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Consider This To Be The Ultimate Consulting And Coaching

System-In-A Box-With ALL The Materials You Need (including Contract And Marketing Document Examples) To Either Augment Your Existing Income Or Launch A Brand New Business. 




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“Discover Dan Kennedy’s Confidential Blueprint To Leveraging Your Talents And Skills As A Highly Paid Consultant And Coach…And Unlock The Potential To Make $100,000 To $1,000,000 A Year (Or Even More) With So Little ‘Work’…”

Dan Kennedy Reveals The “Secret Sauce” That Allows Him To Command $19,000/Day For Consulting And Annihilate The “Billable Hours” Trap.

Consider This To Be The Ultimate Consulting And Coaching

System-In-A Box-With ALL The Materials You Need (including Contract And Marketing Document Examples) To Either Augment Your Existing Income Or Launch A Brand New Business. 


Dear Future Renegade Consultant Or Coach,

 If you’re already in consulting, I’m going to show you how to make your business better, how to give yourself a FAT pay raise—and it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the economy or your industry.

 And if you’re new to consulting, then I’m going to save you a TON of trial and error and get you to the big money fast.

 Even if you’re not a consultant, but are involved in “consultative selling” (a doctor, advisor, etc.) I can show you how to easily obtain clients and get more influence over them.

Oh, and there’s also the coaching business. There are people who are making amazing incomes in many fields in many industries, and I’ll show you how to jump on the bandwagon today.

Also, if you’re currently “giving it away for free” as added value and you’d like to get paid for a change, then I can help you do that.

 And here’s the best part:

I’m Going To Give You All The Documents, Marketing Examples And Pricing

That’s right, I’m going to give you:

Strategies You Need To Get Started Today

  • Marketing Document Samples you can easily modify to market your own consulting and coaching business so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • Pricing Strategies so you’re not paid peanuts for your consulting and coaching services—and are paid what you’re worth.
  • Takeaway Selling Strategies that’ll urge your prospects and “looky-loos” to buy now and shorten your sales cycle.
  • Examples Of Contracts And Agreements so you’re covered and don’t make any mistakes that could cost you time and money.
  • Consulting And Coaching “Hot Buttons” so you can make sure you enter the right appeals in your marketing for your consulting and coaching services (Hint: not all clients hire consultants just for their knowledge!)
  • Mistakes NOT To Make while marketing your consulting and coaching services.  Failure to do so will result in getting paid the “usual” rate for your consulting and coaching services—if you get any clients at all!

When you implement everything you’ll read in this letter, you’re going to discover an awesome way to make a living…where you’ll experience a LOT less stress and difficulty than you’ve ever truly imagined.

Because I guarantee you’re missing out on at least one of these critical elements of a successful consulting and coaching business.  Or you WILL miss out on them if you “go at it alone” into consulting and coaching without a roadmap.

This Is How I’m Able To Earn $19,000 For A Consulting Day…Even If You “Mess Up”

 Listen: If you’re looking for the ultimate shortcut to wealth, the consultant-coach status is the perfect way to position yourself in your industry as the “go-to” person in your niche.

 Why? Because everybody uses consultants.  Even CEOs, politicians, ad agencies, and small business owners.

 You see, years ago at my “Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs Seminar,” I talked about how the basis for all commerce, and therefore all wealth, is Mysticism. 

 Once you understand this, you can boil down the attraction of power and wealth- as well as the keeping of it- to two things:

And Only Get 1% Of These Results, This System Will STILL Be Worth It For You

Be the wizard

Beware the wizards

You see, the consulting and coaching business is about being the wizard.  And the best part is that consulting and coaching is so easy to sell.

 To illustrate this, let me tell you about the “Food Cop.” This is a woman that celebrities would hire to go into their homes and throw out the food they shouldn’t eat; restocking it with food they should eat…basically enforcing a diet.  

 She would even go out to lunch and dinner with them to make sure they stuck with the diet!  She would also check in on them via phone and even ask their spouses, co-workers, and even owners of restaurants if they’ve been cheating or not.

 In other words, these celebrities and other high-powered affluent customers would pay her outrageous sums of money to tell them what they can and cannot eat.

