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This is the official course for the spiritual practices and meditations associated with the Arcturian Healing Method. This line of study is to help practitioners of this method develop along their spiritual path.  In particular, these are practices of internalalchemy meant to raise the vibration of each practitioner's subtle bodies and consciousness.

Highlights of this training include:

  • 6 Arcturian based transmissions meant to develop subtle body structure and empower the practices.
  • A breathing method meant to rapidly energize the Etheric body.
  • A breathing method meant to rapidly expand each power center in a matter of minutes.
  • A meditation to develop the central channel of energy and the centers along this channel.
  • A breathing practice to ignite and develop the inner fire in the energy body.
  • Three meditations to circulate the energy throughout the entire energy field.
  • Meditation techniques to transform and transmute sexual energy into spiritual energy.
  • Cleansing and purification practices to keep all the subtle bodies clean and clear.
  • and much more.

Requirements: Arcturian Healing Method Level 3

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