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What if you had More Accurate Intuition?

"For years, I was plagued by self-doubts about my intuition. This program is so empowering. My doubts just faded away. I now trust in finding my answers within." – Deb D.

Imagine the life you'd create, if you could… 

  • Abolish self-doubt >>> Live your life with trust in your truth.
  • Eliminate stuckness & self-sabotage >>> Take fearless, Aligned Action with power & confidence.
  • Erase negative energy >>> Sense Energy & "Delete" what's NOT yours, so it doesn't distort your body & mind.
  • Eradicate fear >>> Feel safe… as you create your highest future. 
  • End hyper-sensitivity >>> Accurately read the energy of people & places, foods & supplements, etc… so you know what's good for you. (And if the "bad" stuff is unavoidable, you can get Centered & Disentangled* fast!)
  • Stop listening to bad advice >>> Deeply trust your own clear Inner Guidance – about your body, health, food, lifestyle, money, relationships, kids, spirituality, and your larger life purpose.
  • Get Healing for ALL your "Normal" Senses: Vision, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Touch + more, like Temperature, Balance, Spatial Orientation, etc. (Why? Because they deeply affect your higher perception & intuition!)

Be confident in your inner guidance!

Fully trust your Gut, Heart, Higher Mind – and your everyday sense perceptions so everything becomes clear… and your life flows with Inspired Intuition.

You CAN Trust your Intuition, just as much as you Trust your "Normal" 5 Senses… Under one condition:

Your Intuition & 5 Senses MUST be Aligned with each other.

Why? Because everything is interrelated! A glitch in one part of your perception can can distort any other part.

But it's usually not as obvious as a weakness in your physical vision blocking your inner vision.

Most healing & intuitive development methods are ignorant of this hidden problem. 

They'll tell you that the solution to better intuition is "psychic development"… or practice… or mastery… or talent.  

But the real solution is much more basic. It's about removing the hidden distortions, on ALL levels, that are scrambling your innate higher awareness.

Let's tune ALL your senses… to work together beautifully!

Here's what you've been missing. 

You must Heal your Hidden Sensory Glitches… on ALL Levels.

If you want clear inner senses, then it's time to… 

Un-scramble your perceptions on ALL levels.

  • Upgrade your physical senses to better perceive the world of Matter.
  • Up-level your knowingness & empathy to understand the world of Mind… 
  • Uplift your higher Awareness of the unseen world of Energy, the Aura, Chakras & Chi, Feng Shui, Inner Guidance, "Light," etc.

That's why I designed this AHA! program – to increase acuity not just for the standard five senses… But to Activate Higher Awareness on ALL levels (like ESP, Remote Sensing in Time & Space, Clairvoyance, etc)…  

Because for accurate awareness…. each one of your senses must be Aligned with ALL the others. 

AHA! Here's the solution!

A deep-healing program… for every single one of your senses.

This program is NOT just healing on one level. You'll get a ton of healing for each one of your physical senses:Eyes. Ears. Taste. Smell. Skin sensations. Temperature. Pressure. Time. Spatial awareness… Etc.

And… healing for your larger spiritual & energetic Awareness. So you can…

  • "Read" energy accurately.  
  • Fully trust your intuition.
  • Truly know WHAT to heal… for yourself, for other people and places…and for the planet.  

This program is NOT your ordinary healing! It’s not a “guided meditation” or a “visualization”.

It’s a true Activation of your Higher Awareness. What's included – click here.

An incredibly fast & easy to upgrade… For Intuition & Higher Sensory Integration.

Presenting… my "Secret" System of Fast 12x-Power Healing 

This is a revolutionary way to heal… fast. (AHA! contains 10 hours worth of Healing in 45 Minutes!) 

I’m super excited about my “secret” technology, “12x Power-Healing Alignments”. 

It's a unique proprietary audio technology embedded into audios 1-5 of this AHA! program… so that you: 

  • Save tons of time. The first five audios are each about 8 or 9 minutes long. But each of these five short, convenient audios provides the 12x power & content (about 100 minutes-worth of healing in each audio). So you get a total of almost 10 hours worth of healing, in 1/12th of the time!
  • Get amplified healing power. This unique process gives you a “stronger dosage” of healing Alignments
  • Get multidimensional, multi-layered healing. In each audio, many healing fields are active, simultaneously. Also, many body parts, limiting beliefs, ancestral patterns, etc… are being Aligned at the same time. These audios are compressed into synergistic layers – in a proprietary, totally unique way.  
  • They are not just faster… they amplify the healing field exponentially.  

AHA! audios are short, convenient "Fast Zaps" of 12x-power healing 

What you Get in the 10 Audios of AHA! Activate Higher Awareness 

Get Activate Higher Awareness – Now Healing, Elma Mayer only  price 49$

AHA! Part One Five 12x-Power Audios: ENHANCE YOUR SENSES

Each of these five 8-minute audios contains over 100 minutes worth of healing.

