Conversations with God: The Essential 7-week Course – Neale Donald Walsch


Have you ever looked back at the path your life has taken and thought to yourself that it was all supposed to have turned out differently?

Is there a part of you that still yearns for love, prosperity, joy and purpose, in spite of all the disappointments, grief, and resentments you’ve experienced?


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Discover the 7 Steps Out of Suffering & Into Limitless Love, Prosperity & Joy

End the Struggle and Create a Life of Happiness, Abundance and Purpose Through a Real (and Simple) Connection to God

Have you ever looked back at the path your life has taken and thought to yourself that it was all supposed to have turned out differently?

Is there a part of you that still yearns for love, prosperity, joy and purpose, in spite of all the disappointments, grief, and resentments you’ve experienced?

This is the weary and gravely dispirited place that millions of people find themselves in, and so you are not alone if you feel this way too.

My hope is that today you will find comfort and take heart, because if you are suffering any anger, resentment or disappointment, toward yourself or anyone else, I have a very important message for you:


These Are the Times When All That’s Left is God…

You see, it will often happen more than once in your life, when you feel utterly isolated and alone. No one is hearing you, no one can understand. So you stop trying to explain.

Your suffering and your desires and all that is churning inside you begins to go unsaid until eventually you suffocate on all those unspoken things — those sometimes unspeakable things.

After a while you begin to feel angered or resentful. Or perhaps you find someone to trust and you tell them your secrets… only to have them betray or disappoint you.

I’m not saying that these things happen all the time or that they have to.

But I am saying that they have happened to nearly every person I’ve ever talked to. And each person will lament that at the end of it all… they have nowhere to turn. Even with the world and their friends surrounding them, they feel they have no one.

And so all that is left is God.

Unfortunately, when you feel like this, you can often also feel as though God has abandoned you.

This can be a deep, crushing spiritual pain to experience.

The worst of it is the knowing that you were meant to do more, that there is a greatness inside you that is not being expressed or acknowledged… and that you have settled for a life where the best in you goes unspoken.

And on top of it all, you can’t feel a connection to the Divine Presence you were told would always be there for you.

This is not an easy place to be, but you need to know… it never had to be this way, and it doesn’t have to stay this way a moment longer…

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Your Life is Meant to Be Limitless: Full of Joy, Purpose, and Deep Connection

Even as I write this, I can feel the response I would have had if someone had said this to me when I was in that hopeless, hurting place.

Yes, it sounds like good news, but inside we don’t believe it.

And if you don’t believe that your life is meant to be limitless, let me offer you my thoughts on why that may be:

In my experience, we often cannot see Perfection, Divinity, Love or Mercy as possible for us. We cannot give these vital things to ourselves because we know too much about ourselves.

We think ourselves unworthy of these things.

We imagine ourselves to be something other than what we really are. We cannot see the Divinity that Divinity Itself has placed in us. We cannot see the Innocence. We cannot see the Perfection in our imperfection.

Would you agree that you cannot create and experience that which you cannot see as possible?

In this lies the paradox, and the challenge… because here’s the ironic thing: you will never allow yourself to receive from someone else what you do not believe yourself worthy of. And you will never not create or give yourself something you DO feel worthy of.

So therefore no one else can give you what you have not yet given yourself.

If you do not have what you crave in life right now, no one else can give it to you. And if you haven’t been able to give it to yourself, then what?

In my experience, what is needed is a new perspective. We must learn to see ourselves and our life from a different place.

There Comes a Time When You Must Realize That You Are the Only Source There Is

And so it bears repeating: NO one is going to give to you what you have not already given yourself.

So the time is now to give to yourself what you so deeply desire.

And I understand how hard that can be. I myself found it brutally difficult at first. At least until I stepped through The Gateway: that passage that opened to me when I finally surrendered to Divine Guidance.

So, with your permission, I’d like to teach you how to find and pass through that same Gateway — the one I found through my first conversation with God, when I turned to Him with an angry pen and grieving heart… when I poured out all my frustrations and doubts, to then be wondrously filled up with Divine Wisdom and Love.

Enter this Gateway and Step Out of Suffering and into New Possibilities

Through this Gateway, you can awaken to the Truth about who you are, why you are here, what your Purpose is and how to live its greatness into being. You will be able to internalize and apply teachings that can connect you to God directly, so that you can heal any separation you have felt.

If, in the past you have suffered betrayal, broken relationships or a chronic disconnection from those you love or crave to receive love from.. you can wipe the slate clean and step into a life of soulful connection, unconditional love and healthy communication.

If, in the past you have endured struggle, failure and a lack of proper financial means or you’ve spun your wheels on that dream or business that just never took off… you can wipe that slate clean and step into a life of easy prosperity because you act from Purpose, with confidence and a sense of Worth.

If, in the past you have witnessed a world that is cruel, unfair or unsafe for you and others… you can surrender those wounded eyes and receive the Sight of Divinity that will show you the graciousness of others, the unconditional love that pervades and persists, and the greatness in you and others that will rise up to turn this tide.

