you’ll be doing next… please get them to, now.

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