Clear 45 Additional Forms of Childhood Brainwashing for you and 73 Generations of your Ancestors…


Clear 45 Additional Forms of Childhood Brainwashing for you and 73 Generations of your Ancestors and Descendants on the Most Important Day for Ancestral Clearing of the Year


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Originally recorded: Saturday, September 28, 2019, @ 2:26pm Eastern US Time

Clear 45 Additional Forms of Childhood Brainwashing for you and 73 Generations of your Ancestors and Descendants on the Most Important Day for Ancestral Clearing of the Year

Back in July, we had a group clearing where we cleared 45 forms of childhood brainwashing. This upcoming clearing involved an additional 45 forms. You do not need to have participated in the previous clearing to join this one.

The 2-week period between September's full moon and new moon is the most important period for ancestral karma removal — and for receiving the blessings of the ancestors — of the whole year.

It is said that even the great masters, gurus, and yogis wait for this specially-charged time each year to perform karma-clearing rituals to help liberate their ancestors. This period is known in Vedic tradition as "Mahalaya Paksha".

The most powerful day in this period is the final day, the new moon. So I have chosen to perform this clearing at the exact most important peak time, Saturday September 28, at 2:26 pm Eastern US Time (the peak of the new moon energy).

The yogis say there are 2 types of karma that can be dissolved during this time: the karma blocking the liberation of your ancestors, and secondly, the karma blocking you from receiving their blessings. In this upcoming group clearing, we will work with both types.

A teacher of mine has recently said that the majority of our thoughts actually come from our ancestors, not from our own personal consciousness. This was totally surprising to me that the influence of what is unresolved in our ancestry could be such a strong influence on us today.

Sure enough, I asked my Higher Guidance about all the people who would be reading this message, and about this past 30 days of life, on average what percentage of people's thoughts were based in their own past and present lives versus thoughts inherited from their ancestry.

The answer I got is that, on average, 80% of your thoughts are from your ancestors, and only 20% stem from their own personal soul!

You think you are free in life, but most of your choices are being automatically made (or blocked) by the inherited thoughts of your ancestors.

Most of your thoughts, problems, and blocks are not even yours! You are often unconsciously just playing out the unresolved karma from your family line. You have to do the work to stop this, so you and your ancestors can be free!

September 28, the peak day of the peak ancestral karma clearing time of the year is the perfect chance for you to clear your ancestors, and free yourself.

It is extremely difficult to make progress in life without the blessing of the ancestors. The majority of your thoughts actually come from your ancestors, not your own personal consciousness. The new moon day is the most important day to liberate your ancestors, clear family curses, heal your ancestral wounds, and reclaim your power to live authentically.

On Saturday September 28's Mahalaya new moon, at 2:36 pm Eastern US Time, we will be performing a karma clearing involving you and 73 generations of your ancestors, to clear and resolve 45 additional forms of childhood brainwashing that are passed from generation to generation, preventing you from accessing your fullest, truest sense of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-power to be, do, and have what you came here for.

(You do not have to have already participated in our previous group clearing where we cleared 45 additional childhood programs.)

We will do this clearing for you, but also for your ancestors. Whatever they clear, you will clear. As soon as even a single one of your ancestors resolves even one held childhood restriction, you will also subconsciously clear the same thing. This clearing is very synergistic.

Will will use ancient and modern karma clearing techniques that I have learned — and that I have developed — to hold a powerful space of your clearing at one of the most powerful access time for doing ancestral clearing work of the year.

Here are brief descriptions of the 45 childhood brainwashing clearings we will do for you and 73 generations forward and backwards in time of your ancestral lineage:

45 additional forms of childhood brainwashing we will clear (this is a list of 45 different childhood programs from what we cleared in July):