 What’s the lesson here?  The late Cavett Robert, the founder of the National Speakers Association and usually a gentile and kind person once said:

 “Most People Are Walking Around, Umbilical Cord In Hand, Looking For A Place To Plug It In”

 And that’s the reason why a properly structured and presented consultation or coaching program is easy to sell.  People desperately want somebody to tell them what to do.

 Of course, I don’t mean to be cynical or show disdain for people.  We ALL need advice, guidance, coaching, and somebody to tell us what to do.

 Even I look to somebody for advice when it come to my health and managing my diabetes.  I worked hard to crack the code a long time ago, but couldn’t get it.  I eventually found a doctor in Texas who had that missing piece of information…who told me what to do.

 And I did it.  And now I can manage my diabetes without drugs.

 The bottom line is this:

 There Are People Out There Who Will Pay You BIG Money For What You Know—So Don’t Underestimate Yourself

 The truth is that you are probably currently grossly undervaluing your worth and marketability of your own life experience and knowledge.

 I’ve always said this: EVERYBODY knows something that someone else will pay to learn.   And I promise you, with very little probing, I can uncover what YOU know that is very suitable for marketing in the forms of consulting or coaching.

 Maybe you know a way to get more prospects to a seminar.  Or patients to a dental practice.  Or referrals to a periodontal practice. There’s someone out there that’s dying for the transformation you provide.

 Every day, a huge ocean of money flows from clients to consultants, coaches, experts and advisors.  And if you will grasp several key strategies for properly presenting yourself as an expert advisor, people will eagerly hand you a LOT of money for your advice.

 The money’s out there.  It’s just a matter of deciding to put yourself in the way of this ocean with a bucket.

 Think about this: The average attorney bills at $300 an hour and the average doctor bills about the same.  And the average consultant and coach bill at $300-$500…but you and I are FAR from average.

 I get $19,000 for a day of consulting, and over $2,000 an hour for ONE hour of my time.  Some get more, others get less.

 How is this?  There are ways savvy consultants get financial leverage.  That means getting the fees quicker, and getting paid a LOT more money on top of that. Oh, and by the way:

This Is About NOT Falling For The “Billable Hours Trap” But Instead Commanding Outrageous Fees And Avoiding Common Headaches Suffered By The “Mediocre Majority”

 And there are PLENTY of opportunities.  Some need a “stern but loving parent” to keep them accountable.  Others seek advice. Others want someone to brag about victories, to understand what they’re going through, and get encouragement in tough times.

 Best part:  You don’t have to be a know-it-all to do this.  You just have to know some things your clientele does not.  Or assist with implementation with some system or process.  Or provide motivational support for a worthwhile activity.

 And the best part is, consulting and coaching can be a LOT of fun.  Here’s why:

It’s a LOT more fun solving other people’s problems than working on your own!

You learn a lot.  You get inside other people’s businesses in ways you could never do otherwise.  The best part is, you may discover an opportunity you want to run with, that you would never have otherwise considered. 

If you have a low boredom threshold, as I do, tinkering around with a variety of businesses, and dealing with lots of people and situations prevents you from going to sleep at the wheel of life.  

You get treated pretty DARN well.  In fact, the more they are paying you, the better they treat you!     

There Are 4 More Reasons Consulting And Coaching Is Such A Great Business: 

You can pretty much be a “lone ranger.”  No employees to parent, no overhead, no product to make, and no inventory either.  All you need is a brain and a mouth…that’s it.   Nothing else necessary. 

You can work anywhere.  Live anywhere. Many consultants make clients come to them. I have gone from going to them 80% of the time to making them come to me 80% of the time.  

You can farm out some of the work.  Many consultants are “rainmakers”…good at bringing in clients, but turn over the bulk of the work to freelancers. 

There are a LOT of compensation options.  You can create monthly retainers, or you can get 25%, 50% or even 100% for each project and get it.  There are also royalty options as well.   

And don’t forget about telecoaching…both group coaching and one-on-one.  If you’re in one of our higher-level programs you’re well aware of this.  This involves “group delivery” of coaching that leverages your time.

