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This program is not designed or intended to replace or compete with any  medical diagnosis, attention or treatment.  Please consult a medical doctor or appropriate psychological professional for those things. 

Maximum Learning Speed 5.5G was created to address the issues present in the 5G version of this program, and represents Version 3.0 of this program.  The 5G version (V2.0) had the issue that it was powerful enough to trigger major resistance (procrastination, avoidance, self sabotage) but not overcome it in many cases.  V3.0 is designed not only to expand significantly on the abilities and approach of V2.0 but to overcome all the challenges that were causing issues for V2.0 as well.

The sub-goals of Maximum Learning Speed V3.0 are:

  1. Heal, clear and regenerate your mind and emotions in the ways that lead to achieving the goals of the program.
  2. Learn at the maximum possible speed.
  3. Make learning at maximum speed possible and allow yourself to do it.
  4. Clear guilt, shame, fear, anger, hate, etc. that impede achieving the goals of this program.
  5. Disconnect from whatever holds you back from learning at maximum speed.
  6. Generate intense desire to learn what you need and want to learn.
  7. Enjoy, look forward to and want to learn.
  8. Improve your conscious short term and long term memory recall.
  9. Remove anxiety/fear concerning tests, exams, presentations and otherwise demonstrating and proving your knowledge.
  10. Develop conscious short term and long term memory and potential.
  11. Locate, access and utilize safe and optimal sources of knowledge to define all script words such that the end goals are successfully achieved.
  12. Develop and use the ability to visually experience something and then automatically subconsciously analyze, deconstruct, figure out exactly how it was done, practice and optimize it subconsciously until you can do what you witnessed, or better.
  13. Do what it takes to achieve the goals of this program.
  14. Focus on and concentrate on learning.
  15. Optimize your dietary intake, eating times, amounts, types of foods you eat, etc. to achieve maximum learning speed.
  16. Optimize your beliefs to achieve maximum learning speed.
  17. Kill procrastination for achieving the goals of this program.
  18. Stop any and all resistance to learning and the learning process.
  19. Dis-associate from any and all negative beliefs and experiences concerning learning, such that you free yourself to achieve the goals of this program.
  20. Shield your conscious mind from whatever is necessary to shield it from in order to achieve the goals of this program.
  21. Optimize your sleeping patterns for achieving maximum learning speed and recall potential.
  22. Optimize brain chemistry for achieving maximum learning speed and recall potential.
  23. Optimize brain activity for achieving maximum learning speed and recall potential.
  24. Adjust physical brain mapping (dendritic connections) for achieving maximum learning speed and recall potential.
  25. Increase cognition and intelligence as much as is possible.
  26. Develop and improve your ability to detect, take advantage of and use patterns.
  27. Reset beliefs about self, the self esteem, and the sense of self worth for achieving maximum learning speed and conscious short and long term recall potential.
  28. Make learning what you need to learn the primary focus in your life.
  29. Make learning at maximum speed automatic and effortless.
  30. Remove all limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that result in limitless learning and recall success.
  31. Learn as if you have always been good at learning.
  32. Reward yourself for achieving the goals of this program.
  33. Make conscious short and long term memory recall automatic and effortless.
  34. Remove and prevent frustration during the learning process.
  35. Develop and improve optimal memory and recall.
  36. Teach yourself the optimal ways to learn for your specific learning styles and abilities.
  37. Optimize your skill at learning through your style of learning.
  38. Adjust your intelligence to be as it would be if you were breast fed for the optimal amount of time as a child.
  39. Stop allowing the past to define and limit you, or your learning or recall ability or potential.
  40. Adjust the amount of things I am learning at a time to my optimal for achieving the goals of the program.
  41. Respond to setbacks in learning with more determination to succeed and more motivation to keep going and try harder.
  42. Take all feedback and constructive criticism impersonally, and use it to achieve all of the goals of this program.
  43. Develop, increase and enhance motivation to learn.
  44. Develop, increase and enhance determination to learn.
  45. Develop, increase and enhance persistence to learn.
  46. Develop, increase and enhance perseverance to learn.
  47. Modify and optimize your approach to learning to best fit your learning style and circumstances.
  48. Achieve and maintain the ideal state of flow for learning, while you are consciously trying to learn.
  49. Manifest exactly what and who you need to learn and achieve all of the goals of this program.
  50. Develop, improve and maintain laser-like focus and concentration while consciously trying to learn.
  51. Determine how, where and when to best apply what you have learned.
  52. Develop and improve hand-eye coordination as appropriate for achieving all of the goals of this program as they apply to what you are learning.
  53. Ultra Success programming for achieving the goals of this program.
  54. Cause your brain hemispheres to achieve the ideal balance for achieving the goals of this program.
  55. Attempt to heal and repair any and all brain injury.
