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Introducing The Most Spiritually Advanced Course In Mindvalley Academy

Deborah King Unveils The Secret Magic Of Sutras — The Most Powerful Spiritual Tool For Invoking Your Divinity From Within And Unlocking Your Psychic Gifts

Get Initiated Into A Higher Level Of Spiritual Awareness, Soul Expression And Paranormal Powers… So You Can Finally Evolve into The Grandest Vision of Your Greatest Self

This course is for everyone who’s looking to deepen the connection with their divine self and unlock the spiritual gifts and psychic abilities that they’re meant to have.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors had many spiritual abilities that we no longer have automatic access to, including telepathy, aura reading, precognition, and the ability to experience Divinity within their bodies.

However, even though we share the same DNA as our ancestors, we have long forgotten these abilities.

Each week, Deborah will reveal more secrets along the path of initiation, providing you with practical exercises and mystical tools that allow you to clear and balance your core energy so the sutras can be seeded in the fertile ground of your consciousness.

You will learn

  • How the sutras work to clear out the buried emotions and past traumas that are holding your life force hostage, so you can get free — mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • How to activate certain centers in the body that expand your spiritual potential.
  • How to find and use responsibly the spiritual gifts that start to manifest when you do the sutra practice.
  • How to invoke the high spiritual beings who are there to guide and protect you.
  • Why initiation is so important in your spiritual development.
  • Who you are within the spectrum of the 7 spiritual rays.

Sutras: The Key To Higher Consciousness And Spiritual Powers

Like a seed that’s buried in the ground, all it takes is exposure to sunlight and a little nourishment to nurse your spiritual gifts back to health.

And that’s where Sutras come in.

With Sutras, it’s easy for you to maintain a balanced energy field with no stress, stay in touch with your emotions, monitor your chakras and clear your blockages.

They are sacred threads that when woven together raise vibrations and open the doors to higher consciousness. They hold they key to supernatural powers such as telepathy, time travel, levitation and super-sensory perception.

With the power of Sutras, anyone can re-activate their spiritual gifts.


Introducing… Be A Modern Master: A 6-Week Course To Get Your Spiritual Superpowers Activated With Deborah King

Be A Modern Master provides the perfect combination of ancient techniques and modern knowledge to clear away your life traumas and rocket your spiritual practice into the stratosphere in just six weeks. In this journey, you’ll be initiated into 20 powerful Sutras, the mystical phrases from the ancient Hindu Vedas, that hold the key to accessing the higher realms of consciousness and unleashing the magnificent gifts and powers that are your birthright.

With these 20 sutras as your launch vehicle, you can release and heal past traumas, unleash your creativity, and be initiated into awesome realms of Spirit, such as the Order of Melchizedek. This is the fastest and most sure-footed path to make a massive shift in your energy that will affect every aspect of your life in a positive, heart-opening way.

“Remember that you are more powerful than you can imagine — and that the totality of your being extends far beyond the limits of your physical body. We are all of us on a journey of discovery, healing and growth… guiding us to become the confident, beautiful and whole beings we are truly meant to be.”

~Deborah King

5 Things That Make This Course Unique

1. 5,000-Year-Old Secrets Previously Inaccessible To The Modern World

Sutras are mystical phrases from the ancient Vedas that shake up your energy field to connect you deeply to Source. Studying them often means years of study under an enlightened master in India. But here, you get them seeded by Deborah at the comfort of your home.

2. Exponential Impact On Your Immediate Reality

When you practice the sutras, you raise your vibration AND you raise the vibrations of those in your environment — your friends, family, and clients. when you study this course it not only raises your own consciousness, it actually heals the world!

3. For Both Beginners And Advanced Seekers

One of the unique things about this course is that it speaks to you at your level — to deliver exactly the results you want. The entire six-week journey is designed to draw out your desires and hopes and alter your energy field to allow the outcome to exist in reality.

4. Designed For Massive Shifts In Your Consciousness In 6 Weeks

Packed with ancient and modern tools, this course is designed to trigger immediate consciousness expansion. You not only learn, but also apply the wisdom of the sutras with Deborah King and unlock your various extraordinary spiritual gifts as you go.

5. Community Support From Deborah And Other Like-Minded Seekers

When you enroll, you’ll enjoy the company of Deborah and your fellow students in an intimate online setting. This creates a vibrational vortex that allows you to make rapid progress in your spiritual journey. This alone is a tremendous advantage over other similar courses.

