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Adam Gilad has organized the ideas, practices, techniques, and flirt-escalation of 10 masters of the cold approach into his Masters of Approach program. These “masters” are known for teaching connection and attraction skills.



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Adam Gilad has organized the ideas, practices, techniques, and flirt-escalation of 10 masters of the cold approach into his Masters of Approach program.

These “masters” are known for teaching connection and attraction skills.

Areas covered in Master of Approach include:

  • – Make a woman laugh
  • – Avoiding the friend zone
  • – Ways to approach women
  • – Touching a woman the right way
  • – Cold reading a woman's signals
  • – Approaching women like a master
  • – How to get a woman's and online contact information
  • – Building the skills to create immediate connections with women
  • – Naturally establishing social value without looking like an idiot
  • – The right time to follow up with a drink, or take a woman home
  • – Opening-liner words to use that generate naturally fun and flirtatious conversations

Table Of Contents/ List Of Topics Covered:

Component 1: 10 part training manual

  • – Making the first “5 seconds” count
  • – Working an audience in the room
  • – Attain authority
  • – Stimulate a day time connection
  • – Ending the anxiety to approach a woman

The Approach Masters:

Dr. Alex Benzer: How To Open Up To Women At A Party

  • – Stand out in the spotlight
  • – Confidence building self-hypnotic techniques
  • – Improve state-of-being with anchoring, drills, and meditation techniques
  • – Using the two-hit system
  • – Handshake technique
  • – Making an entrance to stand out
  • – The art of conversation
  • – Building a natural and consist ability to get contact info
  • – The art of the follow-up

David Wygant: Mastery Of The Initial Moment

  • – Dialing up masculine energy
  • – Pick-up lines do not matter
  • – Approaching women with the intrigue technique
  • – Avoiding the nice guy friend zone
  • – Make her chase you by initiating the conversation first and then walking away
  • – Stop treating a woman like an object and start treating her like a real person
  • – Conveying the Hollywood star attitude
  • – The art of flirting
  • – The power of social proof
  • – Eliminate the stalker guy persona
  • – Give your persona and look a “bad boy” edge
  • – Make social charisma work for you
  • – Mastering the art of observation
  • – Conversation Lull recover technique
  • – The most uncommon places to meet single, fun women
  • – How to control a room
  • – Eliminate these conversation killers
  • – Approach mistakes and fixing them
  • – The balance between being cocky and being funny
  • – “The 10 p.m. Rule” and why follow it
  • – Meet women in these 15 common venues

Brent Smith: How To Be In The Spotlight of The Room

  • – Practice social visualizations before any occasion
  • – Learning to give instead of receiving
  • – How to stop overselling yourself or being pushing with women
  • – Eliminating pre-planned routines
  • – End traditional dating dependence
  • – Learn to spread good energy
  • – Building a life of value without focusing on the need to pick up women
  • – Building inner confidence

Carlos Xuma: Turning On Her On Switch

  • – Seven body language mistakes
  • – Changing your approach psychology with inner confidence
  • – Practicing belief exercises before going out at night
  • – Fast-forwarding approach anxiety
  • – Identify whether a woman is attracted to you
  • – The connection and attraction killer
  • – Communicating alpha status
  • – Introducing a woman to immediate passion
  • – “Nice guy” behaviors that make a woman less sexually interested
  • – 5 techniques to correctly read a woman
  • – 5 conversation starters
  • – Avoid being a character while conveying character
  • – Asking for what you want in life and getting it
  • – Avoid being labeled a loser as a result of trying to be liked
  • – Ways to replace depressive feelings with feelings of purpose

Oliver: How To Stimulate Day Time Connections

  • – The "give and walk away” technique
  • – How to touch and respect personal space
  • – Create a positive vibe
  • – A great fallback opening line
  • – Overcome anxiety with this 3-step technique
  • – Turning a chance meeting into a date
  • – 12 conversation starters, pick-up lines not required
  • – Techniques to deal with rude women
  • – How to generate short and long-term attraction in women
  • – A method for getting a woman’s number
  • – Complimenting a woman so she is thinking of you before going to bed
  • – A technique for immediately getting a date
  • – Attracting different types of women

Bryan Bayer: The Key To Deep And Authentic Connections

  • – Weakness and strength of vulnerability – the difference
  • – The nice guy trap and how to avoid it
  • – Getting a woman into your heart instead of your head
  • – How to change shyness into courage
  • – Appreciating without judging
  • – A technique to avoid being perceived as a "slime-ball"
  • – How to stay away from forms of neediness like apologies and back-pedaling
  • – Authenticity and its power

Justin Matthews: Expressing Your Core Truth

  • – Get into your power, in the moment
  • – How to become accustomed and responsive to situations
  • – Speaking with confidence and truth
  • – Ways to transform and improve body language
  • – Mastering internal dialogue and alchemy

Shawn Roop – A Tantric Master: Using The Chakras To Connect To Women

The interview is aimed at providing an understanding that if the mind, communicative power, heart, internal strength, and sexuality are activated at the same time (with balance), women will notice that you stand out from other men they meet. Present yourself as the complete package when meeting women, with being cocky.

Jae Ellis: Eliminate Approach Anxiety

  • – What is approach anxiety
  • – The difference between anxiety and fear
  • – Why be courageous instead of fearless
  • – Getting pass anxiety in unfamiliar territory
  • – What happens after "hello"
  • – Correcting a bad outlook
  • – Eliminate rejection and failure fears
  • – Eliminate success worries

Lance Mason: Authentic And Natural Connections

  • – Conversation starters with women
  • – Build an emotional and deep connection within minutes
  • – How to make a woman immediately feel comfortable with you
  • – How to tell stories that have a shared experience or emotion
  • – Choosing between direct and indirect day time connections
  • – Different scenarios for meeting women
  • – The reality of connection and rapport
  • – A "check you out" technique that propels women to use on a man
  • – Building intuition and using it to communicate with women
  • – How to identify the women that are worth your time going after
  • – Why chasing after phone numbers and email addresses is not important
  • – Get a complicated woman into a social mood and out of her head


  • Interviews with beauty icons.

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