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This home study program teaches State-chaining.  It will help you personally to become FAR more emotionally-aware, intelligent, and flexible. You will learn to help others to feel what you want them to feel, through a series of direct or indirect emotional elicitations, getting them to see what you want them to see. And you will be able to  get stuck people UNSTUCK.

CD 1: Introducing State-Chaining Skills


  • The Power of Context
  • People Only Take Action in Action States.
  • Most People Occupy “Encounter States”
  • Process Vs. Content
  • People are Threshold Machines
  • Influence and EQ
  • Crossing the River
  • You Go First!CD 2: Painting Emotional Landscapes
  • State Categories in more Depth
  • Action States Unpacked
  • Encounter States Unpacked
  • Filling Gaps Between Encounter & Action
  • Accelerator vs Hub States
  • Turn States UP not DOWN
  • HUB States
  • Accelerator StatesCD 3: Building Up Your Emotional Influence Vocab
  • Congruence: Just ACTING won’t work.
  • Best Methods: Eliciting ANY State
  • Learning New Emotional Pathways
  • Controlling Highly Unresourceful States
  • Cleansing Incongruence
  • Touching on Anchoring
  • Baby Steps – Using Just 3 States
  • Becoming More Adept with Sequencing
  • Almost any Content can be Piped through Any EmoSequenceCD 4: Becoming A More Natural Leader (Examples CD)
  • Anchoring Principles
  • Anchoring Chains of States together
  • Results Achievable with Anchor-Chains
  • Indirect State-Chains; Irrelevant Content
  • Sample/Example Emotion-Sequences
  • Sales Example – Influencing YES Repeatedly
  • Personal Example – Calming Down a Spouse
  • Summary of the program

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