If, in the past you have been broken… you can now choose to wipe the slate clean, and step forward into a future that is free, limitless, and exactly what you dream it could be.

Because you will discover that YOU are exactly who you dream you could be.

From Being Broken and Homeless After a Series of Crushing Blows… to a Purposeful Life Full of Prosperity, Love and Joy

I did not consider myself to be a special man.

When I reached my crossroads, I had failed as a husband and a father and was no longer living with my family. Shortly thereafter, I was struck in the street by a car and left with a broken neck.

My doctors told me I was lucky to be alive. I wasn’t so sure.

After more than a year of physical rehab, I was unable to find work anywhere. No one else would hire me and soon I couldn’t even maintain my tiny excuse for an apartment. Within months of being released from physical rehab, I was on the streets. Homeless.

I got a good hard and honest look at living life at the bottom. I had to endure the wet and frigid weather of Oregon, living out of a tent and collecting cans in the park and out of trash bins to recycle just for enough coins to buy food.

I felt empty, hopeless, and utterly forsaken.

Eventually I found a few modest jobs and finally got a roof over my head. But nothing could fill the pit in my stomach. Something was stolen from me during those hard years, and I didn’t know how to get it back.

And then, as you probably know, one day I wrote an anguished and furious letter to God. I hadn’t expected an answer, yet somehow a soft and gentle voice responded and that night, I began my conversations with God.

Over the years, those conversations freed me from my own prison. They nourished me and awakened me to a new perspective and approach to life.

Where once life seemed an uphill battle, I now live a life of deep purpose, connection with loved ones, and fulfillment. Every day I’m closer to who I know I could be.

And now, after stepping into a truly wonderful and awe-inspiring life… after 21 years and 30 books… I still don’t consider myself to be special.

I do not share my successes with you to boast or to tell you that this is the type of life you should want or seek. I simply share it with you to show you where I came from, and where I am today, and to say to you…

Enter this Gateway and Step Out of Suffering and into New Possibilities

I wish I could describe to you what that transformation was like: to crave and hurt and hope for so many things that never showed up for me… and then to surrender it all to my higher and truer yearning for God.

When I focused on wanting God, that’s when everything else showed up. Because it’s all connected. And we can spread ourselves so thin across so many areas of life and things that we want, until our effectiveness dwindles to zero. It turned out focusing on so many external things just didn’t work.

So why not go straight to the singular, ultimate and ONLY Source?

When you make that one shift, your world shifts with you.

And I can show you how to make that shift, because I want this same fullness and overflowing for you. Not just in your finances, or just in your relationship or health — I don’t want you thinking small here. I want you overflowing in all dimensions of your life.

I want you to touch the fabric of limitlessness with your own fingertips. I want you to know the kiss of the sun that dawns on your greatness and sets on your contented delight.

I want you giddy, peaceful, and lit up with possibility. Not because you hope for a new life, or even because you believe in its possibility. But because you have stepped into the actual living of your new life.

It won’t look like mine. But it will look precisely like yours!

Are you ready to step into the grandest notion of life that you ever thought possible?

Learn How to Make the One Essential Shift that Will Allow You to Live a Life of Limitless Possibility — in Just 7 Weeks…

During these 7 weeks I will give you tools, exercises and understandings that will help you live your life from the perspective of God. I will hold your hand and walk you through the Gateway, step-by-step, and lead you into limitless possibility, which is your right as a human being.

This course goes beyond the Conversations with God books to streamline and translate their more than 3,000 pages of information into applicable teachings with step-by-step guidance for everyday living.

Let me use an analogy here: cooking is not just about reading the cookbook, it’s about getting in the kitchen and making the meal. Anyone can read a recipe and imagine that delectable feast.

But for those who step into the kitchen, brazenly tackling each step of the recipe even when flour dusts their cheeks and clothes and egg yolk is getting stuck in their hair — these are the people who are rewarded with a meal they can enjoy and share with their loved ones.

For them, taking each step in the recipe will create a revelation for their senses and nourishment for their body. And what makes a meal a revelation isn’t so different from what can make your life a revelation.

So, in the same way, living your Truest Self and grandest life is about more than just reading Conversations with God or learning any system or process…

It’s about following the right process, in the right order, and installing that information into your daily life as lived wisdom and behavior. It’s about following the recipe and making the meal.

Because lasting change and true healing require more than intellectual understanding. You must transform from the inside out, by living what you learn until it becomes wisdom… habit… and Truth.

You must not only consume this information, but apply it, use it, and live it in your everyday life. A single epiphany is a wonderful thing, however you must live that epiphany in your daily action for it to affect your life and create the kind of change you crave.

This is why I decided to distill all the teachings in the Conversations with God series into 7 powerful steps. And why, for each step, I take you deeper into understanding so that it becomes wisdom… it is why I give you tools and exercises you can apply in your daily life so that it becomes behavior and habit…

…and why this course is a one-of-a-kind experience that will help you shift into a higher perspective and vibration, to free yourself forever from the prison of your current woundings and limiting beliefs.