 This is extremely efficient since you only need 1 or 2 hours of your time. I t doesn’t matter is there are 5, 10, or 100 people on the call…It’s still just 2 hours of your time!

 Just think, if you have 100 people paying $47-$97…even $297 a month for group coaching, that’s over $100,000 per year right there…for just 1-2 hours of your time.

 You can also do one-on-one telecoaching, too. Heck, you can be anywhere…on your backyard deck, in your recliner, even in your underwear if you want to be.

 And any small business owner can run consulting/coaching groups in their local area, and easily make $25,000 to $50,000 a year as a spare-time activity. They can either be peer-advisory groups…where members are each other’s advisors.  Or they can be Napoleon Hill style mastermind groups.

 The bottom line is this: There are HUGE opportunities to make a lot of money.  And the best part is, you can have a lot of FUN, and you can even attract more joint-ventures and long-term business partners.

No College Or “Accreditation Program” Gives You The Soup-To-Nuts Blueprint For Becoming A Highly-Paid Consultant Or Coach That Uses GKIC-Style Marketing

 And most of the content and instruction about becoming a consultant or coach was created by academics who don’t have real-world experience.

 So, what I did was hold the ULTIMATE Boot Camp on how to create a lucrative telecoaching business, group coaching business, consulting business-even all three.

It’s a Boot Camp that I’ll probably NEVER do again. And it's even more exclusive thanks to all the “heavy hitters” who were there sharing their strategies for raking in the bucks.

Dan Kennedy's

Consulting & Coaching BootCamp

Consulting & Coaching BootCamp consists of 11 CDs and 3 transcripts straight from my 3-day seminar of the “one-time and one-time only” Consulting & Coaching BootCamp I recently held. 

 About 250 people gladly paid $3,495 to hear me and my special guests reveal EVERYTHING that we do or have EVER done to make big money easily from consulting.

Nothing was held back.  We shared how other successful coaches have built amazing consulting businesses, and discussed the following mission-critical topics:

  • How fees are structured so you get paid 3-10x more than the typical consultant            
  • How to obtain more qualified clients so you can keep the money rolling in
  • And “under-the-table” secrets for making maximum money in minimum time

When you take action and add Consulting & Coaching BootCamp to your cart, you’ll be empowered to engineer a complete turnaround in your consulting and coaching business so you can have all the clients you want, have them hunt you down, and begging you to take their money.

And if you’re just getting started in consulting and coaching, this Boot Camp will allow you to leapfrog all those time- and income-wasting mistakes that thwart “average” consultants and coaches from ever increasing their income.

I’ll Show You How To Have Potential Consulting & Coaching

Clients Come To YouInstead Of Having To CHASE Them Cold Like Most 

“Average” Consultants

 You’ll discover in Consulting & Coaching BootCamp that chasing potential clients is one of the worst things you can do—and puts you into a subservient position where you’re handicapped when it comes to closing deals and potential income.

But imagine waking up in the morning with inquiries from prospects begging you to take their money and have you help them solve their problem! The confidential secrets I reveal in Consulting & Coaching BootCamp allow you to magnetically attract clients like a magnet attracts iron filings.

 You could easily justify the price of this package alone with just 1 or 2 high-paying clients who will gladly give you money to discover what you know.  More on that in a second.

 In reality, this was actually three bootcamps in one.  Here’s why:

  1. I showed everything I know about creating a consulting business, marketing that business, securing clients, setting fees and compensation plans, getting paid, and creating LEVERAGE.  I guess you can call this section the Marketing For Consultants  & Coaches BootCamp and is certainly worth the fee I charge by itself.                                     
  2. I covered the OPERATIONS of the consulting business from how NOT to get sued, how to deliver your services and work product in the most efficient manner possible, and how to make maximum money in minimum time. This includes how to do the deal, get resale rights to your work product, and how to virtually guarantee repeat business.  I’ll also show you the secrets to turning small projects into big projects, and the common problems that come up and how to solve them.                                        
  3. I uncovered EVERYTHING I know about the coaching business, and I had several others spill the beans on how to make a whole lot of money from different approaches to the coaching business.  No stone was left unturned, as every conceivable business model for coaches and consultants was unearthed. 

