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If you own a business, are an entrepreneur or executive and need to lead others you will be shocked at how powerful the information in the program will make you.

As a professional in sales … whether you are selling good or services … or maybe you are selling your ideas, seeking investments, need to recruit a world-class team … or anything else you can think of where your ability to persuade and influence others is important to you, then this program will give you the critical skills you need.

Communication Secrets of the World’s Top Sales People , 8th of November 2013

Selling as a communication process isn’t something exclusively reserved for people who are in product and/or services sales. People in professional sales concentrate a considerable effort to developing mastery in their communication skills, yet most other people do what they can to avoid selling. However, professionals who want to progress and grow their careers simply cannot avoiding selling – and if they want to be successful, learning to use sales communication skills masterfully.

In this Acuity Conference Day Dr. Joseph Riggio, author of “The State of Perfection: Your Hidden Code to Unleashing Personal Mastery” and Acuity World Founder, Henrik Wenoe will present what they’ve learned from years as sales professionals and working with master sales professionals internationally. The key ingredients of successfully engaging, connecting with and moving someone – or an entire team – to agreement and action remain the same in all selling, and these are the keys you need to succeed.

After joining this Acuity Conference Day the next time you need or want to persuade or influence someone you’ll have the tools in your backpack that you need when you want them.

Behavioral Communication for Selling , 9-10th of November 2013

Selling as a communication process goes well beyond any considerations of what most people think about when they think about conducting successful sales transactions.

“The art and science of behavioral communication for selling is about constructing interactions that allow you to persuade and influence others successfully – regardless of whether you are selling a product, a service, an idea … or yourself.”

The art and science of behavioral communication focuses on how to use communication

precisely to shape and drive the behaviors that produce the outcomes we experience on our own and with others.In this second Master Classes of the 2013 MythoSelf® Behavioral Communication training series with Dr. Joseph Riggio, he will guide you though the process of exploring your communication skillset regarding persuasion and influence.

Working with Joseph you’ll enter the “inner neuropsychological world of selling” as a behavioral communication process, and you’ll leave with a deep understanding of exactly what to do, when to do it and precisely why to do it to get the results you want with others. Joseph will focus on communication as a process of behavioral action. He will present examples and exercises designed to reveal the non-verbal and verbal components of behavioral communication, with a specific emphasis on how these relate to becoming masterful in sales communication, the structure of persuasion and influence. Throughout the Master Class Joseph will be using an action learning strategy that will keep you involved and engaged in the process, so that you walk away with skills you can use and implement immediately.

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