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This powerful secret will fire your game and automatically programs for immediate success with women Yes yes, you can easily and effortlessly attract the women you want.




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Devon White-installation of the internal game V 1.0 [(1 DVD-Rip) + (4 CD-MP3 & FLAC) + (5 ebooks-PDF)]

This powerful secret will fire your game and automatically programs for immediate success with women Yes yes, you can easily and effortlessly attract the women you want.

The Secret Is Simple. And more powerful than you could have imagined do you know there’s only one component that guys fucking like rock stars have that the other 98% of guys don’t have? That component is magnetic attraction power.

Guys who have power think about what they want and make it their own because they take immediate, massive and repeated action on their desires and never give up until they get what they want. When a woman sees this unique quality, she responds by attracting herself and wanting to have sex with him because at a basic primary level, she knows that this man will be a strong protector of her and a good father. Attraction is not a choice and you will be attracted to a man with power, without exceptions.

Those guys who lack the power of magnetic attraction still want the same women as everyone else but live their lives alone and without women. They never get what they want and their dreams slip away. They remain stagnant and dissatisfied. For them, life is an endless series of “what if”questions. And when a woman is close to such a man, she is repelled. She prefers to masturbate on her own than have sex with a weak man.

The key to having the women you want is the power of magnetic attraction. Whether you want a long-term partner, or as many one-night stands as you can handle, you can have what you want when you possess the kind of power that drives girls crazy.

Unless your personal power accelerator is high, it affects every aspect of how you meet women. The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you move is shaped by your ability to access the power that is deep within you. And women can smell it from a mile away.

When you harness your power, you become unstoppable with women.

University studies show that about 12% of men in any community have 90% of sex.

And the men who have sex are the dominant men who have access to resources and dominant positions in society. Men who have power have access to resources and act with authority and Dominion. This is why they are so attracted to power. This is why power is the only difference between men who win with women and men who lose.

Every man has his own definition of success with women. What I would like you to do now is play with me for a second to fully understand how amazing all this is. Go ahead, pretend. What I want you to do is imagine yourself in say say 3 years…as you ask yourself these questions:

  • What Kind Of Women Do You Sleep With?
  • How Do Your Nights Look When You Go Out?
  • How Do Women Treat You?
  • How Did You Literally Make Your Dreams Come True?

Imagine leading the life you want with women. Imagine yourself very clearly living your dream life with women. How well do you feel knowing that you’ve brought the women you love into your life? All this is very possible when you have the power, the kind of power that allows you to put aside all your obstacles and go after what you want. The kind of power that women find so sexy and can’t get enough of.

Hi, my name is Devon White and I have spent the last year working endlessly on a powerful new program that transforms your personal power level using simple strategies that have taken over eleven years, thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to develop.

You may wonder why I have invested all this time, money and energy in learning to develop power. Power is my passion because I had none of it.

When I was in eighth grade I first fell in love with a girl named Kelly. She was my best friend, and I thought about her all the time. He constantly fantasized about how good it would feel to kiss her and be her boyfriend. But I couldn’t have the courage to tell her how I felt. Then one day, when I was at her house she told me that she had a boyfriend and that he was coming. When he arrived, they started kissing in front of me. I was crushed. When my mother picked me up, I got into the car and tears started falling down my cheeks.

I can’t even begin to tell you how painful it was to see the girl I loved in the arms of another guy. The feeling of being powerless was too much to bear. It hurt a lot. But most of all, I was so sad that I could no longer feel how amazing I felt every time I thought about her.

And it was at that moment that I was determined not to let that happen to me again. Because I realized Kelly didn’t even know I loved her, so the great feeling I had was inside me. It was mine. She inspired the feeling, but did not create it. I did. Which meant he couldn’t take it off either. I didn’t have to stop feeling great just because I was with another guy.

It may sound crazy, but I knew I’d discovered something that would change my whole life. I had discovered the first hint of my own personal power. I had to find out more, because I never wanted to feel powerless again.

My search for the elusive secrets of personal PowerMy pain and the discovery that followed took me on a journey through the world of neurolinguistic programming, biology, psychology, hypnosis, primatology and neurology. And when I attended college I created my own career, so I could spend every hour of the day looking for the solution. I spent every penny I had and borrowed what I could to study with the top hypnotists, behavioral experts, and trusted consultants of fortune 50 CEOs.

Then I would go back to my school and try the secrets I was learning. Soon I began to notice that when I entered the rooms, the heads turned. Women wanted to meet me. And again and again, my innocent conversations with women led them to rapidly develop sexual attraction and desire to be with me.

Before that fateful day, my biggest problem was that I didn’t even have enough confidence to approach a woman, or believe that she might be interested in me. But afterwards, my biggest problem was that women fell in love too quickly.

In fact, once word got out that I could captivate an entire room with my powerful presence, universities all over the East Coast began inviting me to talk about the art of seducing women. And after my talk, the girls in the audience lined up one after another, with their phone numbers in hand. They loved me. And it was all the result of my 18-year journey since Kelly broke my heart.

Get Installing Inner Game v 1.0 – Devon White, Only Price $45

Then one day I was invited to speak at a seminar for millionaire entrepreneurs. After I finished, a college graduate named Dan approached me. He was there with his boss. Dan said he was part of a community of guys who absolutely needed to learn the secret of my intense personal power. He said I had the key to his path to female dominance.

We talked for a long time, and he finally convinced me to create a program that would teach you the secrets that took me almost two decades and tens of thousands of dollars to discover. So I’ve spent the last year putting together an easy-to-understand audiovisual training program that teaches you exactly how to use the secrets I used to develop my personal power. The program is called “Installing Inner Game”: unleash the power within.

