Clearing Major Areas of Ancestral Karma (7 Clearings)


This is a product containing a zipped file with 7 mp3 audio downloads of all ancestral karma clearings originally recorded in January 2016.  It will be emailed to you and immediately available for download upon purchase.



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This product is a series of 7 group clearings, originally recorded in January 2016, but potently energetically charged to be useful in your healing and clearing process no matter when you download them.

Here are the topics of these 7 clearings:

This product contains 7 clearings all geared to helping you release all the beliefs and negative potentials you've inherited from your parents, ancestors, and karmic lineage.  Why not be free of this old stuff today?

The unresolved energies from many generations past–in our biological and other lineages–is stored within our psyche right now, waiting for us to reveal the discordant energy and heal it in our own lives.  This is actually a great gift from our ancestors–the potential of total release, healing, and clearing.

In these nearly 7 hours worth of clearings, we examine and do extensive clearing around several major areas of ancestral and inherited karma, lifting karmic weight off your shoulders as you listen.

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