Christing 2.0 – Saniel Bonder


A powerful opportunity to walk a 21st century path  of embodied awakening  and infuse more love into each day.

Be prepared to transform your understanding  of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, radically open  your heart, and create the inner transformation to marry heaven and Earth.


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A powerful opportunity to walk a 21st century path  of embodied awakening  and infuse more love into each day.

Be prepared to transform your understanding  of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, radically open  your heart, and create the inner transformation to marry heaven and Earth.

Jesus said that we would one day do greater things than him.

Do we dare take him at his word and see ourselves as capable of the kind of divine realization he demonstrated? Is it possible for us to live from the profound, Christ-like dimension of our being?

While it may be easier to see Jesus as an untouchable savior, we believe that the path that he illuminated was never meant for just one individual to walk, but eventually to become the pathway for many more to follow.

Seen in this light, Jesus was a wayshower rather than a singular Messiah, a pathfinder rather than a king above all.

He was a teacher who wanted students who would eventually surpass him. He was also someone who revered the feminine, with a special relationship to his mother, Mary, and the “apostle to the Apostles,” Mary Magdalene, as well as other female students.

At the deepest level, these historical clues show that it’s possible for every human being to create a sacred marriage of masculine and feminine, Spirit and matter, and light and shadow, that are at the heart of Jesus’s demonstration.

As we do this, we begin to embrace both our humanity and divinity – eventually no longer seeing them as separate, but as part of a unified whole.

Shifting our understanding of Jesus opens us to a far more intimate, illuminating and liberating relationship with one of history’s great spiritual leaders.

The singular title of “Christ” – which implies a finite journey accomplished by only one person – becomes “Christing,” an ongoing process in which you draw down and embody a higher octave of your own sacred potential, embracing your full Self as completely worthy of love.

The many predictions of a Second Coming of Christ, seen through this lens, are not about the return of the historical Jesus. Instead, they refer to the activation of the journey of Christing on a wider scale.

Imagine not just one Jesus, but hundreds, and eventually millions, like him. Perhaps YOU.

It’s a very bold vision that just may hold the key to healing our world.

Why Christing is Vital for This Moment in History

We are fast-approaching the crossroads of our destiny. Many people believe this decade is our crucial, turning-point time before we hit systemic breakdown.

If human beings continue down the current path we are on, the path of unconscious materialism, we will face the potential destruction of ourselves and our planet.

However, if we can find the courage to wake up and seize a precious, rare opportunity to divinize ourselves, we will instead co-create heaven on Earth.

The path of Christing offers a foundational, even essential, set of teachings and practices for seeing THIS world as divine. It is a path based on ONENESS, and seeing ourselves as a sacred family. It is a path of blessing, wholeness and sacred embodiment.

Christing is a mystical practice for the 21st century: at once embodied, grounded, humble and real. It is a chance to fully awaken your latent identity with the Divine.

Christing 2.0 refers to a radical expansion of the Biblical demonstration aligned with human evolutionary consciousness. It’s a path of “democratic” divinization for our modern times.

We live in a different culture and context, with access to the sacred wisdom of ALL the world’s traditions in a new way. Our lives are interconnected and global in a way that was not possible in ancient Israel. Women are far more liberated, and democracy has transformed the public square.

This means that it is time to go to the next level.

In short, it is time for us to build upon the sacred genius of Jesus, Mary and those around them, while no longer being limited by their era or context. It’s time for a truly modern embodiment of Christing – Christing 2.0.

Christing 2.0 as a Journey

The journey of Christing doesn’t require adopting any beliefs or singularly-venerating Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It is available to sincere seekers from every tradition.

It’s a process of divine incarnation that is your birthright, whether you’ve been born a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, pagan, or even a rational skeptic.

It’s a process of opening to more and more conscious love that can suffuse your very cells and contribute to “landing” in your body, relationships, and even business, in a way that is unmistakably holy AND normal at the same time.

It’s also a journey without a “final” destination, as you are always able to expand, grow, evolve and embody still more sacred potential.

Walking this path is not one that requires painful sacrifice, but an expanding circle of love. It’s a path of joy and service, reverence and wholeness.

To walk it, though, requires clear, deep and powerful mentorship from one who truly knows it.

Fortunately, there is a very gifted teacher who is lighting the way into the sacred mysteries of the Christing process, and how it can transform your life.

