Manage Your Trades by the Greeks – Dan Sheridan


Class Details

This class consists of 8, 1 hour long sessions.

In this class, Dan Sheridan shares with you how he constructs, trades, and manages his trades using The Greeks.


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Product Description

Class Details

This class consists of 8, 1 hour long sessions.

In this class, Dan Sheridan shares with you how he constructs, trades, and manages his trades using The Greeks.



Class #1 With Dan: Foundation of Managing By The Greeks

  • 0- Intro and information about this class and the Class Page.
  • 4:55- Defining Concept Manage By The Greeks and how the various Greeks fit into this concept.
  • 19:39- Questions about price movement and Volatility to ask that illustrate the concept of Manage by the Greeks.
  • 21- Questions to ask about Deltas, Gammas, and Vega that illustrate how this concept of Manage by the weeks works in Practice?
  • 21:55- Questions about the VIX you should ask as you Manage your trades by the Greeks?
  • 23:10– Questions regarding potential losses you should ask yourself as you are Managing Trades By the Greeks?
  • 25:50- Manage by the Greeks Essential Concepts
  • 33:10- How to analyze Short Vega Trades like Iron Condors and Butterflies when VIX is 11-13?
  • 40:20- How to analyze Short Vega Trades like Iron Condors and Butterflies when VIX is 14-17?
  • 42:40- Manage by the Greeks Example using a Put Credit Spread in SPX as an Example.
  • 49:05- Put Credit Spread Guidelines in SPX or RUT.
  • 52:25- Fire Drill Analysis for Put Credit Spreads: How to do it?
  • 1:03:05- Class Trade to illustrate Manage By the Greeks Concept
  • 1:15:26- End

Class #2 with Mark Fenton: Calendars Spreads & The Greeks

  • 2:00 –Introduction
  • 8:00- Calendar spread overview of strategy
  • 13:00- Best condition’s for entry with a Calendar spread
  • 17:00- Fundamentals of trade entry
  • 29:00- Graph examples of calendar spread trades and effects on the greeks
  • 33:00- Trade execution techniques
  • 40:00- Adjustment and trade repair
  • 43:00- Trade exit perimeters and techniques
  • 57:00- Live trade entry
  • 57:00- To End Question and answer

Class #3 With Dan: Example of How to Manage a Trade By the Greeks

  • 0- Introduction
  • 1:05- Used Live Class Trade to give a thorough example of the Managing by the Greeks Concept. Dan used an at-the-money Broken
  • Wing Butterfly trade he put on live to illustrate the concept of Managing by the Greeks. He spent the entire Class explaining in detail
  • this very important risk management concept.
  • 1:00:19- End

Class #4 With Dan: Credit Spreads (Manage By the Greeks)

  • 0- Introduction and review of SPX Price Chart
  • 7:10- Review of Live Class Trade from 1 week ago: Unbalanced or Broken Wing Butterfly. Also discussed adjustments.
  • 22:55- Put Credit Spreads: Trade Example and Risk Management Guidelines. Dan also discussed hedging or insuring the Put Credit Spread.
  • 1:07:25- End

Class #5 with Dan: Butterfly Trades (Manage by the Greeks): Part 1

  • 0- Intro and Class Schedule next few weeks
  • 9:30- Review Live Class Trade put on over a week ago: At-the-Money All Call Broken Wing Butterfly
  • 22:30- 1 Day Live SPX Iron Butterfly in SPX!! Discussed putting this type of trade on every week.
  • 30- All Call Butterfly 29-30 Day Duration (Balanced or symmetrical)
  • 38:50- Iron Butterfly 29-30 Day Duration (Balanced or Symmetrical)
  • 49:20- Trading Guidelines for All Call or Iron Butterflies (Balanced or Symmetrical)
  • 56:20- Intro to Broken Wing Butterflies

Class #6 With Dan: Butterflies Part 2, Broken Wing Butterflies and Iron Condors

  • 0- Introduction
  • 1- a Look at SPX Price Chart
  • 2:40- Balanced Butterfly All Calls
  • 6:54- Guidelines for Balanced Butterfly and Risk Management
  • 13:15- Unbalanced or Broken Wing at-the-money Butterfly (All Calls)
  • 14:45- Review of Adjustments on Balanced Butterfly
  • 18:53- Unbalanced or Broken Wing at-the-money Butterfly (All Calls)
  • 24:05- Guidelines for Unbalanced or Broken Wing Butterflies and Risk Management
  • 32:50- Out-of-the -Money Put Unbalanced or Broken Wing Butterfly
  • 44:27- Guidelines and Risk Management for out-of-the-money Broken Wing Butterflies
  • 46:15- Traditional Iron Condor and the Greeks
  • 49:30- Equidistant Iron Condor and the Greeks
  • 51:42- Class Live Trade for today
  • 1:01- End

Class #7 with Dan: Manage by the Greeks – Iron Condors & Managing Multiple Positions in same underlying

  • 0- Intro
  • 1:55- Traditional Iron Condor
  • 6:55- Traditional Iron Condor Guidelines and Risk Management
  • 12:00- Equidistant Iron Condors
  • 14:00- Equidistant Iron Condor Guidelines and risk management
  • 18:30- unbalanced Iron Condor
  • 25:45- Unbalanced Iron Condor Guidelines
  • 29:35- Applying the “Pit Process” of Managing Trades by the Greeks.
  • Dan illustrates the pit process by using a trade with multiple positions in the same vehicle.
  • 1:04:15- Live class trade for today- Balanced Call Butterfly- Buy one 2135, sell two 2175, and buy one 2215. 9.50 debit, Dec 9 expiration

Class #8 with Dan: Cash Secured Puts & Wide Put Credit Spreads and Long Diagonals

0- Introduction

  • 1:50- Cash Secured Put example in AMZN
  • 4:13- Cash Secured Put alternative: Wide Put Credit Spread. Example in AMZN with Risk Management
  • 25- Cash Secured Put Alternative Guidelines
  • 28:30- SPX Cash Secured Put example
  • 30:30- Wide Put Credit Spread SPX as alternative to Cash Secured Put.
  • 39:45- Long Diagonal Strategy: Another cheaper alternative to an Cash Secured Put and Covered Write.
  • 45:50- Long Diagonal Guidelines
  • 49:55– Review of last weeks Live Class Trade
  • 52:55- Live Class Trade for today with current market conditions? SPX Balanced Butterfly.
  • 1:02:30 – Student Q and A: How I would use a Vertical Spread to reduce my deltas in an Iron Condor Trade?
  • 1:09:28- End

Class #9 with Dan: Short Strangle alternatives, Back-spreads & 1 day Butterflies

  • 0- Into
  • 4:35- Short Strangle Alternative in SPX
  • 24:25- Speculative Backspread in SPX
  • 33:15- 1 Day Butterfly
  • 40:53- End

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