Instructor Profile

Meet Deborah King: Master Healer & Spiritual Leader

Deborah King is a phenomenon. W Magazine calls her work “electrifying.” She’s known for her one-of-a-kind journeys into the powerful esoteric world of healers and ascended masters. Having spread her word through multiple New York Times best-selling books like Be Your Own Shaman and Truth Heals, her contributions to The Huffington Post and Psychology Today, and her numerous appearances on ABC, NBC, CNN, and Fox television channels, her name is synonymous with self-healing.

All of this is particularly exceptional when you consider Deborah’s past. At one point in her life, she was a successful attorney who had buried her childhood emotional and sexual abuse through alcohol, drug abuse and the constant pursuit of success. Her wake-up call was a cancer diagnosis which got her into a quest for healing that led her to leave the corporate arena for the world of energy healing

If you want to heal your past and find your truth, Deborah King is the teacher you’re looking for.

What You’ll Learn

Discover The Fabulous Gifts Of Spirit That Are Waiting For You

Do you want to unwrap the mystical presents Spirit has been holding for you?

Are you ready to go beyond the usual five senses (touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell) and explore clairvoyance, clairsentience, and the spiritual upgrades of the other senses, including the sixth sense of your intuition?

Do you want to fly high in the spiritual realms (and maybe actually levitate and fly in the physical realm)?

This course is the next step on the ladder to personal fulfillment.

Deborah has opened up a pathway that has long been closely guarded within certain metaphysical traditions. This course contains esoteric information and techniques to clear the way and propel you into a giant leap forward in your personal and spiritual development while safely wrapped in a bubble of divine guidance and protection.

Here Are 10 Ways Students Typically Grow When They Get Initiated Into The Sutras

Here’s What Students Typically Experience When They Get Initiated Into The Sutras

Even after doing a ton of personal work, most people are nowhere near self-realization and using spiritual gifts. Because they’ve never been subjected to such a potent spiritual framework as the sutras. That’s why they experience massive breakthroughs in their spiritual expansion leading to changes in almost every area of life.

01 Destiny

As a result of the spiritual expansion you’ll undergo through this course, you’ll feel in control of your destiny. You’re no longer leaving it to chance — you’re passionately creating what you want.

02 Life Purpose

Where a tremendous amount of doubt roamed, clarity now becomes a permanent fixture. You’ll know why you were given life and what you’re being called to do. Your life will take on new meaning.

03 Career and Finances

Productivity skyrockets when you’re clear about what you want to do. As a result, your career zooms past the levels you’ve only been dreaming of before now. And so does your finances as a result.

04 Emotions

Anger, fear, frustration, envy, and impatience will no longer have their dominance on you. Instead, your emotional landscape will be continuously filled with calm, serene and focused thoughts.

05 Intuition and other psychic abilities

The ability to access your intuition is directly proportional to the depth of your connection to the spirit. So expect a higher sense of intuition as well as other psychic capabilities such as clairvoyance.

06 Traumas and bad memories

You will never have to live with a bad memory ever again. You’ll start seeing things differently as if a thick veil was lifted from around you. You’ll see the absolute truth in every situation, past or present.

07 Happiness, creativity, and fulfillment

You’ll be caught in a gentle cycle of positivity. As a result of having better control over your emotions and being more productive, you’ll be happier which leads to more creative flow and fulfillment.

08 Love and relationships

As a result of your spiritual expansion, you’ll find yourself to be a beacon of compassion and empathy. This fuels better intimacy in your romantic relationships and helps attract the right people in life.

09 Health and vitality

The one thing you’ll notice missing from your life will be stress. And it takes away with it all the stress-related illnesses such as obesity, headaches, depression and even gastrointestinal problems.

10 Spirituality

And of course, you’ll be at a much higher level in terms of your connection with Source. Life will happen through you as if you’re a conduit to divine wisdom and guidance. You’ll feel the divine within.

Course Information

Week-By-Week Coaching Schedule

In each week, Deborah will divulge new ways to advance in openness and expansion. Here’s a week-by-week schedule for your six-weeks with Deborah King….


Clearing Trauma with the Sutras, What are the Sutras?

In the first week, you establish a ground by learning how to clear your internal and external space, and through your introduction to the ancient Hindu Vedas and to working with the sutras. Goddess Saraswati is invoked to prepare you to learn the practice. Then the first five sutras are seeded in you. These five sutras have the power to clear old trauma from your body. You also receive a guided reflection on silence and how to activate that special place of silence within you.

