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Basic Mediumship Course

Learn how to connect to spiritual energies in order to receive personal messages for yourself, your family and friends.

We all have the capability to connect and communicate with the spirit realm and many of us are already doing it without even trying! Michelle believes this is because, as humans we are experiencing a new level of human evolution – a fifth sense… and much like our ancestors did before us, we are in the process of activating a next level of brain activity.

This next level includes the ability to be able to perceive the more subtle energies of the spirit world. As we awaken and become more aware of these energies, it is important to have a guideline to follow so that we are better able to develop these new gifts and also do it safely.

During this intense course, Michelle awakens your higher self to the higher realms of perception, familiarizes you with the different types of spirits and helps you learn how to distinguish which messages come from those spirits and which ones are your own. She also explores how to connect to spiritual energies in order to receive personal messages for yourself and how to keep your energy clear and protected while doing so.

Included in this course:

You'll Learn

Course Introduction and What to Expect

  • Welcome from Michelle & Course Downloads

Lesson One – Explore Mediumship

  • The Many Different Types of Mediums

Lesson Two – Dialing up the Spirit World

  • Guided Meditation to Awaken & Enhance the Medium Within
  • Video Tutorial – Preparing your Sacred Space (7:46)
  • Video Tutorial – Clearing Spiritual Energy (12:07)

Lesson Three – Reading for Yourself and Others

  • Video Tutorial – Sample Reading (15:42)

Certification Process

  • Apply for Your Certificate of Completion

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