Some will question my sanity for releasing this information now, and someone advising me can easily make a strong case for me NOT doing this.  It will be impossible for you to NOT pick up at least a “short list” of very useable information you can implement right away.

I guarantee you’re going to have your eyes opened to entirely new, different, bigger, and more exciting opportunities.  This could trigger a whole re-engineering of your current business…or the blueprint for transition to a new and better business. 

Of What You’ll DiscoverSOMEHere’s just 

In Consulting & Coaching  BootCamp:                   

  • Why you must NEVER prepare a proposal for a prospective client.  This is a surefire way to throw money down the toilet and waste your time in the process. I outline a BETTER way to get the money up front so you don’t have to jump through hoops.
  • Five ways NOT to get paid, and what you need to do right now to avoid these mistakes. This is what the “average” consultant or coach does, and this is NOT for you because you’re way above average!
  • How to look a client in the eye with Clint-Eastwood-like confidence and ask for $25,000, $50,000 and MORE and never flinch.  This is the secret to getting the BIG fees!
  • How to transcend “billable hours” and catapult your practice into the money zone where you no longer have to play that “cat and mouse” game (This is HUGE!)
  • What to secretly farm out and subcontract to reduce your work, permit taking on more clients, and make a lot more money.  This is the secret to making your consulting and coaching business more scalable.
  • How to get over 85% of your clients to come back and keep hiring you.   This is the secret to longevity in this business, and it’s infinitely easier to get repeat business from existing clients than finding new clients.
  • How to manage common client headaches.  I’ve probably experienced every single client issue on the planet, and I want to show you how you can mitigate these headaches as painlessly as possible.
  • The secret to using “stepladder selling” to move a client higher and higher in spending.  This is how you can get the bigger fees with less effort…something most “average” consultants don’t know!
  • The key to retaining ownership of content delivered via consulting for resale.  Consulting and Coaching is a HUGE way to automatically generate clients for future resale, but you have to know how to do it right!
  • How to avoid getting switched from paid consultant to unpaid joint- venture partner. This happens a LOT and can rob you of your future earnings.
  • The #1 secret to creating high-fee, high-level coaching groups and coaching programs.  I implement these systems for clients who pay me upwards of $100,000 for copywriting and consulting, but you get to discover them for cheaper.
  • Pitfalls to avoid when it comes to making sure your coaching members stay with you, so they can keep giving you money.  This is how NOT to lose them when you get them!
  • …and a whole LOT more!

Imagine What Another $5,000 to $10,000/Month Would Do To Your Bottom Line—And Your Lifestyle:

 Think about it.  If you only work 4 hours per day as a consultant and had 64 people pay you $1,500/month for your consulting and coaching—that’s a one million-dollar income right here.

 But you don’t need 64 people.  Even 5 people on your consulting and coaching roster could bring in at least $5,000-$10,000 in extra income to your business…

 …money that could be used to pay your overhead while you use profits from your other ventures to build a bigger nest-egg for yourself.

 Imagine the vacations you could go on.  The debt you could pay down. The activities you could enjoy with your family. Or just have the ability to have some “blow money” for activities or hobbies you enjoy.

 For me, it’s harness racing.  For you, it could be golf or cars.  

That’s why the investment in Consulting & Coaching BootCamp is stiff.  The potential for fast and immediate income is huge—without having to create products or build complicated websites.  You just bring yourself—that’s it.

Plus, this is a highly specialized subject.  And it’s very advanced.

Plus, I spent tons of time and work preparing this material.  And I revealed a lot of “insider” material from my own business that I’m not eager for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to get.

So the high investment is designed as a barrier to keep “pretenders” out who shouldn’t have it.  And it’s actually to your advantage, not mine.

I invested serious money to get some of the best consultants and coaches to come to this Boot Camp.  Most of these people NEVER speak and NEVER teach what they do…and they hardly ever leave home and trek to a seminar…which they did here.

 So I had no option but to attach a hefty price tag.  But I am making it a little easier on you.

