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Communication Secrets of the World’s Top Leaders , 19th of April 2013

Leadership is not just a single skill, but a set of skillful behaviors that leaders use interactively as necessary. World-class leaders agree that the key leadership skill is masterful communication performance – i.e.: the ability to move people to alignment and action. Come and find out how leaders use communication as the key skill to create world-class performance in their organizations.

In this Acuity Conference Day Dr. Joseph Riggio, author of “The State of Perfection: Your Hidden Code to Unleashing Personal Mastery” and Acuity World Founder, Henrik Wenoe will guide you through the seeming maze of communication skills you need to perform at these elite leadership levels yourself.

Behavioral Communication for Leadership , 20-21st of April 2013

Leaders depend on their communication skills to align people and move them to action to create results. Whether it’s in a local community group or a multi-national

organization spanning several continents and a couple of dozen countries, languages and cultures, leaders must be masterful communicators if they intend to succeed.

“The art and science of behavioral communication focuses on how to use communication precisely to shape and drive the behaviors that produce the outcomes we experience on our own and with others.”

In this first of two Master Classes of the 2013 MythoSelf® Behavioral Communication Certification Training Series with Dr. Joseph Riggio, he will guide you though the process of exploring your communication skillset as a leader, and refining it beyond the point where you operate now. You’ll experience what it’s like to uncover the motivation strategies that cause others to align themselves with a common vision and begin to act in concert to produce the outcomes necessary to bring that vision into being.

Joseph will focus on communication as a process of behavioral action. He will present examples and exercises designed to reveal the non-verbal and verbal components of

behavioral communication, with a specific emphasis on how these relate to masterful leadership. Throughout the Master Class Joseph will be using an action learning strategy that will keep you involved and engaged in the process, so that you walk away with skills you can use and implement immediately.

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