WEEK 02 The Foundation for the Sutras

The sutras need fertile ground to be well-seeded. That ground is provided by a regular spiritual practice that expands your consciousness and heightens your intuitive powers. Mantra work is explained and you learn what it means to enter the “gap.” You learn about releasing stress and dealing with distractions. After an ancient invocation to the Gods, three more sutras are seeded.

WEEK 03 The Gifts of the Sutras

Here you’ll leap into the spiritual powers, the gifts of physical powers and psychic abilities that can be yours from a consistent sutra practice. You’ll learn about the possible misuse of the gifts and the five ways of acting ethically. You’ll hear about Deborah’s breakthrough experience of oneness. Then, she will invoke and honor the divinity within and without and seed the next three sutras in you.

WEEK 04 Initiation and the Sutras

You’ll learn all about the initiatory process, the way in which initiation and the sutras are connected, and why initiation is so important in the spiritual scheme of things. You’ll learn about the ego problems that can arise concerning initiation. You’ll hear about Deborah’s initiation into the Order of Melchizedek and learn about the Order. Then, she will again do the ancient invocation and seed in you the next seven sutras.

WEEK 05 More about Initiation — the Path of the Sutras

In this week, you’ll hear a story about the Hindu deities Shiva and Parvati, then you’ll experience your own Soul Star, the source of your spiritual strength and power. You’ll hear Deborah’s tale of initiation and all about “initiations of the threshold” — the starting point of the initiatory journey of transformation that ends in union with Source. The final two most powerful sutras will be seeded in you.

WEEK 06 The Journey of the Sutras

In the final installment, you’ll hear a teaching tale of two swamis, and learn the yogic practices of mudras (hand positions) and pranayama (breathing technique). You’ll explore the 7 spiritual rays of light and the Ascended Masters in charge of each ray and the connection of the rays to the levels of initiation. Then, the full 20 sutras will be reinforced in you. You are now all set for the magic of the sutras to unfold within you. You’ll also participate in The Great Invocation.

Secrets That People Happily Spend Thousands For

What you’re embarking on is not cookie-cutter spirituality. Most people who want to experience this kind of spiritual expansion end up spending considerable time, energy and money for the task. Some undertake journeys to the east where they spend years just trying to find a master that suits them. Some other celebrities and CEOs spend hundreds of thousands of dollars visiting shamans and healers on different corners of the planet.

The only reason these people spend thousands of dollars time and time again for this is because they know the tremendous value it brings to their life.

Even at a cost of thousands of dollars, the transformation you’ll experience in this course will be a huge bargain over the course of the next six to twelve months (and much more over the rest of your life).

Enroll Now

We’re Making This Affordable For You

Yes. We’re constantly finding ways to lower our costs and translate that into savings for you. That’s why you won’t be paying $5,000 (usual price for a 6-week coaching program with Deborah) for Be A Modern Master when you enroll today.

The regular price for Be A Modern Master is only $1095.

Yes. You can enroll in the Be A Modern Master program and participate in all 6 group coaching with Deborah King for just $695.

This exclusive offer is valid only for a limited time.

So go ahead and enroll today.

Bonuses Included

LifeForce Energy Healing Meditation: Learn to Meditate in Less than 1 Hour

Ready to be a Modern Master, but don’t quite have your meditation dialed in? Not to worry! Deborah’s giving you the most precious gift she has to give — her meditation blueprint that you can master in less than an hour. Mantra meditation is one of the most powerful types of meditation that has been used by ancient sages to attain the highest level of consciousness. And in this program, Deborah shares her secrets to becoming best at it. Also included in this program is a unique, powerful mantra just for your use (if you don’t already have one.)

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Here’s everything you get when you order:

  • Discover the power of sutras and access the higher realms of consciousness to unleash the magnificent gifts and powers that are your birthright.
  • A comprehensive 6-week course with packed with initiations, guidance videos, meditation audios, in-depth lectures and homework exercises.
  • 6 free pre-recorded group coaching calls with Deborah King.
  • Community support from a vibrant online community of like-minded students led by Deborah herself.
  • An unconditional 30-day, money-back guarantee, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.
  • Award-winning customer support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of.

Plus you receive the following bonus program:

Lifeforce Healing Meditation – Learn to Meditate In Less Than 1 Hour. Secrets to mastering an ancient art form.

Get Become a Modern Master – Anonymous, Only Price 87$

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