Dynamic Neural Retraining System

Dynamic Neural Retraining System


Available course Dynamic Neural Retraining System – File Size: 5.7 GB – Are you ready to retrain your brain, transform your health and reclaim your life?- Price: $53

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Dynamic Neural Retraining System 1

Dynamic Neural Retraining System course is available you will get instantly after payment only $269 $53.

What you’ll learn:

1. Preparation Day

  • Segment 01
  • Segment 02
  • Segment 03

2. Seminar Day 1

  • 1. Segment 01
  • 2. Segment 02
  • 3. Segment 03
  • 4. Homework Segment 01
  • 5. Homework Segment 02
  • 6. Homework Segment 03

3. Seminar Day 2

  • 1. Segment 01
  • 2. Segment 02
  • 3. Homework

4. Seminar Day 3

  • Segment 01
  • Segment 02
  • Segment 03
  • Tips and Exercises
  • Manual.pdf

Are you ready to retrain your brain, transform your health and reclaim your life?

Our popular DVD series that has helped thousands around the world is now available as an online course. Follow along with Annie Hopper as she guides you through the revolutionary Dynamic Neural Retraining System™.

  • Immediate access upon purchase – no shipping or waiting time
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Accessible on any computer or mobile device
  • Easy to follow along Student Manual workbook built-in to web pages
  • Available in English Only

We recognize the challenges that accompany chronic health conditions and are pleased to make this program available to you in the comfort of your own home. Over 90% of people who have implemented the program on a consistent basis report a substantial improvement in their quality of life within six months. The results simply speak for themselves.

DNRS™ Online Course

Annie Hopper, founder of the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™, personally guides you step-by-step through the science of neuroplasticity, limbic system impairment, the understanding that is necessary for this program to work for you, and the tools for recovery. The online course explains the science behind the program and demonstrates the exercises and knowledge necessary to rewire the limbic system and regulate an unconscious maladapted stress response, which is at the very root of many chronic conditions. The course includes an online version of our Student Manual Workbook embedded seamlessly into the web pages alongside the videos and other course tools. This product is intended for adults only.

DNRS™ Coaching Support Services

We strongly encourage you to pair the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ Online Course with DNRS™ Coaching Support Services to ensure that you are implementing the program in the best way. Please note that you must complete the Online Course before booking a coaching session. Coaching does not replace the information in the Online Course, nor is it a crisis line or counseling service. Coaching is a collaborative process designed to help you achieve your goals and to help you implement the program in the most effective way. Once you complete the course you will be provided with links and information to get started with coaching.

Supplementary Resources

The Transcription Book is a word-for-word documentation of the DVD and online program. It is not a requirement for the program, but it can be a helpful resource. It depends on your learning style, but some of our clients like to use the transcription book to read along as they watch the program, so they can highlight important parts and refer to them later. Others are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies and start the program by using the transcription book, then transition to watching the DVDs as their symptoms are alleviated. Others just like to have a portable, written version of the program that they can carry with them. Please note that the Transcription book may differ slightly from the contents of the online videos. This does not affect the effectiveness of the program.

The book, Wired for Healing, by Annie Hopper (the creator of The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™) is a great resource to pair with the program. It explores Annie’s personal story of illness and recovery, and how this led her to create the The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™. It also explains the science behind the program, and the principles of neuroplasticity more in depth than the DVD program does. It can help you deepen your understanding of these concepts. Finally, the book includes some other very inspirational stories of recovery from some of our past clients.

Forum Membership. Purchase of any DVD package includes membership to the “Members Only” DNRS™ Online Community Forum, where DNRS™ participants – past and present – share their tips, answer questions and encourage and inspire others to succeed. The forum is professionally moderated by members of the DNRS team to help you stay on track with your recovery, provide clarity. on-going support, inspiration and motivation. The Community Forum is a very important part of our program and provides a wonderfully safe, vibrant and positive experience to help spur on your own recovery process!

DNRS™ Coaching Support Services Support: Coaching services are available to Members Only who have completed the Online Course or the DNRS™ 5-Day Interactive Training Seminar. With a DNRS™ Coach you can customize your practice for your individual needs and insure that you are practicing in the quickest and most effective way possible. A personal coach is an excellent support system as you move through your recovery.

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Original Price : $269 – Wisvalus Price: $53

Archive: Dynamic Neural Retraining System

File Size: 5.7 GB

We accept to provide courses on request with only 25% – 30% of the original price. Please contact directly for more information.

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