  56. Develop and improve your verbal intelligence, mathematical ability, spatial reasoning skills, visual and perceptual skills, classification skills, logical reasoning skills and pattern recognition skills.
  57. Neutralize perfectionism where it is being used to prevent finishing something out of fear.
  58. Anything Is Possible programming.
  59. Develop and enhance curiosity to achieve the goals of this program.
  60. Improve your grades and study habits where applicable.
  61. Balance the use of logic and intuitive thinking for maximum holistic awareness and learning speed and potential.
  62. Attempt to safely access and learn from future events as would be useful for achieving the goals of this program.
  63. Develop the ability to articulate what you have learned such that presenting, reporting and debating become effortless.
  64. Use all of your cognitive skills in the right ways and at the right times to achieve the goals of this program.
  65. Create the reality of the thing in your mind, build it in your mind, optimize it in your mind, and then express the fully developed and optimized mental and/or physical result into reality.
  66. Develop and configure the brain in the ways that achieve the goals of this program.
  67. Prioritize what to learn, in what order, and when.
  68. Integrate and use what you learn for maximum usefulness and success.
  69. Prevent the avoidance of learning what you need to learn.
  70. Pass processing and calculation/design needs to the appropriate part and level of the subconscious, and then have that part pass the answer back to the conscious mind when it has completed and optimized the task.
  71. Forgive yourself for whatever you need forgiveness for in order to achieve all of the goals of this program.
  72. Be considerate of those of lesser intellectual ability and capacity.
  73. Frame learning and the process of learning as being fun, enjoyable, easy and natural for you.
  74. Focus all of your conscious and subconscious mind on learning, and doing so at maximum speed.
  75. Locate, create and use better, faster and easier ways to solve your challenges with learning and learning at maximum speed.
  76. Stop and prevent excuses and escape attempts that would cause you to fail to achieve the goals of this program.
  77. Operate from an “I can learn and do anything I choose to” success based positive thinking positive attitude ultra success basis.
  78. Optimize your cycles of learning vs rest for achieving the goals of this program.
  79. Learn at maximum efficiency.
  80. Prevent boredom with learning, and turn it into fascination with what is being learned.
  81. Develop and increase your confidence in your learning and recall abilities and skills.
  82. Prevent and end any and all self delusion and self sabotage concerning learning and recall.
  83. Be honest with yourself, and use the truth to achieve the goals of this program.
  84. Achieve and maintain maximum learning productivity.
  85. Positive thinking/positive attitude programming.
  86. Negative stress relief for achieving the goals of this program.
  87. Disconnect from negativity with you to achieve the goals of this program.
  88. Disconnect from negativity outside yourself to achieve the goals of this program.
  89. Develop, increase and use self discipline to achieve the goals of this program.
  90. Refuse to accept anything but success in achieving all of the goals of this program.
  91. Optimize learning and work flow to optimize efficiency and success while preventing burnout.
  92. Make yourself distraction-proof.
  93. Neutralize fear of failure, success, learning, presenting, embarrassment and anything else that can or does interfere with learning at maximum speed and consciously recalling what you know.
  94. Luck magnifier aimed at achieving the goals of this program.
  95. Improve comprehension and understanding of mathematics, language arts, history, science and whatever other subject you need or want to learn.
  96. Keep yourself learning 24/7 subconsciously, with automatic conscious access to the newly learned information and skills.
  97. Achieve mastery of whatever subjects you want to or need to master.
  98. Create, invent and use optimal ways to study and master what you want and need to study and/or master.
  99. Automate and optimize integration of new skills and information into your whole life.
  100. Prevent disturbances while studying and/or focusing on learning.
  101. Optimize blood flow to the brain by adjusting the intra-cranial vascular system.
  102. Detoxify and de-calcify the pineal gland as necessary to achieve the goals of this program.
  103. Detoxify the brain and body.
  104. Access and use safe higher sources of information and learning as necessary to learn and/or master all of whatever you are learning and/or mastering.
  105. Remove people from your life and influence who would act as a negative for achieving these goals, and surround yourself with people who enhance them.
  106. Develop and improve your speed reading ability while maintaining, or where possible, improving your reading comprehension.
  107. When trying to remember something consciously, focus yourself in all the right ways to succeed.
  108. Focus your mind, intentions, attention and desire on learning, learning what you are learning right now, and learning it at maximum speed.
  109. Self Auto Training for learning at maximum speed.
  110. Shield yourself from any and all negative energy and influences, and anything else that may or does negatively impact your ability to achieve all of the goals of this program.
  111. Develop your sense of self esteem, self worth and self respect as necessary to achieve all of the goals of this program.
  112. Become and make yourself ready for all the changes this program seeks to make in you, your body, your life and your level of success.

