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If there’s one thing that is a barrier to becoming a confident Options expert, it’s mastering the art of adjustments.

Regardless of your level, you will have to ADJUST your Options positions. But there are a hundred different ways to adjust Options, and your objective is to pick one of the TOP 3. This is an art, although there is a science behind it. This 3-step approach to Options adjustment is proprietary to OptionTiger.

The Tools

AdjustMAX provides the tools and a philosophy to approach any Options situation with confidence. Most Options positions need adjustment. This is to be embraced, because this concept is unique to Options. That’s why they are called “Options”. If you can salvage bad trades to minimize the loss or get to breakeven, that’s a winning formula.

Science with “Art”

There is a solid “science” behind the approach to Options adjustment. But you must bear in mind that ultimately, adjusting Options positions is really an “art”. In this proprietary method, we introduce a sophisticated 3-step approach. There’s always a way to get out of bad situations, provided you take timely intervention, including automated ways.

Real World Examples

The theory is never enough, nor are the tools. It’s necessary to learn from real world examples and trades. And feel first hand how the fundamental principles and skills come into play in practical application. Like all the proprietary MAX strategies, AdjustMAX comes with a wide range of live trading examples.

The OptionTiger proprietary approach to Adjustments

  • Learn the philosophy behind Options adjustments. This is the “science” part, an important base to start from.
  • Take a systematic 3-tiered approach to all Options positions, so you can be prepared to take steps at the right time.
  • When and how much to adjust is CRITICAL to master. This is something many ignore.
  • What is the most important Option Greek to consider when adjusting? (although all the Greeks need a look-over).
  • The concepts used here can be applied very broadly to any kind of Options position, especially with Adjustments.
  • Compare and contrast different adjustment choices and pick one of the top 3. No choice can be labelled Number One.
  • Using Risk Graph analysis to simulate various adjustment choices. Future outlook is the most important consideration.
  • Adjust to maximize the winners and minimize losers. Let’s face it, you will NEVER have a success rate of 100%.
  • Adjustment settings for Indices, Stocks and ETFs. There are important differences between these asset classes.
  • Learn to avoid panic situations and making errors under pressure. If you simply close out, you’re not learning.
  • Live Trades on Long Calls and Long Puts, Credit and Debit spreads, as well as Calendars, and Iron Condors.
  • Detailed analysis of different types of trades and the Trade Management intensity for each.

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