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The One-Day MBA Mentored By Alan

We have assembled the first ten of the CDs in Alan Weiss’s unique teleconferences–ten hours of Alan’s solid, pragmatic, often entertaining, but always focused techniques for improving the professional and personal lives of entrepreneurs. Not one of these teleconferences has ever been repeated, and the complete set has never been offered as a single product before.

By purchasing all ten, you save 51% off the single CD prices. Not only that, but if you purchase this set, we’ll provide as our gift the 11th, interactive teleconference on The Secrets of Time Management, a two-CD, $75 item. That’s right, you can purchase this set, receive 12 CDs–almost 12 hours of solid career-building advice you can implement immediately—and save 56% from our regular prices!

The topics covered comprise the bedrock of any professional services or entrepreneurial endeavor, from sales to marketing, from passive income to branding:

  • How to Create Proposals That Close New Business
  • Value Based Fees: How to Create them Tomorrow
  • Creating Products and Passive Income
  • Commercial Book Publishing
  • How to Network for New Business
  • High Performance Coaching
  • Expanding Existing Business
  • The Language of the Sale
  • Branding Your Value and Your Name
  • Turning Cold Calls Into Warm Opportunities
  • The Secrets of Time Management

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend a day with one of the true thought leaders in professional services, and add that MBA to your learning!

The One-Day MBA Part II Mentored  By Alan

The One-Day MBA Part II was created to augment our highly popular One-Day MBA* (*Mentored by Alan). We are including 12 hours of all new individual development, which include Alan’s highly successful Australian speaking tour (four hours), and his award-winning series, The Five Minute Supercharge, which is 50 minutes of high-productivity strategies in five-minute segments. Alan won the 2004 Axiem Award for this work for “excellence in audio presentations.”

Get One Day MBA I, II, III, IV – Alan Weiss, Only Price $47

Also included are CDs from his popular teleconferences on:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Time Mastery
  • Power Writing
  • Leveraging Alliances
  • Advanced Consulting Skills
  • Why Women Should Listen to Men

To cap it off, there is also an hour-long, interactive interview with Alan for a “high achiever” audience during which Alan extemporaneously discusses power, influence, results, and a wide variety of marketing growth factors. And an hour-long interview with Alan specifically on the topic of value-based fees and how to establish them.

The One-Day MBA Part III Mentored By Alan

We are expanding this series to include a diverse and exciting additional 11.5 hours of learning, based on Alan’s hugely popular teleconferences and interviews. These are more sophisticated but nonetheless immediately useful and applicable.

Here’s the lineup:

We begin with a discussion, featuring questions and answers, with the members of Division 13 of the American Psychological Association. Alan addresses what it’s like to convert a personal counseling practice into a corporate and organizational practice. The material is relevant for anyone who is “stuck” in trying to enter or expand business in the corporate and institutional markets.

We end with a unique interview conducted by Darren LeCroix, the former Speaking World Champion of International Toastmasters Clubs, on why mentoring is powerful, how Alan creates a mentoring process, and the best and the worst of mentor interactions and questions. (Learn why Alan once posed as a variety of Civil War generals, for example.)

In between:

  • The Art of Influence: I agree with you, let’s do it my way.
  • Business Socialization: Appearing poised even when stunned
  • Humor Is Serious Business: How to be engaging and entertaining
  • Life Balance: How to run with, not from, the dogs
  • The Mystery of Plan B: What to do when Plan A bombs
  • Framing Skills: Processes to mesmerize the client
  • Heavy Lifting: How to organize the complex without getting hurt
  • Ethics 601: Why there is not ethics 101…..
  • Super Speaking: Speak to anyone, any time, knock their socks off
  • The Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurialism: Raise your own bar

Spend a day-and-a-half with Alan and build your business to new heights!

The One-Day MBA Part IV Mentored By Alan

This highly popular series now has a fourth element, another 12 hours of learning which embrace Alan’s teleconferences, live events, and interviews.

Virtually none of this material is included in prior albums.

Here’s what we’ve included:

The initial CD is a dynamic presentation on “The Coach’s Calling” delivered before a standing-room-only crowd of 200 people. The concluding CD is an interview with me conducted by marketing guru Robert Middleton on the ever-popular subject of setting fees, with specific techniques and audience questions.

In between, a comprehensive overview of marketing and methodology, all with audience questions and responses:

  • Identifying Existing and New Prospects
  • Getting to the Buyer
  • Preparing for and Overcoming Objections
  • Going for the Close
  • Writing High Value Proposals
  • Framing the Consulting Engagement
  • Standard Methodologies
  • Super Methodologies
  • Overcoming Conflict, Politics, Resentment, and Delay
  • Disengaging, Demonstrating Value, Gaining Repeat Business

12 hours of past Teleconferences Mentored by Alan Weiss and more!

Get One Day MBA I, II, III, IV – Alan Weiss, Only Price $47

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