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This is somewhat understandable considering the people now teaching NLP and “Ericksonian Hypnosis” are, for the most part, 3rd generation students of Milton Erickson’s work.


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ATTENTION: Because of a giant leap in the evolution of Ericksonian Hypnosis Training…

You Can Become That Rare “Genius Hypnotist” People Look At In Awe And Say:

How The Hell Did  They Do That? ”

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader,

There’s a man in France  (his name is Alexis Lemaire) who is a “mathlete” and is able to do something rather extraordinary with his mind.

Take for example his world record feat:

At London’s Science Museum Alexis sat in front of a computer screen and waited for a random two-hundred-digit number to be displayed on the screen.

The number was 17-lines long.  It was a big number.

Alexis’s task was to calculate in his head the thirteenth root of that number (that is, the number that multiplied by itself thirteen times would produce the exact two-hundred-digit number on the screen).

What happened is this:

Alex stared at the screen like a mesmerized Meerkat and then announced the correct answer out of 393 trillion possibilities (it was 2,407,899,893,032,210).

It Took Him Just 70.2 Seconds!

Everyone was like: “How the hell does he do that?”

Which is exactly the question people would wonder when they were hypnotized by, or saw the great Milton Ericksonwork.

As you probably know Milton Erickson was (and is) famed for the way he performed seeming miracles with hypnosis.

Take for example what Kay F.Thompson reported on her own personal experience with Milton Erickson.

She says (during Erickson’s Saturday afternoon demonstrations) she would position herself in the audience behind the biggest, heaviest man so she wouldn’t be seen nor hypnotized by Erickson.

It didn’t work.

Somehow or other Erickson “saw through” the man she was sitting behind and Kay would go into a state of deep hypnosis anyway.

Then there were the experiments Erickson conducted where his “test subjects” would – through covert conversational hypnosis – experience color blindness.

Then there was the funny (yet true) story of Jay Haley and John Weatlan.

Jay and John went down to Phoenix, Arizona to observe Erickson and figure out what he was doing to get such amazing results with hypnosis.

They took a tape-cassette recorder with them to record Erickson in action with the intention of getting the audio tapes transcribed.

Turns out the audio tapes never got transcribed though.

Why not?

This is the funny bit…

What happened was – whenever the transcriptionists listened to the tapes of Erickson at work they would go into a DEEP trance and could no longer type.

That’s what you call powerful hypnosis!

But where Erickson really excelled (and what he became revered for) was his ability to use hypnosis in seemingly miraculous ways as a clinical hypnotherapist— helping people overcome all kinds of phobias, personal problems and even physical pain.

So… What Was Erickson’s Seemingly  Miraculous Hypnosis Secret?

Lots of people (including other hypnotists) have speculated what made Erickson’s “methods” so unique and so successful, and I’m sure there is some credence in all of them.

But I believe there is “something crucial” other people have missed or inadvertently overlooked when trying to breakdown Milton Erickson’s “methods”. 

See when people talk about Milton Erickson they seem to focus in almost exclusively on trying to identify the specific techniques he was using.

Don’t get me wrong — the hypnosis techniques he used are super-important to know, no doubt about that.

Admittedly, there have also been (and are) some current hypnotists that have identified Erickson’s “gentle manner” as part of the reason why he was so successful as a clinical hypnotherapist.

And I do believe a lot can be learned from studying and emulating Erickson’s specific techniques and “gentle manner” when conducting hypnosis sessions.

However, I also believe that there is something crucial every other hypnotist has missed about Erickson’s methods and something even Erickson himself was not fully able to articulate or explain.

And funnily enough, the reason Erickson was considered a Wizard of hypnosis (or the “Mozart of Communication” as he was also often referred as) is because of the same underlying reason Alexis Lemaire can calculate the thirteenth root of a random two-hundred-digit number in his head in just over a minute.

What is that underlying reason?

It’s this:

The Unconscious Already Knows The Answers To Any And Every Problem A Person Faces!

Alexis Lamaire has trained his unconscious to just “give him” the correct mathematical answer.


