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Brief Description:

Would you like to hear how Thomas Leonard would handle 21 unique and sometimes highly challenging clients? Why he would handle them that way? His overarching – and highly specific – way of being a coach in live situations? You’ve come to the right place…

Dear Coach,

My name is Andrea J. Lee and as General Manager of for Thomas Leonard from 2001 to 2003, I remember how much of a challenge it was to produce the Coaching Critiques.

The project, though set out clearly, and committed to fully, simply could not get off the ground until the technology was sorted out. You see, there were three very important things that Thomas wanted for this project:

1. It should be real coaching, not coaching with ‘fake’ clients. This was easier said than done, since many clients just weren’t that into revealing themselves and their foibles in front of thousands of coaches, kind as they might be.

2. The critiques should be done in a just-in-time manner. As soon as something was said by the coach or client, he wanted to press the pause button and immediately address what he heard. There were to be no compromises, or taking notes and recording it all later.

3. He wanted there to be many, many, many of these critiques, so many, in fact, that together they would constitute a living encyclopedia of coaching demonstrations – a world wide coaching web – that would live on, and keep getting added to.

With Thomas’ passing, the project was truncated, and today, we have more reason than ever to be grateful he pursued the project with as much fervor as he did.

Thomas Leonard Did Many Things, But No Where Else Is His Direct Coaching On Record – The Coaching Critiques Is All That Remains

Even he was surprised, he said, at how popular the Coaching Critiques became. His fear that coaches would be intimidated and might not want to participate, was groundless. Not only did many volunteers come forward, but the critiques themselves became a central part of coach training.

Over time, some of the original critiques have required sound edits, and other critiques were truncated. After a great deal of sorting, listening, selecting and editing, I’m delighted and relieved that this collection of a full 21 original coaching critiques, at the best possible sound quality, along with their full transcripts are now available for public consumption in updated format for easy referencing.

All 21 Critiques Come With 21 Updated CDs and MP3s – and – A Master Set of Minute-By-Minute Transcripts

Being able to hear Thomas actually demonstrating coaching himself…this is something not enough people have had the chance to do.

After all, he’s so often referred to as the father of modern coaching – what did his coaching sound like?

It’s my hope this collection of Thomas’ pure coaching energy will become a Rock of Gibraltar for a whole new generation of coaches. And for veteran coaches, that you will choose to own a copy of the collection for the inspiration it will provide you.

The Coaching You’ll Hear On 21 CDs or MP3s Is Light, Incisive, Patient, Edgy And Above All…Energizing and Effective

Though just 21 full recordings is a far cry from the hundreds Thomas wanted to create, I’m grateful these 21 exist. The range of coaching scenarios, life issues, coaching styles and client personalities provides a great cross-section for any study.

And because Thomas was so excited about the technology becoming available to make the just-in-time critiquing possible, you can literally hear the delight with which he presses pause on the client-coach demo recording, such that he can insert comments.

I hope you’ll give yourself the gift of enjoying it. Perhaps almost as much as I’ve enjoyed helping make the collection available!

The 21 Coaching Critiques Collection Is Now Available in Print And Includes:

  • Full Transcripts: 21 Minute-by-Minute transcripts covering over 400 pages, including call-out boxes, paperback bound.
  • 21-CD Companion Audio Kit: 21 original critiques led and facilitated by Thomas Leonard and a select few guest critiquers

As I hope you’ll discover for yourself soon enough, the collection covers a wide variety of topics and themes, each in its own discrete module.

Of All That You’ve Heard Or Learned From Thomas Leonard, What Have You Gleaned From His Actual, Personal, Legendary Coaching, And How Will This Influence Your Confidence To Coach At Your Personal Best?

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