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This is a 7 day Practitioner training, specially geared toward coaching and personal growth. It’s not like any Practitioner Training you’ve ever heard or attended – unless you took this one!

Loaded with new exercises and processes that take this well beyond a typical Practitioner Training, you’ll find this set EXTREMELY practical. It is rich with innovative and creative ideas and approaches to teaching NLP material and training and presentation in general.

The set includes two MP3 CDs, edited into 65 tracks for easy listening and reference and includes a few pleasant surprises as well.

You will be given a link where you will find a complete listing of the tracks, the classic NLP manual and hypnotic music loops to deepen your learning and integration. You’ll also receive a full out studio made Hypnotic Dream Induction for using your dreams for learning, problem solving and unconscious work which includes binaural beats, specially designed trance music and other effects for your unconscious listening pleasure.

Included in the Advanced Coaching Practitioner Training:

Advanced Visual Acuity Skills

Eye Accessing Detection and Utilization

Advanced training in Exceptional States of Observation

Advanced, novel application of Auditory Acuity Skills and Utilization

Application of Quantum Field Theory to Create Rapid and Deep Rapport

Streamlined Approaches to using the meta Model

How to Incorporate Hypnotic Language in Coaching and Everyday Life ethically and effectively

Streamlined Approach to Present state and Outcome State Elicitation

Conversational Approaches to Anchoring

Demonstration of Conversational Chaining of Anchors

Conversational and Integrated Use of Mapping across Sub-Modalities to Change States and Beliefs

Parts Integration Using the Visual Squash

Overview of Beyond Goals- What do I mean by Beyond Goals? It answers the questions: Why goals don’t work? What does?

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