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As a coach, conversations are your currency. Whether you’re signing on new clients or creating transformational results with existing ones, the quality of conversations that you are able to lead are the defining factor of your success.

But research from Stanford University has shown that 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark.

Instead of utilizing our conversational skills to create trust and healthy connections, we fall into set patterns like talking past each other, banging heads, getting addicted to being right or allowing the lower parts of the brain that trigger fear and judgment to take over.

But what if you could leverage the power of conversation to create even deeper, more impactful transformation with your clients, teams and entire organizations?

What if you had the neuroscientific methodologies and frameworks that allowed you to move from conversations that miss the mark to conversations that trigger trust, connection, growth, innovation and new insights in your coaching?

And what if you had the science based tools to look inside the human brain while you’re having conversations to reveal what’s going on and why – and use this information to create a whole new level of engagement and impact with your individual clients, teams and entire organizations?

Introducing Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches

Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches  is a highly innovative, science based program.

It provides you with frameworks on how to leverage the power of neuroscience to establish an environment of trust and connection, activate the parts of the brain that trigger instant growth and innovation for your clients and create coaching conversations that lead to never before experienced levels of success and transformation.

The program has been revolutionizing the coaching industry over the past 3 years. Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches will open up a new lens for understanding and redefining what conversations are and how you can leverage them as a coach to spark transformation and change.

Understanding the neuroscience of conversations provides you with a new handle on elevating this hardwired capacity in all human beings around the globe.

Revolutionizing the Coaching Industry

It is no secret that neuroscience has become a household term. Whether you are talking about your children, your clients, or yourself, it is undeniable that we are at a time when we have to understand what’s common amongst human beings.

Neuroscience illustrates and interprets the connecting points that enable us to move through the complexity of what it really means to be human, to actually activating what it means to be human with each other.

Whether you’re a beginner coach or a seasoned and experienced veteran of the industry, the ground covered in this program will enable new insights and deep levels of transformation to emerge.

Collectively we will tie together wisdom that has been in the back of our minds and the front of our eyes in ways that will energize more imaginative, powerful and profoundly impactful coaching tools.

The resulting methods and practices are evergreen and core to the work called “coaching” and will continue to revolutionize the entire profession.

Complex Neuroscience Made Simple

Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches is structured in a way that makes complex neuroscientific methodologies easy to understand and implement in your coaching practice. We’ve organized this work into buckets, categories and frameworks with a goal of clarity and simplicity.

As a result, you as a coach have at your hands tools that are just as applicable working with clients in business as they are working with individuals in leadership positions, teams, or entire organizations.

You will have a deeper understanding of what the catalytic factor is, as well as what activates interaction dynamics that are healthy – and those that are not healthy.

Overall, the program combines more than 50 years of research in neuroscience with Judith’s 35 years of experience as a Fortune 500 coach into a coaching framework that is shifting the entire industry forward and creating ripple effects of change throughout the coaching profession.

Meet Judith E. Glaser

The World’s Leading Expert On Conversational Intelligence®

Judith E. Glaser is an Organizational Anthropologist, one of the most innovative and pioneering executive coaches, the world’s leading authority on Conversational Intelligence®, WE-centric Leadership, and 
Neuro-Innovation and best-selling author of 7 business books.

Utilizing her profound knowledge of neuroscience and 35 years of experience in the coaching industry, Judith teaches CEOs and their teams how to elevate levels of engagement, collaboration and innovation to achieve outstanding business results and deep levels of transformation.

She has worked with Fortune 500 companies and top level executives such as Angela Ahrendts, (previously CEO of Burberry and currently Head of Global Retail at Apple), Bob Lutz (Chairman of GM), Donna Karan (of

Donna Karan International and DKNY) as well as numerous executives at companies like Lockheed Martin, Target, Pfizer Inc., Bank of America and many more.

Judith has also served as an Adjunct Professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a visiting guest speaker at Harvard School of Business, the Keynote Speaker at MIT’s Innovation Conference, a guest speaker at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and has appeared as a speaker at countless other well renowned Universities.

Packaging her life’s work into the Conversational Intelligence® For Coaches program, she is the thought leader behind one of the most impactful and popular learning experiences available in the coaching profession with over 2,300 coaches trained over the last 3 years.

Join The Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches Journey

Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches takes seasoned coaches as well as those launching into an Executive Coaching career, on a journey to explore and implement the Neuroscience of Conversations. Never before has there been a program that translates the complexity of neuroscience and reshapes it into an easy to grasp and use methodology to create sustainable transformation with leaders, teams and organizations.

Regardless of the size of the group you work with, the type of business or the level in the organization they are in Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches will strike a cord of insight and wisdom that will resonate not just with your primary client, but also with other colleagues they work with.

The Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches Program at a Glance

Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches is structured into 7 Modules. Each of the 7 Modules is part of the systematic approach for creating transformation in the DNA of an organization and contains exercises to implement with your clients as well as practical tools that you can instantly use in your own coaching sessions.