Milton Erickson approached all his hypnosis sessions with the bedrock beliefthat every person was already perfectly normal and perfectly healthy.

More than that though, Erickson viewed his subjects as the geniuses because they had inadvertently hypnotised themselves into experiencing the problem they came to him to help alleviate.

As such…

What Erickson did with a person – through whatever technique or covert conversational metaphor he used – was not so much a case of hypnotising the person as most people would understand it… but… instead…

He “De-Hypnotized” The Person From Ever Experiencing Their Problems Again

That is why NLP (and traditional “Ericksonian Hypnosis”) have largely missedthe mark on truly representing the “methods” used by Milton Erickson.

In fact, NLP — (which has become a very rigid set of “cool techniques” supposedly created from observing and studying a lot of Milton Erickson’s work)…

Completely Misses The True Essence Of Erickson’s Brilliance

This is somewhat understandable considering the people now teaching NLP and “Ericksonian Hypnosis” are, for the most part, 3rd generation students of Milton Erickson’s work.

As such the purity and “life pulse” of Milton Erickson’s work has been distorted and lost much the same way a message gets distorted and lost in the game of Chinese Whispers.

We know that to be the case because Erickson never used anything that’s termed the “Milton Method”, “NLP” or even “Ericksonian Hypnosis”!

And so what we have today from the available hypnosis & hypnotherapy training is a distorted and hazy distillation of Milton Erickson’s way of using hypnosis.

In visual terms it’s like this: nearly all current hypnosis and hypnotherapy training available based on Milton Erickson’s techniques is

Like A Pencil Sketch Of The Ceiling Of The Cistine Chapel

As in – all the detail has been copied, but the color, “life” of the art has been lost in translation.

So that’s where we are.

That’s as close as we can get to replicating and emulating Milton Erickson’s amazing feats with hypnosis.

Except It’s NOT!

Not now.

Because by approaching studying Milton Erickson’s work from the viewpoint Erickson himself observed patients — (i.e. that patients are geniuses for hypnotizing themselves into believing they have a problem to be cured or alleviated) — I have been able to put together a program that:

1. Teaches and demonstrates the intricacies and nuances of the powerful hypnosis techniques and storytelling metaphors Milton Erickson used with the most difficult of patients…

And (This Is Important)…

2. Takes you beyond the surface-level of Erickson’s techniques to a place where no other Ericksonian Hypnosis training program on the market takes you to… which is… right into the true essence of Milton Erickson’s brilliance.

The “true essence” being the life force behind (or more correctly, fuelling) the techniques Erickson used.

And it’s this (until now) “missing” yet crucial life-force Erickson imbued into all his hypnosis work which enabled him…

To Do The Seemingly “Impossible” With Hypnosis

It will enable you to do the seemingly “impossible” with hypnosis too.

In fact: it will enable you to be that rare kind of hypnotist people look at and go: “How the hell did they do that?”

To become that kind of revered hypnotist you have to go beyond techniques.  You have to bring out the Erickson-style life-force that exists (in a unique way to you) within your own heart.

And when you set your own life-force free and imbue your own hypnosis work with it there’s no reason at all why you cannot emulate and even surpass some of the amazing feats of hypnosis and personal change work that marks out Erickson as a genius of hypnosis.

That’s What My Cutting-Edge Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Program Will Enable You To Do And Be

What’s Included In The Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Program:

Module #01: Introduction To Ericksonian Hypnosis And Unconscious Moments

You'll start with the foundations and your skills will quickly improve as I guide you step-by-step

Module #02: Hypnotic Language, Language Softeners And Priming Phenomena

You’ll discover the secret to getting deep trance phenomena easily plus you’ll see a special demo of a deep trance.

