Clearing to a Consciousness of 100% “All is Well”


This is a pre-recorded group clearing for you and your family, and will be emailed to you in audio mp3 format immediately upon purchase.


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Price includes you, your family, and any other friends you'd like to include (you will be prompted to enter this information when you sign up).  There are no phone numbers to call, and you do not need to be still during the time of the clearing.

Everything we experience in life emerges from the openness and availability of our own consciousness.  Nothing is happening "to us" — but it is our own consciousness through which our experience of life emerges.

If we just had the ability to open to and fully resonate with a positive statement of Spiritual Truth — such as "all is well" — even for a few moments, we would be actively participating in the co-creating of our highest Divine Destiny in such a way as to consciously become an aligned vessel for healing, harmony, abundance, and Divine serve to flow.

Total resonance with "all is well" is unbelievably powerful to bring about all you desire in life.  I'm not talking about a casual belief that all is well, but a deeply aligned resonance with this Truth at all conscious and subconscious levels of your being.

For you to feel, sense, and know this Truth deeply, and without contradiction even for a few minutes, means that you are having a deep realization of the innate Goodness of yourself and of the Universe, and you are open and available for your highest good to manifest through you.

This is, in essence, all healing ever is — knowing ourself as Spirit knows us.

Even if we use phrases such as "all is well" as a belief or affirmation, there may be millions of limiting beliefs embedded in your subconscious, inadvertently created over many hundreds of lifetimes, that are contradicting your ability to fully resonate with such a powerful affirmation.  This is why affirmations don't work that well for many people — because the 99% of their being that is subconscious is not aligned with the Truth their conscious mind is affirming.

In this 75-minute clearing, we will work with the power of Spirit to actively research and resolve all available limiting beliefs in your subconscious that are contradicting your resonance with "all is well".

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