That man is the renowned spiritual teacher Saniel Bonder.

Forging a New Sacred Path

Saniel, who was actually raised Jewish, has spent a lifetime of mystical questing, and then adeptship – both in founding new spiritual schools and by working on both outer and inner levels with great seers and sages.

Many know him as the respected author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split and the founder of the Waking Down in Mutuality work – but if you haven’t read his work or heard him speak – prepare to be deeply touched.

His path has included a very direct relationship with Jesus and Mary Magdalene, which, in turn, has led to his groundbreaking realizations into the nature of Christing.

For much of Saniel’s teaching work, he has called this process of divine embodiment “waking down” – partially to distinguish it from traditional approaches that seek heavenly escape or ascent from the pressures of material living.

Christing invokes the liberating power of this process to erase the spirit-matter split, open the supernova capacities hidden in your body, and perfume your daily life with the unmistakable scent of God.

What Saniel has discovered is that the path of Christing can be lived in a way that powerfully shifts your understanding of religion, spiritual practice, sacred relationship – and even the world of commerce.

It’s a journey rather than a destination, calling more and more of your soul-force down into tangible form, and out into loving service. You are, quite literally, birthing heaven on Earth through your very flesh – and Saniel is one of the world’s pre-eminent wayshowers and pathfinders for this incarnational spirituality.

Saniel has catalyzed hundreds of deep, lasting awakenings in students who have worked with him. He is uniquely gifted at calling you into remembrance of your spiritual essence, and providing tools that help you live and breathe that remembrance every day.

Saniel is a “teacher’s teacher,” often working behind the scenes with some of the foremost pioneers of our day. Indeed, he mentored and officiated The Shift Network founders, Stephen Dinan and Devaa Haley Mitchell, into their sacred rite of marriage.

While Saniel teaches and lives in an integral, modern context, he knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that the process experienced by the historical Jesus – of stepping fully into his divine identity and as a result becoming “Christed” – is a path each of us can walk.

This is why we are so excited to offer this groundbreaking 8-module course with Saniel Bonder. During this transformational training, you will dive deep into the mysteries of the process of Christing, and discover how to embody more love and divinity in your daily life. It is more of an initiation or a rite of passage than a typical online course.

During the journey, Saniel will dismantle many myths about the historical Jesus, and bring forward truths about Christ consciousness, Mary Magdalene, and the radical embodiment available to each of us. He’ll also help you move beyond the limits you put on your own evolution – calling you into experiencing yourself as “Christing,” here and now.

If you are on a spiritual path with an open heart and mind – and are looking for a more embodied, full-spectrum teaching to awaken the divinity within you – then this course is perfect for you. No matter what tradition you come from, you’ll find yourself in the process of Christing, and be able to place the teachings in a truly post-modern, inclusive context.

What You’ll Learn in These 8 Modules

Over this 8-session virtual intensive, Saniel will guide you through the core fundamentals and practices to engage the Christing journey in your daily life. You’ll understand the essential stages of the divinization that is ignited in you, and gain a clear vision of how this evolution into divine embodiment will unfold.

Each teaching, contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next – so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to engage the path of Christing with clarity, heart and transformative power.

Module 1: Embracing Christing as Your Journey of Incarnation (Recorded on July 29, 2014)

In this opening session, you’ll be introduced to “Christing” as an orientation to dynamic personal and spiritual transformation. You’ll learn to see beyond the historical connotations of Christ as a noun, and learn to embrace a more personalized version of Christing as a verb – a vivid, lively way of being. You’ll experience a chant, "We Are Christing 2.0," that is built upon this new meaning and touches upon all of the core teachings of this course.

In this module, you will:

  • Learn how and why we are moving beyond “Christing 1.0,” the time of the Christ as a lone spiritual hero, and into “Christing 2.0,” when great numbers of us are awakening to and embodying the Christ spirit together
  • Discover a unique heart-chant that can help you identify and invoke the key elements of Christing as a path of incarnating the Divine into your daily life
  • Understand how you are already Christing by being committed to personal healing and growth and spiritual awakening – regardless of your particular faith or practice tradition
  • Begin to realize the extraordinary opportunities and responsibilities of living with the awareness, “I am Christing!”