1. CENTER YOUR SENSES (8 minutes, 12x-Power)

This is the first, essential step: you'llCenter your Senses & calibrate them properly, so they are neither numb nor over-sensitive.

All your senses must work together, energetically and morphically. They must be integrated not just with your body, brain, mind… but also with the entire universe! 

It’s all done for you in this audio. And then you'll be able to do it yourself too! Plus, this fast, easy process not only Reintegrates all your senses, but it also lightens up your whole life: body, mind, and biofield. You will Align your sensory habits, fields, memory, and momentum, with the clearest perceptions possible.

2. HEARING (8 minutes, 12x-Power)

Morphic Healing for All Kinds of Hearing Issues, like: –Hearing loss –Tinnitus / ringing in the ears – Noise hypersensitivity & overwhelm – Stuffy ears – Comprehension difficulty (and always shouting “EH? What’s that, sonny? I cain’t hear yeh!” at loud restaurants) 

We will Align your brain, nervous system, all entangled body parts, energy centers, biofield, ancestral fields, environment, and any resonances that distort your hearing.  

Plus… Healing Alignments for YOUR specific hearing issue… whatever it may be.  

3. VISION (8 minutes, 12x-Power)

Morphic Healing for your Eyes: – “Aging” vision – Distance and near vision – Floaters and cataracts – Light sensitivity – Night vision – Reading comprehension – How your eyes feel (dry, itchy, burning, gritty, tired, etc).  

We will Reintegrate your entire body, brain, nervous system and mind… to support your vision. And Reintegrate your spiritual vision, inner vision, and your vision of the future.  

Plus… your specific eye issue – you name it, we’ll Align it!  

4. TOUCH, TASTE, SMELL, ETC (8 minutes, 12x-Power)

Morphic Healing for: – Somatic sensations of your skin – Smell and taste – Hunger and satiation – Pleasure and feeling good – Sex – Pressure and temperature – Balance and vestibular senses – Spatial orientation – Sense of time – Sensing energy, and spiritual oneness…  

Whatever else you want to heal in the sensory realm, bring it! Let’s Align it!

5. EMBODY YOUR AWARENESS – 6th SENSE & BEYOND (8 minutes, 12x-Power)

Embody your Infinite Self’s Awareness… so that your vision, hearing etc are all connected to source energy and the infinite awareness of the universal mind. This embodiment creates self-healing… for all your senses… & your whole life.  

Ground your enhanced senses INTO your physical body. Align your eyes, ears, and other sensory body parts… with expanded sense perception (ESP).  

Balance your senses… to avoid both hypersensitivity and dulled senses, excessive and deficient sensitivity. 

Integrate all your senses with each other, with their highest expression of your life… and with – Clarity – Knowingness – Intuition, – Awakened Awareness – Evolving Expansion into Wholeness.



Expand your existing intuitive abilities – even if you don't think you have any! 

Discover how to trust what you perceive. Learn to distinguish what is true vs. what is fear-based.

Know the difference between your intuition and your mind chatter. 

Discern when your unexamined assumptions & beliefs are distorting your intuitive senses… and learn how to stop!


Clairvoyance, visualization, knowingness, gut feelings, or otherwise sensing energy with your body or mind… 

You can access high-level information with any of those.

What is YOUR best sense? Are you more visual, auditory, or symbolic? 

Stop comparing yourself to others, and allow your own style.

How to avoid over-empathy so that you're not taking on untruth.


From daily decision-making, to knowing your life purpose, to acting in Alignment with it… 

Get ready to upgrade your guidance now!  

Amplify your Alignment with your highest source of guidance. Your best way to discern messages from Source: symbols, colors, sounds, knowingness, etc. 

This audo gives you a "brain scan" and body scan – organs, cells, etc… to Align all your physical parts with your higher guidance. 

9. READING the ENERGY of PEOPLE & PLACES (23 minutes)

Learn to discern… when people & places support you or distort you. 

Remote sensing and reading energy is not just about muscle testing, seeing auras or chakras, sensing qi or feng shui energies. 

You have an innate ability to sense energy, that is unique to you. Activate it now! 

Rather than trying to read energy the way that others do, Align with your highest expression of sensing it.  


Are you hypersensitive to other people’s energy? Do you pick up other people's emotions, thoughts, problems, pain, illness? Learn to discern when you're doing it.. or not!

Do you feel you need psychic protection? Learn to discern whether you do or don't. 

How to Disentangle from fear of negative energy… because you tend to get what you focus on!

Discover how to quickly Stop any unwanted psychic resonance (or fear of it) that is distorting your energy field.

Get Activate Higher Awareness – Now Healing, Elma Mayer only  price 49$

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