  1. being attacked when we were defenseless as children, leading to being hardwired now to constantly fear the rug being pulled out from beneath me when I'm not watching
  2. hypervigilance about the unpredictability of others
  3. mental, emotional, and physical addictions, with resultant family denial, and confusion of my childhood brain about why situations just didn't make sense
  4. lack of perceived personal significance in childhood because my childhood home was dominated by the dysfunction of another family member (typically a parent)
  5. misplaced trust in people who would shame and criticize, with the result that our sense of control of our personal lives was annihilated
  6. "I was not crazy" as a child because I believed my parents knew what they were doing. I can release my brain's constant loop of self-criticism now.
  7. "You're selfish to focus at all on taking care of your own needs" — I release this core dysfunctional programming of my childhood home, and develop self-love.
  8. My parents' denial of their addictions, dysfunction, and abuse caused me to develop rationalizations for their behavior, which has impacted the way I now process information.
  9. Cheated out of the opportunity to discover the wonders of my own heart because my parents kept changing the rules of what was acceptable.
  10. Watching my parents enable each other's dysfunction taught me to live life without boundaries
  11. How my parents saw themselves is what they projected upon me.
  12. As children, we were ignored by those we needed and loved. Feelings were invalidated, and I was treated with indifference.
  13. As children, our brains were programmed with repetitious patterns that have become the framework of my adult life
  14. being criticized for not going along with my family's rules resulted in feeling ashamed. Unable to develop a healthy sense of autonomy
  15. how our caretakers treated us as children determined how safe we feel now to trust our instincts
  16. being yelled at and criticized for exploring and playing as a child taught me to fear acting upon my innate need to explore and express my inner world
  17. I walk into every social situation I ever experienced with the labels I received from home — including all blocks to my sense of self-worth
  18. It is not my fault that my efforts to find ways to express myself tangibly as a child were treated with indifference, and thus may have programmed me to feel inferior in my abilities to succeed on my own today
  19. When we are children, we do not know that our ideas about love are tied to how worthy we felt about being loved as children
  20. How our parents felts about the government, money, religion, etc., brainwashed us to accept their ideas as our own. I didn't realize I have free-thinking.
  21. As children, we don't know we are not supposed to feel intimidated by others, to the point of feeling frozen.
  22. Risk-taking behavior as a child, as a way to drown out cries no one could hear or acknowledge. Abandoning the inner cries of my spirit now.
  23. Being lied to as a child inhibited my ability to understand cause and effect
  24. As a child, my brain may have learned to avoid expressing emotions simply because of the way I was treated as a child when I tried to express my feelings
  25. I could not have known that the subconscious data I was being programmed with as a child became the master builder of whatever realities I am currently experiencing
  26. When I was a child, I didn't know I didn't know I had rights. Being treated with indifference by those you love programs you to believe you have no right to expect more.
  27. As a child, I was supposed to feel so loved that individuating into a health emotional being was supposed to be easy. By not being unconditionally loved, this process was made hard.
  28. As children, we didn't know we had the right to feel anger.
  29. In dysfunctional homes, the narcissists, alcoholics, drug addicts, and bullies decide they are the focus. It is not my fault I was unaware I had a Self.
  30. When we are children, we do not know it is good to feel good. When children are born to people who hurt them, their divine wiring gets knotted.
  31. Children who live in states of survival do what they can to stay small.
  32. When we are children, we do not know that we are not alone.
  33. All I wanted was my mother to love me. I craved validation and attention, and often created unhealthy situations.
  34. When we are children, we do not know we have a right to walk away from people who hurt us.
  35. When we are children, we do not understand that one day our lives will end, and that time is precious. So I release the fear of making mistakes.
  36. Most of what we learned about society as children is nonsense. I release attachment to the idea that my worth has anything to do with the way I look, the car I drive, or what house I live in.
  37. I am no longer a child, I can take care of myself, and I no longer have to tolerate feeling lied to or deceived. I trust the red flags and set up appropriate boundaries when necessary.
  38. Children who are consistently rejected become programmed to fear abandonment, and so as adults we cling to unhealthy relationships rather than accept losing relationships that do not serve us.
  39. When we were children, we presumed everything was our fault. Blaming ourselves helped us to not feel so out of control.
  40. When we were children, we believed whatever stories our parents told us about god. We now have the power to choose what to believe.
  41. When you come from a dysfunctional home, adults write the rules as they need to. Adult children who have been treated unfairly have a difficult time finding their sense of balance.
  42. As newborns, we only know trust. When we are shamed for trusting, we build programs of guilt, shame, and the fear of needing self-care.
  43. When we are young adults, we do not realize that the way we have been brainwashed to feel about ourselves as children determines what decisions we will make for the rest of our lives.
  44. Children who have never received proper parental approval never stop seeking validation from the outside.
  45. When we are children, we do not realize the magic that is stored inside of us. We do not understand that no matter how hard others ever try to tear us down, encoded within our DNA are the powers of a god.

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