Module #03: Natural Trance Phenomena & Ericksonian Fractionation Revealed

Next you’ll develop the qualities of an Ericksonian hypnotist – by working on voice and fractionation

Module #04: How To Get Hypnotic Phenomena And The Trance Signals Induction

Advanced uses of hypnotic language, Ericksonian “embedded suggestions”, how to get trance phenomena easily and a new induction that uses the subject's responses to ride into trance

Module #05: The Revivification Induction & Dealing With Problematic Revivifications

How to easily do Ericksonian revivifications, a demo on how to access memories from a difficult subject and how to give feedback to the unconscious mind

Module #06: How To Revivify Trance Phenomena, Dealing With A Resistant Arm Levitation And The Early Learning Set

Advanced strategies for deep trance phenomena (DTP) and Ericksonian Hypnotic Sets.

Plus a demo with a frustrated student who can’t get an arm levitation. Watch how I turn things around – not only does he get an arm levitation, he ends up unable to put it down again afterwards (until of course I cancel that suggestion)!

The power of hypnotic sets: Erickson's famous early learning set explained – and a variation that makes trance safer to explore

Module #07: The Unconscious Protector Set And Fractionation Cycles

How to master the unconscious protector set and how to train someone to go into a very profound deep trance

Module #08: “Dr. Unconscious”, The Dr. Unconscious Induction and Making Fractionation Even More Profound

How to do an Ericksonian confusion induction so your subject dives into a deep trance to resolve it and how to play with the conscious mind so that any resistance melts away

Module #09: Purposeful Trance Phenomena and Ericksonian Arm Levitations

More advanced secrets of Deep Trance Phenomena (DTP) and how to get fast results. Plus Erickson's favorite DTP – explained, demonstrated and experienced!

Module #10: Hijacking Inner Dialogues And Dealing With Resistance Or A “Doubting Thomas”

More secrets for getting an arm levitation easily, an exercise to help you deal with "Doubting Thomas" types of people easily and a demo on how to hijack an “overthinking" subject’s thoughts to get the result you wanted

Module #11: Erickson’s Classic Routines And The Memory Lane Induction

How to start working with regression the way Erickson did and how to gently & easily explore memories, plus discover classic routines from Erickson's actual casework

Module #12: Developing Regression With Erickson’s “Imaginary Crystal Ball” Induction

Erickson's famous "crystal ball" induction demonstrated and explained

Module #13: Erickson’s Key “Dreaming Arm” Levitation Revealed Part 1

How to do the powerful "dreaming arm” induction for quick, easy and effective therapy – demonstrated and explained, plus a detailed Q&A session

Module #14: “Dreaming Arm” Levitation Revealed Part 2

How to practice the dreaming arm therapeutic induction for yourself

Module #15: How To Overcome Problems Of Denial, Avoidance And Other Defense Mechanisms – Part 1

The very important Ericksonian "Objective Review” – demonstrated & explained

Module #16: How To Overcome Problems of Denial, Avoidance And Other Defense Mechanisms – Part 2

Step by step instructions for succeeding with the objective review yourself – with student demo and full debrief discussion

Module #17: Precision Language And How To Use Negation The Right Way

More advanced sophisticated language patterns of Erickosnian hypnosis

Module #18: Direct And Covert Ericksonian Conscious/Unconscious Dissociations

Milton Erickson's favorite induction revealed and how you can adapt it to create your own versions plus how to make this induction more covert with the "hypnotic lecture"

Module #19: Strategic Therapy, “Hidden Talents” And The hidden Talent Induction

How to think like Erickson when meeting new subjects and how to unlock the hidden talents each subject has that allows “DTP” to happen naturally

Module #20: The Key Elements Of All Therapeutic Trances Revealed

A simple structure that you can use for Ericksonian hypnotherapy and a detailed Q&A on how to turn your trance skills into therapeutic skills

Module #21: Using The Principles Of Therapeutic Trances In Hypnotherapy

Apply the hypnotherapy induction for yourself – with step by step setup, full student demo and debrief

Module #22: How To Weave Therapeutic Trance Principles With Erickson’s Key Processes To Create Powerful Ericksonian Hypnosis

How to make the hypnotherapy structure even more Ericksonian, revisiting the dreaming arm induction and how to use this induction for therapy inside the new Ericksonian hypnosis model with full demonstration

Module #23: Ericksonian Strategies And The 6 Trance Skills Revealed

An in-depth review and Q&A of all the skills you’ve learned at an unconscious level so your conscious mind can catch up. Plus more exciting strategies of Ericksonian hypnotherapy

