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Charisma Training Academy

  • YES, I understand that this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity.
  • YES, I understand that over the next six weeks I will gain online access to over 30 hours of Video material, MP3 files and PDF’s that will teach me valuable insights into how to dramatically improve how I communicate, speak, lead and influence others.
  • YES, I understand that I will be learning from some of the world’s leading authorities on communication such as Owen Fitzpatrick, Poll Moussoulides, Brian Colbert, Robert Orr, Paul Boross and Ruairi O’Connor.
  • YES, I understand that I will have access to watching these videos online for LIFE and that this possibility will not necessarily be available for those who register at a later time.
  • YES, I understand that the most important thing I can do is to immediately start to APPLY what I learn during the course to make a huge difference to my life.
  • YES, I understand that on top of all six modules and more than 30 hours of video, I will receive THREE Bonus videos of more modules from the footage of Charisma Bootcamp.
  • YES, I understand that I will also have access to a private facebook group for CTA members where I will be able to post questions to have answered by Owen and chat with the other CTA members.
  • YES, I understand that I will also get online access to over 4 hours of a Charisma Training that Owen did in 2007 entitled ‘Adventures in Charisma’ as another bonus of the course.
  • YES, I understand I will receive one module a week for the next six weeks and then after that the bonuses and after that occasionally Owen will post videos to the membership site at no extra cost exclusively for the members.

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