The cost to attend this Boot Camp was $3,495 and it sold out quickly.  But you don’t need to pay that much.  Since you were not there and could not ask your specific questions and missed out on networking with speakers and attendees, it wouldn’t be fair to ask the same price as if you were there.

So take Action Today and you can get Consulting & Coaching BootCamp sent to you for just 3 monthly investments of $697.

The best part: That investment is wiped away by one client, one consulting engagement, even one coaching client you might not get otherwise.  If you’re already involved in consulting and coaching, your investment in Consulting & Coaching Bootcamp is just a FRACTION of your income…

 …yet it can come back in spades from a tiny boost in your income.   And you’ll be able to make that money entirely on YOUR terms…with total control and peace of mind. So take action TODAY for just three investments of $697!


Special Limited-Time

Webdeal-Only Bonus

Video #1 (Worth $497):

“Secrets To Creating, Pitching And Closing High-Priced Exclusive Products” by Frank Kern

Straight from the 2013 Info-SUMMIT “Bonus Day,” where participants paid up to $997 to attend, comes Frank Kern’s impactful presentation on how to get the big money when it comes to closing high-priced exclusive products like coaching and consulting.

He has the results to back it up.  He makes $175,000/month consulting clients without having to tour the United States and being away from his wife and kids.  But he made one exception at the Info-SUMMIT where he revealed:

  • A specific 1-2-3 system for identifying and locating the EXACT prospects who fit PERFECTLY with your services AND who will pay you the MOST with the LEAST resistance!
  • Why you don’t need to work for years to achieve some stratospheric kind of GURU-STATUS before getting into the biz of consulting – in fact, you probably have a REAL Advantage if you don’t!
  • How to close massive, big-dollar consulting deals without effort… AND
  • without any kind of hassles, “twist-your-arm” hard selling, and in-your-face tactics. Instead, it’s an easy, natural, 100% collaborative process producing REAL money.
  • And a whole LOT more…

This presentation is only available for people who take action on Coaching And Consulting Bootcamp by the deadline below. You’d have to undergo YEARS of trial and error to discover what Frank has learned over the years…but here he’s decided to hand you the secrets on a silver platter so you can create your own profit windfall.

Special Limited-Time

Webdeal-Only Bonus

Video #2 (Worth $497):

“How To Design, Market, And Sell High-Ticket Coaching

 Programs” by Dr. Tom Orent

In 1997, Dr. Orent found his practice, career, even his home in jeopardy.  He put himself through an urgent, rigorous study of direct-response marketing and psychology of influence methods, devouring everything GKIC had to offer.

In three years, he paid off every lease and loan and became debt-free. ln his last years in practice, he earned more than double the full-year, full-time income of an average dentist, while working only 40 days per year in his practice… turning instead first to speaking and being a road warrior, then with my guidance, converting to info-marketing and coaching, with media in place of most of the manual labor.

Tom has now built the ideal-for-him info-business: His staff works in his old home converted to offices, which he rarely visits- he works from his dream home outside Boston.

His info-business (serving the dental profession) has continuity levels from $97 a month up to a top-end coaching program at $60,000 per 10-month term.

Tom revealed how he closes high-ticket coaching and consulting gigs at the 2013 Info-SUMMIT, and we’re going to send you this presentation as a one-time bonus for purchasing Coaching And Consulting Bootcamp.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming these strategies are just for dentists.  These prized business secrets are transferrable to any coaching and consulting business and will allow you to leapfrog years of trial and error on the way to more certainty, security and FREEDOM in your business.

These Special Bonuses Disappear Immediately On At Midnight CST.

So Take Action Right Now To Get

This “Must-Have” Bonus Worth $994!

If you’re just starting out, I just saved you YEARS of banging your head against the wall trying to figure this stuff out.  And if you’re a coaching/consulting veteran, you’ll discover a handful of tricks and techniques that could allow you to get your investment back in no time.

I’m The Consultant’s Consultant: The Guy Other Coaches And Consultants Come To When They Need Help

 I have put well over 200 people in the consulting and coaching business.  And many of the GKIC Elite have followed in my footsteps and are now earning outstanding incomes.

