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DotComSecrets Local 3.0 & Local Funnel Mastery – Chris Brewer course is available you will get immediately after payment only $397 $54

What will you get: 

  • 1 DCS Local  Local Funnel Mastery
    • Home Page
    • Local Funnel Mastery Overview
  • 2 DCS Local Resources
    • 1 DCS Local Trainings
    • 2 Coaching & Mastermind
    • 3 Sales & Marketing Training
    • 4 Sales & Marketing Resources
    • 5 21 Day Challenge
  • 3 Product Resources
    • 1 Website Resources
    • 2 Reputation & Social Resources
    • 3 Mobile Resources
    • 4 organic Search Resources
    • Read Me first.txt
  • 4 Local Funnel Mastery
    • Member Webinars & Replays
  • 5 Paid Search
    • 1 Paid Search Essentials
    • 2 Google Adwords 101
    • 3 Foot-in-the-Door Tactics
    • 4  Resources
  • 6 Local Funnel Mastery Training
    • 1 Lead Magnet Training
    • 2 Trip Wire Training
    • 3 The Core Offer Training
    • 4 The Profit Maximizer Training
    • 5 The Return Path Training
  • 7 Niche Funnels Access & Funnel-of-the-Month
    • Niche Templates
    • Niche Funnels FAQ
  • The Webinar
    • 10 02 The Refresher Course Call Starting Your Digital Agency on Vimeo.mp4
    • 10 16 How to sell digital marketing services on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015_05_29 DCS Local- Kathi Burns Home Organization on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015_06_26 DCS Local- Don’t Feed The Monster on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015_06_26 DCS Local- Don’t Feed The Monster on Vimeo_2.mp4
    • 2015_07_10 DCS Local- Case Study – How to Pick AND Dominate a Million Dollar Niche! on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015_07_24 DCS Local- Your Top 3 Prospecting Challenges Solved! on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015_08_07 DCS Local- How to Level Up Your Sales Efforts! on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015_08_21 DCS Local- The Latest Changes Online and How To Profit From Them! on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015_09_04 DCS Local- How Chris Brewer is winning with local clients on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015_09_18 DCS Local- Turning Prospects Into Customers (Forbes List Guest Presenter) on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015-01-09 DCS Local- Cash In On This Video – YouTube.mp4
    • 2015-01-23 DCS Local- 4 Events to Leverage for Leads and Sales on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015-2-6 DCS Local- How to cash in on the mobile app boom at $2K to $4K a pop! on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015-2-20 DCS Local- Inside Scoop [top takeaways] from Traffic & Conversion 2015 video – YouTube.mp4
    • 2015-03-06 DCS Local- Going Greek – Insights with Costas Peppas on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015-03-20 DCS Local- Mobile Melee Cash Cow on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015-04-03 DCS Local- IMA Pro Tips on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015-04-17 DCS Local- How To Win With Local Events on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015-05-15 DCS Local- How to land elusive 5-figure clients with ease on Vimeo.mp4
    • 2015-06-12 DCS Local- The Latest Google Local Updates on Vimeo.mp4
    • Read Me.txt
    • The Success Lie_ Exposed on Vimeo.mp4
  • 0 Read Me First!.txt
  • Home.htm
  • Home.jpg

DotComSecrets Local 3.0

DotComSecrets Local is one of the most popular and successful Internet marketing training systems. Launched in 2010 by Russell Brunson, Chris Brewer and Brett Curry, DotComSecrets Local has trained thousands of individuals to own and operate their own digital agency focused on local clients.

There are hundreds of local businesses in your area that don’t know how to improve their online visibility so they can get their fair share of clicks and calls from their online marketing. That’s where DotComSecrets Local shines. We share with our members how to build a solid online marketing business and how to find local businesses in your area with a profitable and lucrative skill approach that you can charge top dollar for.

Internet Marketing is the most powerful form of marketing in the whole world, DotComSecrets Local is one of the major companies worldwide and has the best employees and experts in this field.

We are looking for local representatives and consultants to connect local businesses to the services they desperately need. You’ll get all the resources you need to represent yourself as the expert and provide your potential clients with amazing services

Local Funnel Mastery

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Paid Search Mastery Course
  • Local Funnel Mastery Formulas
  • Foot In The Door Strategies
  • Local Funnel Wholesale Resources
  • Done For Your Resources
  • Live Coaching Webinars
  • Rob Warner Bonus Course
  • Fast Action Bonuses (First 25)
  • So much more!!!

How to”

Master The Secret sale Funnel that forces local businesses to shut off their websites $ pay you handsomely at the same time!

Even Better Now…

+ Constant change on the internet
+ Businesses can’t keep up
+ Right now, they know they can’t keep up
+ Data shows businesses ready to spend more
+ Most businesses are doing a BAD job with their online lead generation efforts

We’re The Right Guy

Countless Succes Stories!

The most “local” success training…period!

Have Done A Lot Of Things

Here’s how you can help your local businesses…

+ Show bad advertising ( Adwords)
+ Show wasted money
+ Show they aren’t using a funnel
+ Show they aren’t tracking properly if at all
+ Show them what their competition is doing

I’m going to walk you through our promotions and tactics that are getting us results now. Our results are certainly not typical & the average person who attends our trainings gets zero results

However, we are happy to show you what we are doing that is working for us: FREE

This is not for” get rich quick” people , ” bizz opp.” or complete amateurs who don’t implement

What They Ultimately Want…

Your Services?

Your Products?

Your Solutions?

Local Funnel Mastery Fact#2

I don’t have to be a highly skilled , highly polished sales person to be highly paid “local funnel master”

Get DotComSecrets Local 3.0 & Local Funnel Mastery – Chris Brewer, Only Price $54 

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