Clearing Karmic Blocks to Accepting & Allowing Money (5.5 Hours of Clearing)


This product is a series of 7 audio downloads, totaling 5.5 hours of clearing work, and will be delivered to you zipped together in mp3 format by email immediately upon purchase.


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Blocks around money and prosperity are often some of the biggest challenges for lightworkers.  In order to actualize this part of our lives, we have to clear our discordant soul programming that contradicts the presence of money in our lives.

Most, if not all of us on a spiritual path now, have been on a religious path in previous lifetimes, and we have assumed beliefs such as "money is the root of all evil", and "you cannot have both God and money".  These are 100% discordant, destructive beliefs, and may be limiting your expression of financial abundance now.

I wish that there were some large "money switch" somewhere that we could switch from off to on, and poof! you would have the money you desire.  But it doesn't work that way.

Spirit is always, always, always providing all the money, abundance, and resources you could ever need or want.  If it's not showing up for us, it's time to start doing our inner clearing and alignment work, so we can co-create the physical expression of money in our lives now.

My goal is to hold space for you as we invoke the power of Pure Spirit to clear you of all blocks and past-life karma.  My goal is for you to step into authentic freedom–freedom to be your true self, have and do everything you're guided to, and experience life without inner limitation.  It's that simple.  And I know you have the power to achieve this.

This product contains 7 money clearings, all originally recorded during the month of August, 2015:

  • Clearing Karmic Resonance You Have With "There is a limit to how much I can earn" (41 minutes)
  • Clearing Blocks to Releasing Your Unique Giftedness (65 minutes)
  • Clearing Negative Money Karma/Self-Esteem Beliefs around "I am not worthy as a person" (33 minutes)
  • Clearing the Bitterness & Guilt that's Preventing Money From Flowing (60 minutes)
  • Clearing Negative Money Karma around "I can't handle or manage money well" (30 minutes)
  • Clearing Negative Money Karma/Beliefs around "Money is in short supply" (26 minutes)
  • Clearing Blocks To Allowing Yourself to Have More Than You Ever Dreamed Possible (74 minutes)

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