C-IQ enables leaders and their teams to learn how to Level Set their Conversations, which activates the brain's capacity for advanced and higher level processing of complex, difficult situations, with high levels of uncertainty.

Instead of people getting stuck in positional conversations, transactional conversations, or fear of conflict, these processes and frameworks create the ability for people to speak with each other with candor and caring, to be open for influence instead of stuck in their own positions and biases and open the doors for sustainable change.

Individuals, teams, and organizations are able to move into transformational and co-creational conversations – they are able to make decisions faster, with higher levels of wisdom and insight – and they move through and co-create changes that fundamentally transform the future of the organization.

Get Conversational Intelligence for Coaches – 2017 Core Program – Judith E. Glaser, Only Price $164

Here is a short overview of what you will learn during the program in each of the 7 modules:

Module 1 – Co-Creating Conversations

Co-Creating Conversations

  • The Third Eye – and why leaders need to understand the capacity to ‘get in front of the curve’ in how they interact with others
  • The Neurochemistry of Conversations and how different conversations activate chemicals and networks – and why coaching is necessary to address this profound dynamic.
  • How trust and distrust impact the brain – moving us into I-centric or WE-centric behaviors
  • Epigenetics and Transcription Genes and what that means for how you coach your clients
  • A new set of insights for where you as a coach can enter conversations with your clients that activate the Transcription Genes to enable growth and change

Module 2 – Humanizing Conversations

Humanizing Conversations

  • How to listen to connect not judge or reject – including transformational skills to work on with your clients
  • What closes us down and opens us up and what are the Threats and Forces that all leaders need to know how to use
  • How to create a shared language for translating and understanding the depth of neuroscience of conversations with simplicity, speed and ease
  • What happens in the brain when we activate fear and judgment – and what happens when we activate candor, caring and appreciation
  • How to distinguish what behaviors and conversations lead to open, trusting, transparent relationships and those that lead to fear, withdrawal and a failure to engage

Module 3 – Aspiring Conversations

Aspiring Conversations

  • The truth about our brains evolution for creating space for aspirations and dreams to grow through conversations
  • The Neurochemistry of Aspirations and how different conversations activate chemicals and networks that either open or close the space for aspirations to grow
  • Reality Gaps and how they work to either activate fear or aspirations
  • Rules of Engagement for establishing a culture of Aspiration
  • Case Studies of companies who reset their culture for aspirational thinking

Module 4 – Navigating Conversations

Navigating Conversations

  • How to help clients remap relationships around trust rather than distrust
  • How to build Navigational Roadmaps that down-regulate fear of sharing and up-regulate sharing and collaboration
  • Wisdom of the 5 Brains Revisited – and why is it crucial as a coach to know and utilize this
  • Why sharing is a game changer – and how to shape environments for more sharing
  • Case Studies of how you can use the TRUST Model with clients to see and understand the ‘trust and distrust patterns’

Module 5 – Generating Conversations

Generating Conversations

  • How to create the right environment for activating a variety of networks and neurochemistry in different parts of our brain
  • Neuro-Innovation and what enables people to co-create in relationships and teams
  • How leaders can identify patterns that lower C-IQ unintentionally and quickly overcome them
  • How we ‘transcribe’ new ideas on each other’s brains and create ‘energy fields for co-creation
  • What Level III Transformational Conversations are, and why they are fundamentally important in the world of coaching today

Module 6 – Expressing Conversations

Expressing Conversations

  • How to develop the space for healthy conversations to emerge, for people to have a voice, and for ‘next generation thinking’ to emerge
  • A new set of tools for helping leaders understand their patterns of interaction that stop people from bringing their best thinking to work every day – and what to do about it
  • The Neurochemistry of Conversations that foster self-expression and influence at work
  • What to down regulate and up regulate to elevate Conversational Intelligence in teams, organizations and entire cultures
  • Gene Expression – how we activate next generation DNA in a culture

Module 7 – Synchronizing Conversations

Synchronizing Conversations

  • The Neurochemistry of Synchronizing Conversations and how and what they activate in individuals, teams and organizations
  • How to handle reality gaps when progress falls behind expectations
  • What messages are being sent to the brain when we get into sync and how to build conversational rituals into a culture to activate synchronization
  • How to give feedback to stay in sync with people even when the pressure is on and the risks are high
  • How to engage the brain in ways that access the prefrontal cortex’s best gifts and talents for managing change and transformation

Change Your Conversations, Change The Way You Coach

Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches is not just another training. This is an in depth coaching framework based on the latest neuroscientific research that is revolutionizing the industry and shifting the entire profession forward. The landscape of the coaching industry has been rapidly changing and evolving and it is getting more and more difficult to keep up with the ever increasing expectations of high level clients.

If you are committed to excellence and making a profound impact, then join the movement that’s transforming the industry through exploring the neuroscience behind conversations and creating conversations that change the world.

Get Conversational Intelligence for Coaches – 2017 Core Program – Judith E. Glaser, Only Price $164

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