Module #24: How To Create Simple Hypnotic Stories Easily

Secrets to warming up your storytelling mind so you naturally tell hypnotic stories on the fly and 4 simple exercises to create an almost endless stream of stories for any situation

Module #25: How To Turn Simple Stories Into Killer Ericksonian Stories That Create Lasting Change

Secrets of advanced storytelling in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and how to make stories so subtle the conscious mind never knows what’s happening so can’t interfere in the change process

Module #26: How To Apply Ericksonian Hypnotherapy To Physical Healing

Find out how to adapt all your Ericksonian skills for physical healing and create your own protocols to deal with allergies, pain, surgery and other physical applications of hypnosis. Plus a student demo of the "Physical Healing" protocol in action

Module #27: Hypnotherapy Practice Dos & Don’ts

Learn the important practice management skills you need to know for your private practice including important legal & ethical things that you need to be aware of

Module #28: Final Student Demo Putting All That Has Been Learnt Into Practice & Conclusion

Watch a student with little previous experience put all the skills of the program together and do a genuine piece of Ericksonian hypnosis that lasts about 1 hour, ending with a great result. Plus a wrap up and concluding thoughts for the training

The Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis program is, in a way, a culmination of 15 years of studying Erickson’s work, and it’s an exploration of all the intricacies and nuances of Erickson’s most powerful techniques and approaches as well as a journey into the “true essence” of Erickson’s work that gave all the techniques their seemingly miraculous effects.

Altogether, because of the beyond-technique approach to the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosisprogram, it represents…

A Giant Leap In Evolution  In The Training Of  Ericksonian Hypnosis

In fact, I was recently asked what is the main reason why the training in my Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis program is better than all the other trainings on the market.

Here is my unedited email reply:

Why This Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Program Is Better Than Any Other Ericksonian Training

There are some great Ericksonian hypnotists out there.

Unfortunately MOST (not all) of them were direct students of Milton Erickson.

That means they are now starting to retire and pass away.

Even the direct students of Erickson that still teach – most teach the content in a way that that others can't replicate because they haven’t fully broken down how Milton Erickson unconsciously taught them.

So slowly this skill will die off as we "devolve" over the generations.

My training is simple to understand and to do.

It's built up using (what is now my infamous) style of systematic progression of skills so that practically anyone can get the results.

Finally – virtually anyone that applies the methods as stated will end up getting results that many hypnotists are unable to.

The proof of this pudding is especially in Deep Trance Phenomena – something Erickson used routinely in his therapy.

Most Ericksonians I know don't know how to do this.

They HOPE for results, but they cannot target them.

So short version:

You will learn how to get virtually any Deep Trance Phenomenon in a session and how to use it therapeutically (the way Erickson did).

Most Ericksonian trainings stop with the famous "Arm Levitation" and do not progress beyond that.

They disguise this by misapplying a technique called "covering all possibilities": 'Maybe you'll have phenomenon X, maybe it will be Y or maybe you won't have one at all…'

When used wisely this manoeuvre is very powerful.

When used as a crutch it stops you getting past a surface level of the unconscious mind, because it’s obvious that you are "copping out" before you have achieved something valuable.

I hope this helps to answer the question as to why this Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis program is better than any other ericksonian training.

All in all, that’s why I would prefer that only people dedicated to the craft of hypnosis & hypnotherapy attempt to get the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosisprogram.

To help you decide if you have the kind of dedication to be the best hypnotist you can be… here are just afew (of the many) advanced hypnosis secrets you will be able to use:

