Clearing Past-Life Religious Vows


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If you’re reading this right now, it’s likely you’ve had some–probably many–past lives in religious orders of some kind.

Many of us on a spiritual path now have been seriously religious in hundreds of past lives.

In these lives, we believed the path to God was to deny ourselves, and we took vows to this effect.  Vows of suffering (to help us become pure), vows of poverty (to help us attain heaven), vows to “fear God" (so we wouldn’t go astray), even vows of loneliness (so we wouldn’t get distracted on our path).

When you take a vow, it stays with you forever, until you clear it.  Spiritual people today may have discordant energy on money, relationships, health, and even expressing their soul’s purpose (because of vows of “silence” that kept you "listening to God" rather than expression your Truth).

Vows can include vows of silence, celibacy, poverty, obedience, suffering, sacrifice, and purity.

These vows must be cleared to allow the discordant energy to be released and the flow of love, health, money, and right relationship to your soul’s path to be restored.

These are all called “heart vows” because they are taken as acts of obedience during religious lifetimes, and they register energetically in the heart center.

In this 1 hour, 24 minute clearing event, we will revoke and clear all heart vows your soul is ready, willing, and able to release.

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