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Are you motivated? Do you have a “builder” mentality? Are you an entrepreneur at heart?

If you answered yes, then a career in commercial real estate is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. With Dandrew Media on your side, you’ll achieve success beyond your wildest dreams.

Never before has there been a commercial real estate training program as profound as Dandrew Media. For those of you who have always dreamt of breaking through the barriers and pursuing a career as a real estate entrepreneur, than this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. This isn’t a gimmick. This isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. Dandrew Media is an education. We’ll mentor you every step of the way as you begin your career. Our training programs teach our students every facet of commercial real estate investing. We’re passionate about our students success and want you to excel. Our training modules provide investment strategies, deal structuring techniques and the expert guidance needed to find deals and get them closed.

Commercial Capital Structure is an exceptional tutorial covering all facets of commercial real estate. Students will begin by learning the basics and then delve into more advanced topics such as capital structures, financing strategies and deal sourcing. The 180-page training manual is one of our most comprehensive packages available. From in-depth case studies to invaluable templates, Intermediaries will walk away with the foundation needed to become a profitable commercial mortgage professional. In addition to our invaluable training manual, Commercial Capital Structure includes our 3-day training seminar. With hours of video training under your belt, you’ll be eager to get started. We’ll provide you with a step-by-step game plan. Finding success in commercial real estate has never been easier. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Don’t let it pass you by.

Intermediaries Will Learn:

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Intermediaries will walk away from the workshop with a comprehensive understanding of the commercial real estate industry. Understand who the players are, industry terminology and learn typical deal scenarios.

Financing & Capital Structures 101

Start your education off strong. Discover financing strategies and the capital structure hierarchy. Our goal is to ensure our students have a firm foundation needed to excel in this competitive industry.

Marketing Strategy Success

We don’t just teach you definitions, we’ll expose exactly where to find deals and best practices for business development. When it comes to commercial real estate, we’re deal flow experts.

Professional Deal Structuring

We’ve found the most effective method for our Intermediaries to learn commercial real estate is through analyzing case studies. We’ll present real world brokering case studies and introduce vital strategies for you to utilize in your business.

Essential Underwriting

It’s imperative that Intermediaries perform due diligence on every deal that crosses their table. This is where so many deals fall apart and money is thrown away. Learn how to qualify a deal and the art of “Pass or Play”. Know when to walk away from a deal.

Tying It All Together

Once you’ve mastered the basics, we’ll expose industry tips & techniques to close the deal. Discover how to create a deal, and tricks when presenting it to a lender. Building your business has never been easier with our easily customizable letters and agreements templates.

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