It doesn’t matter if you are dateless, on your way to mastery with women, or if you are already dating women, but just want to attract more beautiful women, this program will increase your magnetic attraction power and change your life.

This product, like everything else in life, works only with action. It is not a theoretical product-it is 100% action-oriented. When you go through the simple exercises and do them, you will easily begin to notice that your Power develops beyond what you once thought possible.

As you do the exercises, you will quickly realize that you feel more and more powerful. At first, you will only feel it for an hour or two. But after a few sessions, you will progress to the point where this new power becomes part of you. This is really amazing when it happens. When you find yourself behaving in New and powerful ways automatically, you will be surprised that it is now simply how you are.

Of course, more than anyone else’s opinion, you should rely on your own opinion. That’s why you should get a sample of what’s in store for you when you get the internal game installation, right now. Just put on the headphones, relax and tune in. (I’m serious about Headphones-Regular computer speakers are like talking through cans!) And that’s just the introduction! I’ve spared no expense in bringing you the kind of powerful, immediate behavioral downloads you saw in Matrix.

The goal of this program is to transform your level of magnetic attraction power. The idea is to access your inner power and use it to attract the women you desire. When you have this power, women will stop you and talk to you. Small simple conversations turn into sensual seductions, without any effort on your part. You act with the power of the most powerful man in the world and women submit to you. Everything is automatic. And no lines or routines are required.

Using the most powerful combination of neuro linguistics, scientific soundscapes, kinesthesiology and biological psychology, this program works to change you on a very deep level. That’s why it’s so powerful.

Some guys don’t realize how important power is to them in getting the women they want. If you stop for a second and think every man knows he is good with women…every man who is famous for his magnificent lovers…and every man that your girlfriends talk non-stop, you naturally realize that all men have the power. It’s the”attraction X factor”. The missing link in your own life so far.

They did not receive this power from outside. It’s something they created from within. All the external power that attracts women is created within. It’s literally a vibration they feel coming out of a man when they talk to him. Everything he does is influenced by his level of power. And when he has power, women will do anything and everything they can to have sex with him. If you have ever been talking to a girl and thought she wanted to be with you, but then left you for another, then you know what it is for a woman to get carried away by a more powerful man.

Thinking about the times you lost a girl like that, you can ask yourself ” what went wrong?”. The likelihood is that your level of power was a major factor and that if you had the indoor play facility you would naturally realize that you can have any woman coming your way.

Fact: by directing your mind and body in the same way that powerful people do, you can and will access exactly the same power that is buried deep within you. And When You Do, The Women Will Come.

You’ve read my story and what I’ve been through and how I Increased my power of magnetic attraction and now I enjoy effortless success with women and you may still be thinking in the back of your head that all the things out there have the same material, just repackaged. Installing Inner Game contains only secret techniques that I learned on my 18-year journey and have personally tested each of them and found that they really work. In fact, they not only work for me but also for the men I have personally trained.

If you think that you do not have enough time to go through a program that will increase your magnetic attraction power and you still want to get better with women, you may be delighted to discover that this program is designed to be passed through in a single night. You can even just listen to the powerful CDs regardless of reading the manual or watching the dvd. And when you have more time, you can go back and go over the rest of the material.

When I describe this program and how well it works, I might think it sounds too good to be true. I understand and respect your skepticism. What I would like to share with you is that it takes action and takes effort on your part to listen to the program and do what I teach. When you want power, you have to take some action. But when you do, these techniques are proven and have worked again and again.Do you think you already have enough power of magnetic attraction? No matter how much power we have, we can always use more. The more we can access power, the more women are attracted to us.

Expanding your power means expanding your comfort zone. And since you can always expand your comfort zone into new and exciting areas, you can always expand your power into those areas. There is a certain rush of emotion that you feel when you step out of the old self and do something that you previously considered impossible. This is what it feels like to expand your power. Would you like more of that feeling?Maybe you didn’t know who it was until you read this page. That’s why I gave you my experience and shared the success stories with you. The video and audio from the guys I’ve trained show the results and they’re pretty amazing when you use these techniques.

Some guys read this website and wonder why they haven’t heard of the internal game installation yet. That is a very important question. The simple answer is that so far I have only worked with corporate clients, executives who have used the information in this program to enhance their power and dominate in the corporate world. The indoor game installation is completely new and literally just came out. I mostly rely on word-of-mouth references to spread the message of how the inner Game installation skyrocketed their game and changed their lives.

If you are still not sure that you are getting good value in investing your hard earned money in installing the in-house game, I would like to remind you of the 100% no questions asked Money Back Guarantee. The reason I do this is to show you that I am behind this program no matter what and I want you to feel comfortable knowing that there is absolutely no risk when you invest in this powerful resource because you can always return it for a refund if you wish.

You have learned about the benefits of how increasing your magnetic attraction power will change your life and you have a guarantee from me that makes your investment a very simple decision. Still, I’d like to give you even more. To really get you excited, before you get your copy of the indoor game installation, I want to tell you about the bonuses I’m including:for a very limited time, in celebration of the launch of the indoor game installation I’m going to include another recently released premier product, relax for a change. Relax for a change will deepen your experience of your own personal power even more. It will also amplify your ability to” read ” other people so that your motivations become transparent to you while you are standing, relaxed and ready for anything.

Get Installing Inner Game v 1.0 – Devon White, Only Price $45

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