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Clear Your Subconscious and Past-Life Limitations So You Can Flow With Your Divine Purpose….


Hi there!  I'm Michael.

I'm all about helping you clear soul blocks keeping you from feeling like life is easy & joyful, and that you are on purpose.

Spirit is all around you right now, helping and supporting you, even if you aren't always aware of it.

I want you to be able to see It. To feel what a clear connection feels like.

To really know it and get it so deeply, your life flows with the giant current of Spirit that's already flowing.

People on a spiritual path like us are more aware that solutions to challenges and freedom from blockages can be found as we clear our blocks to realizing our Oneness with Spirit.

Spirit knows you.  Spirit is your very life — the Inner Truth of your being right now.

Spirit knows that the challenges you are facing now represent areas of growth within your own consciousness, and that by resolving inner blocks that you have inadvertently created over many lifetimes, you can much more easily resolve your challenges, and live a life of greater fulfillment and purpose right now.

When this spiritual karma clearing work happens, we get out of our own way, release & resolve what we've been subconsciously holding onto, and we get to step into what we're really here to do with easy & joy.

We get to show up in big ways.  Experience big miracles. And do the big things we feel in our hearts we're here to do.  Feel like each act is being guided by a higher purpose.

Nothing is impossible when you're moving in harmony with the flow of Spirit.

Trying to manifest healing of body or mind?  Clear the blocks & surrender into the flow.

Want to experience your every material need met?  Get clear, let go of anything you're holding onto, and let in the current of Pure Spirit. Then take mighty action centered in place.

I help people clear the blocks and open more to their full spiritual potential.

Need a nudge to get to this place of allowing?  That's what I do.

I'm a spiritual healer and energy clearer who's helped lots of people around the world over the past 14 years.

You are very welcome here.  Welcome to explore, to ask, and to participate.

Don't know how to get from here to where you want to be?

All Spirit needs is your willingness.

From there, I can hold space for you to get clear & step into the flow.

Need a little more information?


How can you help me?


How can I work with you?

If you've never worked with me before, I recommend you start off with joining some of my upcoming group clearings:


Because my work is spiritual in nature, I can work with you no matter where you are in the world.  Here are more details about my individual clearing sessions:


"I want to know more about you"

Click here to learn more about me and to drop me a note.

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