  • How to do Erickson's famous "5 Minute Hypnotist" routine: this is a simple 3 step process that Erickson used in EVERY induction he did to create powerful trances – now you'll be able to do the same thing with a new subject so you have easy and FAST access to changing their unconscious patterns of behavior!
  • How to develop elegant Ericksonian hypnotic language patterns so your subject's unconscious mind hypnotizes ITSELF! (you'll be turning the subject into their own hypnotist with the Ericksonian language secrets you use).
  • How to find powerful resources in places the subject never would have thought to look – as a hypnotist you'll be able to switch on the "torch of awareness" inside their mind so they suddenly see (and FEEL) solutions they were not able to see before! (When a person suddenly "sees" something they've not been able to see before all of their "old limiting story" – and the BAD feelings around that – instantly collapse).
  • How to easily create the perfect conditions for powerful natural and deep trances to occur — even if you are in a crowded, noisy room.
  • How to catch and spot the subtle offers the subject's unconscious mind makes — when you know how to spot the unconscious moments a person is giving you, with a few simple questions, your subject literally hypnotizes THEMSELVES (there's no resistance!)
  • How to develop the powerful "H+" state that allows you to effortlessly initiate deeper and deeper states of hypnosis in your subject without feeling like you are PUSHING hypnosis techniques onto someone.
  • Discover how to do Erickson's mythical "Deep Trance Phenomena" for creating powerful changes in the unconscious. Use this in your sessions and your reputation as a hypnotist will soar!
  • How to use your subject's experiences to develop irresistibly effective hypnotic "mind pictures" that they naturally identify with. HINT: It's easier to re-align someone's identity when you use "mind pictures" they ALREADY identify with.
  • The different kinds of hypnotic stories you can plant in a person's unconscious mind so natural bodily healing occurs.
  • How to convert virtually any hypnotic technique into an innocent sounding hypnotic story that has a profound positive (even life-altering) impact on people's lives.
  • How to quickly "hijack" people's naturally occurring trances and turn them into deep healing experiences of their traumatic emotions.
  • And of course that's just scratching the surface of what we'll be covering together in the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis training.

And the best thing is…

You Do NOT Need To Have Any Previous Hypnotic Experience

Here is why that is true:

By going through the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis program you will discover that every “failure” in your current hypnosis skills, and in your subject’s response to you, is actually a “doorway” to achieving resolution of their problem (be it a trauma, a phobia, addiction or even physical pain).

Put another way:

With the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis program you will never experience so-called failure in your hypnosis abilities ever again.


You Will Become Like Water In Your Approach — Intuitively Knowing How to Get Beyond Any “Block” In The Way To Resolving Your Subject’s Perceived Problem

That’s what awaits you when you have the NEW Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis program.

Because of that the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis program is ideally suited to you if:

1. You are or want to be a hypnotist of the highest order – able to produce Erickson-like resolutions in people who have phobias, fears, addictions and even physical distress.


2. If you ever want to have “top drawer” hypnosis skills that will set you apart from anybody else you know.

With that said, if you sense there’s a part of you that wants to express your hypnosis skills Milton Erickson style — so you get the kind of results Erickson did…then the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis program is for you.

That’s Why I Created This Advanced & Exciting Ericksonian Hypnosis Training… To Turn People Like Yourself Into Naturally Gifted Hypnotists

Even though people invested up to $2,995 (plus travel and hotel expenses) to attend my Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Live Training — YOU won't have to invest anywhere near that.

You won't even have to invest $1,000.

If you click on the “Add to Cart!” button below, and do so today – you can take advantage of a massive $500 OFF Discount (Firesale Final Stock Clearance), plus it’ll be shipped FREE to your door.

Instead of the usual $197 x 4 ($788) this program has always sold for, you’re investment today is just a simple single installment of only $288.

And it gets better…

Because you’ll still get 60 days to make use of the program ENTIRELY WITHOUT RISK…

See during the next 60 days if for any reason you aren’t satisfied, you can get a full and prompt refund of any money paid by returning the program’s USB Hard Drive – no questions asked…

There’s simply no way you can lose!

However I recommend you take me up on this Firesale offer today – while stocks last. No new stock will ever be made for this program.

Once all the available hard drives have been snapped up this webpage will be taken down and the program will not be available.

It’s okay to pass it up – if that fits with your identity.

But the fact you’ve already looked into this program to this level means there’s already a part of you that is eager to experience yourself as a hypnotist after you have gone through the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Program.

And that’s an indication that the unconscious part of you is now ready to find out what that would be like.

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