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What Others Are Saying…

"I've been working with Christian's Calm To The Core immersion course. The results are unbelievable and I'm so grateful to have this clear and direct practical knowledge. This really is the fast track to freedom." Santessa Rey

Here's What You'll Get 

Pre – Course Web Class

See how 25 years of pursuing peace and happiness through "stilling my mind" backfired, how bad my daily anxiety got, and the knowledge that fixed it all. In this 1 hour video (download) you will learn what your mind is, how it works, why it's playing the same movie over and over, and how you can easily own it and master it to radically upgrade your life. 

Module #1

What if you could make the movie your mind constantly plays … do what you want it to do? What would you choose if it were totally up to you… ? To answer this question you have to first know your highest values. In this 2 hr video (download) you will discover what you really want to be putting your time and energy into, which in and of itself will forever strengthen you. 

Module #2

Now that you know your values, it's time to study your mind. In this 2 hr. video (download) you will see why your pain doesn't come from the world outside but rather always and only comes from your mind, how that works, and how you can use that to your advantage by easily owning and mastering your mind, and therefore your life. 

Module #3

You've defined what's most important to you and know how the machine called your mind works. This 2 hour video (download) shows you how to create a structured practice that perfectly conditions your mind to transform habitual thoughts that hold you back in life and establish new thoughts that empower your values and vision. 

Module #4

Your biggest problems show up in relationships, don't they? This 2 hr video (download) shows you how owning your mind and conditioning it to serve your highest values will remove you from the stressful conflicts in relationships and give you the clarity and confidence to show up, as you ideally want to, in even the most tense situations. 

Module #5

By now you have your own, personalized Mindset practice, which you are using to easily transform limiting, negative habit thoughts from the past into your chosen thoughts that absolutely represent who you know you are. This 2 hr video (download) broadens the scope of your Mindset practice to include your life challenges, your highest values, and your life vision. 

Module #6

In this 2 hour video (download) you will comprehensively review the entire course to make sure that your personal Mindset Practice is complete, so that you can easily spend as little as 5-10 minutes per day conditioning your thoughts, confidently knowing that your mind will automatically uplift your highest values in every single aspect of what’s important to you in your life.

BONUS – 6 Video Set – $112 Value

6 Video Set: The 5 Step Formula

Mastering your mind is much easier then it sounds, and it all starts with 5 simple steps, which I describe in detail in these 6 videos. Video #1 is an Introduction where I explain the whole Formula, while Videos #2 – 6 go in depth for each specific step.

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