Module 2: Shifting Your Understanding of Jesus & Mary Magdalene (Recorded on August 5, 2014)

We’ll explore the long-banned gospels attributed to Mary Magdalene, Thomas and Philip that came to light in the late 19th and mid 20th centuries, and began changing our whole understanding of the origins and nature of Christianity. This new orientation shows us that Jesus may very well have been teaching the principles of “Christing 2.0” to his most advanced disciples 2,000 years ago. This session reveals both Jesus and his primary female disciple, Mary Magdalene, as enlightened sages on mutual paths of conscious love, who may also have been intimate partners or spouses. 
In this module, you will:

  • Take to heart Jesus and Mary’s vivid, simple – yet still cutting-edge – teachings on how to become a divinely “single” human being
  • Be inspired by “gazing” with the spirit of Mary Magdalene through a heart-rending painting of her looking directly into your eyes and heart
  • Examine the signs that Jesus’ closest male disciples may not have understood his deeper teachings and may have started the marginalization of both Mary Magdalene and the feminine
  • Use information from leading-edge studies of the ancient texts to take you much further into “owning” and stewarding your own self-transformation as a Christing process

Module 3: Healing the Spirit/Matter Split (Recorded on August 19, 2014)

This session takes us into the crucial unification of Spirit and matter, and of all our apparent opposites – including masculine and feminine – as a key transition in our current evolutionary development as a species. We’ll look at how the residue of this split is present in our consciousness, character traits – and even civilization. We’ll explore healing this divide so that we can stop unconsciously poisoning and sabotaging our best efforts to achieve peace, save the environment, and realize our ultimate potential as individuals and societies.

In this module, you will:

  • Start to appreciate that Jesus may never have intended to create a heaven-oriented, life- and sex-negative religion
  • Explore how reality is not arranged on a vertical scale from “not divine” up to “truly divine,” but rather is a singular, all-divine event containing all qualities.
  • Give yourself permission to hold cognitively and emotionally that matter is as real, divine and important as Spirit
  • Learn a simple chant you can use to remind yourself that you are both infinite Spirit and finite matter living in mutuality with others and the world
  • Let this healing process take you ever deeper into embodying the Christ spirit and incarnating the Divine, so that your whole mundane daily life becomes imbued with grace
  • Appreciate that the ultimate crucifixion for each of us may be our moment-to-moment predicament – or “core wound” – of being simultaneously infinite and finite

Module 4: Embracing the World Through Love (Recorded on August 26, 2014)

In this session, we’ll explore the three primary elements of any “Path of Conscious Love.” You’ll discover that real self-emptying is not renunciation, but rather a heartfelt opening to all that exists. Singleness involves becoming whole and integrated – a unification within yourself – of your masculine and feminine, light and dark, spiritual and material natures. You’ll learn to develop a deep disposition of abundance, where you recognize that all that is needed is always being provided. Through powerful modes of participation, you’ll increasingly embrace the world inas and through love.

In this module, you will:

  • Learn how to go beyond trying to renounce ego, desires, the body and life, as if you need to cut away your humanness to get to the divine
  • Discover the natural joy of true self-emptying, the “giving-over-ness” and “given-over-ness” of letting go and letting be through love
  • Explore your own shadow side, and learn how to integrate it – rather than seeking to eliminate it – so you become truly whole in “singleness”
  • Develop a much deeper, and yet truly simple, understanding and embodiment of both your masculine and feminine sides
  • Experience the liberation of starting to trust that your own evolution into Christ-like living comes through love, and daring to embrace rather than fear and trying to avoid
  • Experience how primal trust opens your world out into a sphere of inherent abundance, where all of your real needs are constantly being met
  • Allow this path of conscious love to open your heart and life ever more completely into generosity and service, truly seeing and feeling that we are all one

Module 5: Embodying Your Divine Identity Through the Heart (Recorded on September 2, 2014)

One of the most powerful contributions to our authentic Christing is the recent emergence of new understandings about the heart. Recent mystic sages firmly insist that the “place” of the Divine is not somewhere outside us – above our bodies, minds and the world – but rather is seated in the very place in our hearts that medical anatomy finds is the source of the heartbeat. In this session, we’ll explore the implications of this revelation which are immense, and profoundly positive for our divine, or divinely human, incarnation.

