Cold Email Wizard – The Vault


This is a collection of the full back-and-forth conversations between cold prospects we emailed. 


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The contents of this product are categorized like this:

  • The offer
  • The target audience
  • Examples of each combination

Now you can see what actually works. From the messaging, to the targeting, and from the offer.

So here's the gist…

Exchange a measly $215 to get lifetime access to a vault of phenomenally crafted (and incredibly simple, yet powerful) cold emails (and the follow ups!!)…

And then send me an email about how well your agency is doing.

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Then watch as this product keeps getting better and better and better – and the price keeps rising and rising and rising (knowing you got it at the hilariously low price of $215)

I'll see you on the inside, my friend.

Let me know how it goes!

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