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In this training participants will learn and explore those states of consciousness in the dying and afterlife periods.  Drawing on extensive knowledge in various spiritual and shamanic traditions, participants will learn the areas in the subtle body to focus on during the dying period in order to effect the best possible transition (transference of consciousness).  Also, participants will learn how to do this for others who are dying or recently passed in order to help them during and after this transition period.

The second half of the training will explore directly those areas of consciousness inhabited after one has passed from the physical body.  Shamanic traditions call this the destiny of souls.  Participants will learn to lead the deceased to these safe areas of consciousness who might be lost in order to continue on their journey through life (soul conduction/psychopomp).  A strong motivation of service and compassion is the only prerequisite.

  • Learn and experience the dimensions of consciousness where you will go after passing from your physical body
  • Learn a framework to understand the different state of consciousness we experience in life, death, afterlife, and rebirth (the bardos)
  • Learn and experience how to guide those who have passed but are loss into appropriate realms in the inner world to continue their soul’s journey (soul conduction)
  • Learn the meditations and energy structures in your subtle bodies involved in the death process.
  • Learn and practice the meditative techniques to guide your consciousness through meditation to higher worlds
  • Learn how to guide others who are passing or recently passed to higher worlds through meditative techniques.
  • Learn and practice the mechanisms leading to your next rebirth or navigation in the inner world after death.
  • Learn how to use meditation as a practice for the death, dying, afterlife, and rebirth process.
  • Learn how to use sleep as a practice for the death, dying, and afterlife process.

Prerequisites:  No prerequisites.  Some shamanic journeying experience helpful. 

Please bring yoga mat, pillows, blankets, meditation cushion, notebook, pens/pencil, and eye covering as you want and need.

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