In this module, you will:

  • Find out about leading-edge spiritual and scientific discoveries that reveal the unique seat of conscious awakening in your physical heart (not the heart chakra)
  • Discover how “finding God in your heart” can gently show you that there is no “false self,” and there never actually was – you are not wrong, a mistake, deficient, a sinful failure
  • Become increasingly confident that your ego was never separate from your divine identity and never will be – it is a natural part of being human
  • Learn why this can be so liberating for your practice – and quickening for your heart-and-guts, cellular embodiment of Christing 2.0
  • Explore 3 stages of authentic self or personhood: the unawakened persona, the awakened person, and the personification of the awakening cosmos in your own Christing
  • Practice a meditation that allows your attention and mind to naturally fall into the heart and be released in Spirit (even right in the midst of life’s challenges)
  • Unlock the link between your ordinary, workaday awareness in every mundane situation and the radiant consciousness of divine spirit

Module 6: Enacting the Sacred Marriage(Recorded on September 9, 2014)

In this session, we’ll go deep into the mysteries of the individual soul’s union with the Divine Self – the sacred marriage with the infinite Beloved that is truly our own Christ-identity. And we’ll explore a key to this passage – understanding and moving more fluidly between our ordinary material perceptions and participation in the “imaginal,” numinous, and often magical, realm of uncommon sensitivities and insights.

In this module, you will:

  • Learn how gazing with human partners and teachers can enhance heartfelt discoveries
  • Learn other practices of invocation and simple prayer that don’t require belief, but help you open into the imaginal realm as the gateway to ever-deeper Christing in daily life
  • Reframe your understanding of masculine and feminine to include their fully divine attributes, beyond the archetypal and psychological traits of your human self
  • Feel in yourself why you need to, and how you can, integrate those distinct attributes into increasingly wholeness or male-female singleness
  • Attune to a unique “spiritual DNA” of transmission that can both bring Christ consciousness down from higher dimensions into material embodiment and manifest it in all directions from its root-seat in the heart
  • Discover how this integration leads you into the “bridal chamber” of an ultimate sacred marriage that makes a new – always-divinizing life possible

Module 7: Activating the Healing Alchemy of Love (September 16)

Humanity’s spiritual history is full of stories of how more evolved or advanced souls are able to “take on” and relieve the sufferings, sins, illnesses and karmas of other, less developed beings. We’ll look at how this extraordinary “charisma” or blessing gift of Spirit can become a natural healing alchemy of love in those prepared to undertake it. Many who serve others in intense personal ways experience, and have to learn how to deal with, the effects of that alchemical transmutation. In this session, we’ll explore its realities and possibilities for Christing 2.0.

In this module, you will:

  • Feel how “taking on others’ stuff’” is actually a natural part of daily living – something we do for others and they do for us all the time
  • See how this can become much more profound and intense as we increasingly embody the Divine in ourselves and together
  • Explore how this powerful healing alchemy is becoming possible for many of us in the era of Christing 2.0 – and why we need to respect its potential downsides for us and others
  • Begin to experience what it can mean to take responsibility for this as a way of living the path of conscious love and blessing others and the world simply by being who you are

Module 8: Grounding Christ Consciousness Through Anointing (Recorded on September 23, 2014)

It is said that before his crucifixion, Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus’s head and feet with perfumed oils – and that he said of that it was the greatest service anyone ever performed for him. Esoterically, Jesus appreciated she was serving him as an empowered Goddess-priestess, helping him usher his Christ-consciousness down into full incarnation. Washing and anointing others’ feet has become a frequent practice in many Christian communities – and, quite independently – in many other sacred cultures. In this final session, we’ll open up the powerful secrets of anointment.

In this module, you will:

  • Practice the simple mystery of anointing one another’s head and feet – much in the manner Mary Magdalene is said to have done with Jesus
  • Allow that loving, heartfelt practice of blessing to show you how it can help us all ground our Christ consciousness
  • Let this, in turn, help you envision and invoke humanity’s evolutionary convergence into eventual species-wide unity-consciousness, and simultaneous emergence into our natural divinity
  • See how in Christing 2.0 we are truly moving beyond the days of the lone hero or heroes, the singular Christs and Buddhas
  • Celebrate that we are entering the time when these mysteries are potently shared among many ordinary yet extraordinary human beings – folks just like you

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