This program is designed to be universally useful and effective.  The design goals were an age range of 4 years old to 140 years old.

If you are under the age of 18, or you want someone under the age of 18 to use this program, please do so only with direct and vigilant adult supervision of the entire process. By doing so, you assume all responsibility for your choice to do so and all results, and you agree to hold harmless this program’s creator, Indigo Mind Labs and everyone who works with, at or for Indigo Mind Labs.


This program will give best results if it is used for a specific number of loops per day, with each loop being one complete play-through of the audio.

For persons under 18 years of age, use this program at a rate of 5 (five) loops per day, back to back, regardless of format.

For persons 18 years of age or older, use this program at a rate of 4 (four) loops per day, back to back, regardless of format.

Because of the intensity of what this program does and is trying to do, best results will be achieved by using this program at a ratio of 1 days of use to 1 day of rest.  So, use this program every other day.

Maximum Learning Speed 5.5G is designed for use in 3 month blocks at a time, aimed at a overall usage time of 3 to 12 months at a time. This is because it is seeking to make physical changes to your brain and body.

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 Therefore, please use this program in as many 3-month blocks at a time as possible.

…Day 9

Well, reading concentration has received a boost. I didn’t realize this until today when I sat to read an older copywriting book I never had a chance to dig into.

I can typically do 20 – 30 minutes chunks if the book is only mildly interesting. I was able to read for over an hour easily without much distraction. That is pretty interesting for only 9 freakin days on a sub.

I’ve also noticed that reading comprehension has slightly increased and that thing where you read a page only to realize you space out – that has greatly reduced, which is a huge development.

Admittedly I caught myself doing that just once, but I caught myself almost instantly, and I used to only reflect on that after it had happened.

Obviously my awareness/ focus is getting cranked up and it’s slowly becoming noticeable in active learning environments…


…About the MLS confidence, just like many users have reported its not the same confidence that dmsi gave me but its nothing to take lightly. Its not the same as the raw unreleting dmsi cofidence but its an intellectual one. I know who i am and nothing is going to shake me!…


My studying “skill” is increasing.

I’m taking advantage of highlights, flash cards, mind maps and other tools to increase my ability to retain knowledge. This is all coming intuitively. I was never doing any of this stuff, then something clicked and I’m doing it all at once.

I notice I’m also seeking the meat of what I read. I’m no longer meandering through text aimlessly. I’m looking for what is most applicable or what I specifically would like to know.


…Procrastination no longer exists… if it’s on my calendar; it gets done. I used to pile the dishes and clean them all at once; now I wash them clean as soon as I’m done eating!

Just yesterday, as much as I wanted to go to sleep. I stayed up until everything on my calendar got checked off!! I don’t feel or want to stop, I just keep going until it is done!!…


There have been great changes, but they are just starting to emerge, and are hard to describe. For now, I will say that I am very motivated to focus on my classes. Very interested in my subjects, almost buzzing about them. This is different. I shouldn’t be this into differential equations. Motivated to understand and study hard.

I’ve noticed on my walks home, that I am trying to piece information together solidify what I’ve learned while I am walking with nothing else to do. It feels really satisfying to do this. I’ve been walking the same route for 1.5 years, but never did that. Now it happens daily.That is new since MLS.

Since starting MLS, I have begun to integrate information from seemingly different subject areas. For instance, I realized the things I’m learning in my speech class are directly applicable to pick up and attracting women. I was amazed to see the usefulness of this information.

Above all, my enthusiasm for learning has increased substantially. If I was not on MLS, I’d be bumbling through these classes — like I did last semester. As I was considering the knowledge learned in my speech class, I realized that before MLS I simply wouldn’t have cared enough to find connections between public speech and PUA.

Make you realize how important interest is to the learning process. We all go to school, but are we learning because we have to? Or are we so interested that we find these connections to be fascinating and exhilerating to discover? One mindset is obviously superior.


…On my second day of using the sub, my focus was amazing. I finally got some things cleared off my plate that I had been dragging my heals on…


…Some cool stuff happening. I had some downtime at work yesterday so was reading up on story structure. I was very tired, and some of it was quite complex, but even though I felt like my brain wouldn’t be able to handle reading and comprehending the material, I managed to make my way through it without too much difficulty.

The cooler part is during my drive home, I started remembering what I had read and found I could recall pretty much every major insight and theory that the book provided. I didn’t make a conscious choice to start remembering it all, it just started happening by itself and I ran with it.

I’ve also noticed that when I hear music, I can detect patterns and then deviations from the pattern in the music and what effect they are trying to cause by that deviation.

After 8 hours sleep this morning with the sub running, I woke up feeling clear headed. It’s like there’s less mental chatter and so I’m able to see things more clearly and to focus more of my attention particularly on one thing…


…Some results:

Inclination to study has massively increased. Not thinking about DMSI related goals at all anymore.

Two nights in a row, I have woken up after 7-8 hours of sleep with the solution to a problem, for the thesis I’m writing…


…Today I decided to learn something I was genuinely interested in and managed to do a good 2 hours of work quite easily. I barely even took breaks until I finished a significant portion of my work. I was completely entranced and feeling really good with the work I was doing and having fun with the challenge…

Bookstacks DC737

I have avoided reading scientific literature that plays on my playground for a long time. Last few times I tried I couldn’t really concentrate on it and consequently wouldn’t really understand the data and implications that the authors wanted to make. That had a lot to do with fear of failure and thinking that I am not good enough. Thus I went into hiding and ran from it a lot.

Now I am finally taking the simple steps and am coming out of my shell again. Reluctantly I gave reading some rather specific papers a try … and boy oh boy, not only do I completely understand the reasoning, data, and implications, I also clearly see the flaws and over-interpretations and am able to articulate them (the latter being something I had always had my problems with).

Needless to say that I am happy and blown away.

Get Maximum Learning Speed – Subliminal Shop, Only Price $57

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