Get Conversations with God: The Essential 7-week Course – Neale Donald Walsch, Only Price $157


Conversations with God

Discover the 7 Steps Out of Suffering & Into Limitless Love, Prosperity & Joy


There Are 7 Steps Through the Gateway to Your Limitless Life…

When you take each of these 7 steps in the order they are taught, you can then rapidly move through the evolution of your own soul and expand your life and sense of bliss to levels you never dreamed existed. In essence, you raise your perspective toward and into the Sight of God.

As we discussed earlier, you can only create and experience what you see as possible and existing. Do you now understand why adopting God’s limitless perspective is the Gateway to what you want?

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Here’s what you’ll discover in this powerful 7-Week Course:



Step 1 : Recognize What’s Missing in Your Life

So You Know What Needs to Change

In Step 1 you’ll discover…

  • How to identify with greater clarity than ever before your present and fullest truth about work, relationship, parenting, health, sexuality, and every other aspect of your daily experience.
  • How to align your outer life, in all its aspects, to be in integrity with your Divine that you can align your life to be in integrity with your Divine path.
  • Tools with which to express your truth in a way that others can hear and can accept without feeling either wounded or damaged in any way, so you can speak honestly, but with peace.
  • How to identify and articulate what you want to experience in your life in all future moments through a unique process that calls forth the power of the Divine to help you manifest it.


Step 2: Explore The Vision For Your Best Life

So You Manifest What You Really Want

In Step 2 you’ll discover…

  • Why “wanting” something is the most non-beneficial thing you can do as you invoke the metaphysical laws of the universe, and what to do instead to bring everything you need into your life.
  • The True Nature of God and exactly what it is that God expects, requires, and demands from every human being.
  • What it means to be “happy” and how it feels to embrace the idea that you may have the right to be happy.
  • A 4-step process that can resolve internal conflicts and external complications more quickly than anything you might have previously imagined was possible—like an “aspirin” for healing the headaches of life.


Step 3: Discover The System of The Soul

So You Understand Exactly How To Create The Life You Want

In Step 3 you’ll discover…

  • A step-by-step process that reveals how to create your reality moment-to-moment so that you’ll always feel the Divine working through you.
  • How to bridge the gap between the Mind and the Soul, and how to access your Soul’s wisdom
  • How to quickly and easily change the thoughts and emotions that have been driving your previous experiences in life, so that you’re no longer at the mercy of what happens TO you.
  • How to know what you should do next in life, based on your Divine wisdom as well as important information from specific experiences from your past.


Step 4: Complete With The Past

So You Can Remove Hidden Blocks and Enter A Grander Future

In Step 4 you’ll discover…

  • How to let go at last of past disappointments, angers, frustrations, resentments, and lack of forgiveness (of both Self and Others).
  • How to be adept at identifying without hesitation, without shame, and without guilt, any emotional incompletion or hurt in your prior life — including hurts that others may have imposed on you, as well as hurts that you may have imposed on others.
  • A process to identify the true goals of your life, including not only the goals of the Body and the Mind, but finally, the goals of the Soul.
  • How to fearlessly identify the fears that have driven your life to this point, and how to dissolve those fears, one-by-one, using the wisdom of the Divine.


Step 5: Finish Unfinished Business

So You Stop Self-Sabotage and Release the Past

In Step 5 you’ll discover…

  • How to identify the agenda of your Soul and the Souls of every other person who has been involved in any important event of your life.
  • A healing device that allows you to come to reconciliation with every person who has ever done damage to you, or to whom you have ever done damage, through the days and times of your journey on the earth.
  • A way to finish all of your “unfinished business” through the use of Deep Understanding and ultimately through the awareness that forgiveness itself is not necessary.
  • A tool to recognize the true relationship that you have with the actions and choices you have made in your life, so that you can free yourself from the patterns that are holding you back from having an intimate relationship with your own Divine nature.


Step 6: Affirm The Deepest Truths Of Who You Are

So You Access Your New Life

In Step 6 you’ll discover…

  • A process by which you’ll have total control over the experiences of your life, so you’ll no longer be negatively affected by what happens TO you, but instead you’ll see meaning and Divine purpose in everything that happens THROUGH you.
  • How to identify and express, through you, the truth of life’s ultimate and everlasting sufficiency.
  • How to differentiate between what you are doing and what you are Being as the means and measures by which you create the expression of Self in the day-to-day world, so you can end self-judgment and be free from self-criticism.
  • The secrets of creating inner peace and outer tranquility in the moment-to-moment of your experience through the deep exploration and practical application of the profound truths in the Triad Process.


Step 7: Re-Unite With The Divine

So You Create Your Reality Anew Each Day

In Step 7 you’ll discover…

  • How to identify the vibrational aspects of what one might call “God’s viewpoints” about life and how to step into those vibrations on a moment’s notice.
  • An understanding of what death really is and what occurs in the experience of the Soul at the moment we call death.
  • A step-by-step instruction on how to create and sustain happiness in your hour-to-hour movement through life.
  • The unique process by which you may have your own conversation with God as often as you wish.

Get Conversations with God: The Essential 7-week Course – Neale Donald Walsch, Only Price $157


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