 Nobody…absolutely N-O-B-O-D-Y…is an “insider” in more consulting and coaching businesses as I am. And I am sharing my secrets with GKIC for the first time so you can “copy and paste” my proven formula.

 So, if you want to hear how GKIC’s top consultants and coaches make the BIG money and live the lifestyle the “masses” would envy, then there is only one place you can get it from: GKIC and me.

 If you mess around and keep going down the path you’re wandering on, you could experience stagnant income, a dearth of consulting and coaching clients, or make many egregious errors that could forever BAN you from achieving a massive income.

 Instead, take the path many of the GKIC Elite have taken- invest in Consulting And Coaching Boot Camp and experience the massive income the course points you toward, the kind of income leaps your peers (including your family and friends) will envy.

 If you see this as a “fit” for you, I urge you to take action right now.  Click on the link below and invest.

YES DAN! I Want To Discover The Jealously Guarded Secrets To Earning $100,000 To $1,000,000 Or MORE/Year With My Own CONSULTING AND COACHING Business With Very Little “Work!”  

  • I know that there are people in my marketplace who will gladly pay me handsomely for what I know.  And I know I’ll be able to leverage that knowledge into cash when I purchase your PROVEN blueprint that you and other GKIC’ers have utilized to dip into the huge ocean of money flowing from clients to consultants, coaches, experts, and advisors.  
  • I know that I could get my money back over and over again when I either build up my existing consulting and coaching business, or start a 2nd or 3rd income stream leveraging what I know to help other people in my industry as a highly paid consultant or coach!      
  • And I know I’m covered by your generous 365-day guarantee, so there’s no way I can make a mistake here.  I can implement these little-known consulting and coaching secrets in my market and see an immediate return on investment.  If I don’t, I don’t pay!     
  • Yes Dan, I’m ready!  Please send me Consulting & Coaching BootCamp so I can peek behind the curtain and see what makes becoming a highly paid consultant and coach so fun and lucrative!

GKIC'S Generous 60-Day Guarantee!

P.S. Remember, I NEVER sell anything without a guarantee. That’s why everything we sell at GKIC is protected by our 60-day guarantee…and Consulting & Coaching Boot Camp is no different.

So invest in Consulting & Coaching Boot Camp.  Implement the jealously guarded strategies you’re about to discover when that big box lands on your doorstep a couple days from now. 

If you don’t get your investment back from 1 or 2 clients, coaching students, or consulting engagements you’ll attract thanks to these secrets within the next 60 days, then call the GKIC Concierge at 1-800-871-0147 and arrange for a return and immediate refund.

This is a no-brainer.  I’m not trying to pull the wool over your eyes here.  Try out Consulting & Coaching Boot Camp, implement the strategies, and if they don’t work for you, then you don’t pay.

Pure and simple.  You simply cannot make a mistake.  And there’s no way you can lose.

So what are you waiting for?  Claim your copy of Consulting & Coaching Boot Camp today, right now, while it’s still fresh on your mind.

P.P.S.  If any of these apply to you, then you need to take action today:    

  • If you’re currently doing consulting, I know I can help you increase your income.    
  • If you’re currently doing coaching, I know I can increase your income.    
  • If you have a knowledge base, influence, or any assets you’d like to leverage as basis for consulting/coaching income, I can help you do that.   
  • If you’re already successful in a particular business and are ready for a higher income, less stressful life consulting/coaching based on your track record and experience, I can help you leverage that into an extra income stream for you.    
  • If you would like to create $25,000+ in your spare time coaching local business owners in your area, then this is what the doctor ordered.

And if you’re involved in “consultative selling situations” such as a financial advisor, insurance sales professional, doctor, lawyer, CPA, architect, or business-to-business sales professionals, then you’ll discover many new tips and techniques you can use to skyrocket your sales.  So don’t be a part of the “mediocre majority” when it comes to consulting and coachingClick below and get started now. Plus, through midnight, get $994 in bonuses…FREE!

Get Consulting & Coaching Boot Camp – Dan Kennedy, Only Price $137

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