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This 3 day on-line transmission event will take advantage of these two phenomenon occurring during December 21-23.  Each day we will be receiving a 45 minute Arcturian Central Sun Transmission facilitated from the Divine and in particular through the Arcturians.  These transmissions will focus on a particular center in our energy body and place an energetic geometrical shape representing a key quality of the Central Sun.  

The first Arcturian Central Sun Transmission will focus on the head center (Cave of Christos) and place a sphere shape energetic structure representing galactic thinking.  The second Arcturian Central Sun Transmission will focus on the heart center and place a star tetrahedron shape energetic structure there representing galactic feeling.  Finally, the third Arcturian Central Sun Transmission will focus on the hara (belly center) and place a cube shape energetic structure representing galactic willing.

After each transmission, we will then take a 15 minute integration break followed by a 30 minute central column meditation meant to more thoroughly anchor each transmission into our subtle bodies and consciousness.  During the meditation, we will be aligning four centers with each other: the center of our energy field, the center of the Earth, the center of the Sun, and the center of the Central Sun.  The center of any sphere is considered a gateway beyond space and time.  This four way alignment is referred to as the Arcturian Quadrivium Alignment.

Following the meditation, we will have a discussion, question, and answer period for 30 minutes.  Total running time for each session is 2 hours.

You will receive the mp3 recordings of each session separated into transmission, meditation, and discussion so that you can continue to use both the transmissions and the mediations throughout the December/January Initiation period which runs from December 24 through January 5 as the Twelve Holy Nights.  Also, if you cannot make the designated live time frame, you can participate through the mp3 recordings at your convenience.

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