Patterns of Excellence – Adam Khoo


In this programme, you are going to learn exactly how to use NLP™ and other powerful behavioural change techniques to take charge of every aspect of your life and achieve the results you have always wanted.


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NLP™ and the Science of Success Conditioning

People who consistently produce extraordinary results exhibit specific habits and patterns of excellence.

At the age of 13, Adam Khoo began his extensive study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP™) and success conditioning techniques. By mastering these tools, he learnt how anyone could overcome fear and break limiting habits such as procrastination. Using NLP™ to condition his mind for success, Adam Khoo turned himself from an underachiever to one of the top students in Singapore, and subsequently, one of the most prominent business leaders in Asia.

In this programme, you are going to learn exactly how to use NLP™ and other powerful behavioural change techniques to take charge of every aspect of your life and achieve the results you have always wanted.

Success does not happen by chance.

This Programme Is For You If:

  • You are looking for that breakthrough that will bring your life to the next level
  • You’re keen to learn a powerful skill set that can fast track your career and help you explode your opportunities.
  • You know you have the potential to achieve so much more in your life; you just lack the motivation to do what it takes and always end up procrastinating.
  • You are pursuing an important goal in your life and you want to develop 100% confidence and focus to achieve it
  • You feel held back by limiting beliefs, habits and past conditioning
  • You want to rediscover your passion and reignite your drive for success
  • You want to be a charismatic communicator that can influence and bring out the best in the people around you


From Personal Success To Business Excellence,

You Can Model And Replicate Human Excellence In Any Field

Sales Professionals & Business Owners:

  • Create instant rapport with clients
  • Learn to elicit and utilize your client’s values and beliefs
  • Use language patterns to transform negative attitudes
  • Overcome procrastination and fear of rejection

Managers & Industry Leaders:

  • Influence employees to share your values and visions
  • Constantly motivate and empower your team members
  • Create models of excellence in business processes

Educators & Parents

  • Influence mental states of students
  • Re-programme limiting behaviors such as laziness and low self-esteem
  • Remove mental blocks for effective learning
  • Accelerate learning by using powerful learning techniques


Module 1: Breakthrough to Success (4 Days)

Module 1 focuses on helping people to re-programme their beliefs, attitudes and behavioural patterns, as well as equip them with foundational principles of effective communication and help them to build instant rapport with others. In this programme, you will also learn exactly how to used NLP™ (Neuro-Linguistic Programming™) and other powerful behavioural change techniques to take charge of every aspect of your life and achieve exceptional results like our participants (gain confidence, lose weight, make a smooth career shift, shift from employee mindset to entrepreneur mindset, fight depression etc). You will also learn to replicate Human Excellence in any field by modeling after behaviour, mindsets, and attitudes of highly successful people! Module 1 is also the pre-requisite module in this programme. 


    Highly successful individuals exhibit a common pattern of thought behaviour

    known as the Ultimate Success Formula. By mastering this formula, you will understand why most people fail to get what they want and how you can consistently reach any goals you design.


    Your beliefs determine your perception and response towards your experiences. Limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough” or “business is tough” prevent us from harnessing our mental resources to the fullest potential. Discover how you can create new empowering beliefs and experience a quantum leap in your performance.


    70% of the way you think and behave comes in the form of patterns that have been conditioned over the years. Learn to recondition patterns such as procrastination, smoking, waking up late, losing focus, into success habits using techniques like the Swish Patterns.


    Successful individuals know how to represent experiences to themselves in a way that constantly empowers them to take action! Learn to transform problems into opportunities and bad experiences into powerful ones through reframing.


    Anchors are external stimuli that automatically trigger emotional responses within us. Do you feel nervous every time you face a crowd or depressed whenever you go to work? Learn to break these limiting anchors and install powerful new ones that trigger confidence, power, and motivation!


    Lost your drive and passion for life? Uncertain of what is truly important to you?These experiences are results of misaligned values. Discover what truly motivates you and align it with your goals to reignite your drive!


    Learn to enter people’s mind and connect with them instantly. By building instant rapport, even the most difficult clients, colleagues and family members will not be able to resist you.

Module 2: Leadership & Charisma (4 Days)

This intermediate module teaches powerful influence and persuasion techniques to anyone who wishes to effectively communicate or influence others around them. You can also expect to learn advanced NLP therapeutic techniques, master the art of modeling and be able to replicate the success strategies of any successful person. After attending the programme, you will become a charismatic leader, effective and confident communicator. 


  • Develop the identity, beliefs, and confidence of a great leader
  • Model and replicate the communication patterns of charismatic leaders


  • Undergo intensive presentation skills training
  • Develop powerful body language and gestures
  • Use intonation to create impact


  • Build rapport even with the most resistant people
  • How to talk so people will listen and agree
  • Match people’s communication patterns with ease


  • Make your ideas seem irresistible
  • Apply the Milton Model language patterns of persuasion, and the Meta Model language patterns of precision
  • Craft the most persuasive letters, brochures, speeches, sales pitches


  • Go through psychometric profiling exercises to discover your unique leadership and management style
  • Leverage on your personality and strengths to find out what works for you
  • Know with absolute certainty which strategies are the best for you to maximise your leadership potential

Licensed NLP Practitioner Certification (1 Day)

After completing the required modules (over 110 hours) and passing a written and practical examination, you will be awarded the Licensed NLP Practitioner certificate, issued by the Society of NLP, USA.

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Success Stories

Over a Decade of Proven Results

People from all walks of life including CEOs, business owners, parents, teachers, salespeople, students, trainers, businessmen, managers and professionals have experienced breakthrough via this programme.

Here are the breakthrough results our participants have achieved less than 6 months after Patterns of Excellence™:

  • Increase in personal income and business profits
  • Improved skills and competency in professional work
  • Higher sense of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Significant weight loss enhanced health and energy level
  • Clarity of personal vision and values
  • Renewed passion and increased focus
  • Enhanced relationships and personal well-being

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