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How to Live a Happy Life 4 DVD SET avi

In the land known best for its poetic and cultural charm and a huge emphasis on language, in the very heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, in a place full of magic, intrigue, fascination and fun comes one of the most insipiring seminars ever to land on the shores of Ireland.

This 4 DVD set was recorded in Dublin to celebrate 30 years of NLP.

This is a brilliant video for those starting to learn the techniques and methodologies of Dr Richard Bandler and for those with more experience. You can learn from the master how this work has developed and evolved over the years.

In 1973, Dr Richard Bandler set out on a journey to explore what was possible in helping people become happier and more effective. He co-founded the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Now, 30 years on, Dr Bandler celebrates the anniversary of NLP, with a special 2-day seminar in Dublin, Ireland.

Due to popular demand, Richard returns to Dublin for one of the most significant workshops of the last decade. Hilarious, thought provoking and most certainly a genius, Dr Bandler has dedicated his life to teaching people how to become happy and more effective.

Now, in this workshop, Richard supported by two of his top trainers, presents A Guide to Being Happy.

Whether you have only been recently introduced to NLP or are a trainer in the field, this opportunity to catch up with NLP in the 21st Century with the originator is something you cant afford to miss.

Whats in it for YOU?

  • Use NLP and Hypnosis to Change Your Life.
  • Become happier and free in your life.
  • Train your brain to perform brilliantly.
  • Learn how to know more about what you want out of life.
  • Deal with problems with ease and effectively.
  • Develop sharp focus, memory and concentration skills.
  • Become more motivated and inspired about where you are going.
  • Free yourself from the limits of your past. Conquer Fear, Anxiety, Stress and Sadness.
  • Design a compelling future.

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